As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10:10 am || Departs White House
11:40 am MST || Arrives Phoenix
12:10 pm MST || Tours Erickson Construction; Chandler, Arizona
1:05 pm MST || Delivers remarks; Desert Vista High School, Phoenix
2:10 pm MST || Departs Phoenix
3:25 pm PDT || Arrives Los Angeles
4:30 pm PDT || Tapes an appearance on The Tonight Show; NBC Studios, Burbank, California

All times Eastern except as noted

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  1. Useless facts (Chandler is my hometown so I claim the perogative):
    Erickson Construction is less construction and more lumber provider.

    Desert Vista HS has a Phoenix address, but is located in the village of Ahwatukee (ah-wah-tuk-ee) and is part of the Tempe School District (not Phoenix). The K-8 grades are part of the Kyrene School District (not Phoenix or Tempe). I know, weird but true.
    Ahwatukee has mostly high-end housing and business development.

    MrO will have I-10, the major route from Phoenix to LA, messed up for hours and there are no viable detours around it.

    • Thanks srdem65

      So,will there be Obamists lining the highways and byways in your hometown?

      The only push back he might get is from Leno. And that is unlikely.

      • I’m sure some of the big rig over-the-road drivers will be giving the Prez the trucker’s salute, but he’ll only be on Interstate 10 from SkyHarborAirport down to Chandler Blvd one block in, then back to I-10 over to the 202 bypass to the school, then back to I-10 and the airport.
        So, a major mess of traffic on two major roadways. For nothing.

        GovBrewer will be meeting the Prez on the tarmac. We’re not expecting the waggy finger greeting this time, but she’s not happy with the way our border isn’t being secured. So, we’ll see how she handles that. She’s a pistol, for sure.

    • Looks like your town will get used like Roanoke, Virginia did during Obama’s campaign. They didn’t know what hit them. Remember the “You didn’t build that” speech performed without the teleprompter? That was the last speech without someone else’s words written for him to read. I still can’t believe he got elected.

    • Because of the Preezy’s visit, the teachers and students can’t park at the school today. The teachers are instructed to park at a nearby church and students have to park at a nearby public park. Supposedly there will be a shuttle service for all of them.

      Interesting that Obama’s schedule doesn’t allow time for lunch at a local Mexican food restaurant. Or he could perhaps tour the “farm” which is a small family farm and outdoor restaurant. That way he could take pics to show Mooch how real people farm.

  2. It’s a pit stop (not casting aspersions on Phoenix) so that the tax payer picks up the bill for fly time to Burbank and the zerO only looks like a half-wit or less for flying so far to do the Leno show. I noticed there’s no return trip on the same date. Surely, there must be fundraiser or golf built in to the schedule.

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  4. Some schedule.

    Maybe I’m a rank sentimentalist, but I kind of miss the old days when the most controversial item on the presidential “to-do” list was Monica Lewinsky.