As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – August 5, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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28 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – August 5, 2013

    • Me either, but there’s a nice one on Michelle Obama’s Mirror of “Marilyn Monroe” singing happy birthday to the One.

  1. Why anyone thought that this WH presser would clear up the mystery of the world-wide threat against the US is as dumb as I am.

    It is so-o-o-o frustrating to listen to Carney the Magician juggle words that mean nothing, but in a serious voice meant to give credence to his mumbo-jumbo. And the chair-sitters! They have to be part of the sham that a WhiteHouse press conference would actually give the public some understanding and guidance on what the WhiteHouse/President is up to.

    • “It is so-o-o-o frustrating to listen to Carney the Magician juggle words that mean nothing, but in a serious voice meant to give credence to his mumbo-jumbo.”

      That’s why I don’t watch it. I’ve other things to elevate my BP into the stratosphere.

  2. It occurs to me that Obama, when confronted with chatter or perhaps intel resulting from the recent visit of the President of Yemen, just could not implement a simple solution and close the embassy in Yemen, or better yet increase security and vigilance. And why do something simple when you can go BIG — so close all the embassies!

    And not wanting himself or you know who in the WH to appear incompetent, confused or treacherous Carnival Man now wants to confine himself to the many many factions or spin offs or spikes of the core AQ, which most decidedly remains defeated.

    It’s just kind of surreal. Carney’s appearances makes my head hurt.

  3. I just learned from the UK Guardian that there are national days of protest against the NSA going on–who would know?– so maybe that’s what this dog and pony show is about. Not playing well internationally and seen as American weakness to have to shut down US embassies for days around the world based on chatter.

      • I saw a list and it seemed a not very extensive and token list and all centered on one place, Dakar. Me thinks it has been blown all out of proportion.

          • Ooops, it was YOUR list and Dhaka in Bangladesh, not Dakar. My apologies, but I still think it’s more of a token gesture of the “allies’ going along and not worth much. A little arm twisting there.

          • I have a hard time seeing Merkel give in to this creep. I think she saw the intelligence, and made her own decision. Same with Hollande, Cameron and Harper.

          • I still think it’s token, but if not, I’m wondering why it is not as extensive as the US closures and whether it will last as long. The “West” does have to stick together somewhat, Mandy, but I feel Obama and the NSA might be exploiting this for their own purposes. And Hollande, Cameron, and even Merkel may need to call in a favor someday. Just my opinion. : – ))

          • Julie, From an article that Mandy cited it appears that Germany, France, GB and maybe someone else shut down embassies in Yemen. Canada shut down Dhaka..

            And we shut down an additional 20 embassies throughout Arabian Peninsula. We go BIG!

          • Maybe Hollande, Merkel, Cameron and Harper are merely being prudent, and not purposely trying to spread unwarranted fear among their country’s populace to further some unknown agenda.

  4. A new headline on Fox is Army Won’t Suspend Contracts with Al Qaeda-tied Companies, Citing ‘Due Process Rights’. I should put this under Morning Headlines, but no one appears to be reading that. I don’t think it’s a question of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing but more a shell game for the American public not keeping its eye on the walnut with the pea.

    • I just sent a post about this into cyberspace … circling.

      We close 21 embassies — and refuse to deal with the myriad of islamist infiltrations and associations in our country — often by our own government. And the treatment of our special snowflake military terrorist Hasan speaks volumes about how serious this Administration really is not about shutting down threats to the US.

  5. One of the guests on The FIve speculated that the increased chatter was due to the fact that over 1500 prisoners have escaped in the last two weeks, the U.S. is releasing prisoners, and the U.S. is paying militants on the battlefield in Afghanistan to leave (with their guns) as long as they sign a form stating that they are going to re-integrate into their communities. Makes perfect sense to me. I don’t believe anything Obama says about anything. AQ has him on the run – they are winning.