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Quote of the Day || August 5, 2013

“Al Qaeda is still on the run. And if you like your insurance, you can keep it.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

18 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || August 5, 2013”

  1. It is not my insurance against al Qaeda that concerns me. Where do I go to get insurance against BHO and all of his wonderful plans, including Obamacare, for the late, great America?
    If BHO doesn’t renew faith in Christ, I can’t imagine what it will take. OTH, BHO is just a government issue, poor man’s satan.

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  2. Al Qaeda is still on the run alright, right across our wide open Southern border. And yeah we can keep our insurance, if we can afford the 200% spike in premium costs…

  3. This quote must be from last year ? Because now all of a sudden they are on the rise again but not so much on the rise as to interfere with the birthday parties. Conveniently on the rise. Just enough to shut down some embassies with a lot of media noise. And just enough to justify the NSA spying. Just enough to keep the little people insecure and afraid. Must be wonderful to be able to spin any tales without anyone wanting to / able to investigating the truth.
    Of course there are many very dangerous Muslim anti-western groups all over the world, even among us, but my point is that this administration never takes them seriously, on the contrary, even supports them, but that´s another story. What´s happening now is pure spin and distraction in my opinion . They use “threats ” in a flippant and irresponsible way. It can tempt some crazies.

  4. So I turn on the news this morning and nobody seems to know what’s going on with the embassy closures ? Now they’re staying closed for the full week? It’s so confusing listening to the clash of the “experts” who seem more confused than I do ;)

    1. Never thought I would see the day when America would cut and run in the face of challenges, but here we are. Closing our embassies won’t accomplish anything other than allow the grifters to have a relaxing, stress-free vacation. Preezy Revenge’s Muslim Brotherhood pals aren’t just murderous monsters, they are patient murderous monsters.

      1. By closing the Embassy’s for probably the month of Aug that
        leaves Obama and entourage free to party and vacation without
        being bothered with having to hide when trouble comes. When you telegraph your plan the enemy smiles.

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