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Obama Partying While Advisors Meet on Terror Threat

As his top national security advisors gathered for an urgent Saturday meeting to discuss the terrorist threat that has forced the United States to close embassies overseas, President Obama was at Camp David celebrating his birthday with friends.

Sixteen senior officials participated in the unusual gathering, according to the White House. Among them were National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who chaired the session, Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, and Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Lisa Monaco, and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

Obama was briefed after the session by Rice and Monaco, according to the White House. The White House said Obama has “received frequent briefings over the last week” on the threat.

Obama, whose birthday is today, was already celebrating at least a day early, playing golf in the morning with 11 longtime buddies and then traveling with them to Camp David, where the party continued. The president is scheduled to return to the White House today.

The White House didn’t say where the meeting took place, though such a session would presumably be held at the White House in the Situation Room. The White House labeled the gathering a “principals meeting,” which may be an attempt to excuse the president’s absence by suggesting that only the top officials of various agencies were meant to be present. But it’s unclear why Obama wouldn’t have wanted to directly participate in such a vital discussion.

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  1. Wow…….he does not want to do the job of being President. He just wants the benefits. He can’t sit in a meeting like this on a video link? Where is Biden?

    Walking away from those embassies is giving Al Qaeda and terrorism the victory they want by driving the U.S. out of the Middle East.

      1. Where is Biden??…What difference would it make?. The guy is a lackey, a flunky, a baffoon…..its like having Charley McCarty on Obamas lap

    1. Not America’s first black president. He is America’s first PINO.
      President in name only. Lazy and juvenile beyond belief. That is why Putin has given us the middle finger-on both of his hands. One for Snowden, the next one will be more serious. God only knows what he has gotten out of Snowden, but when leaders have no respect for our CIC, we are in bad shape with most of the world.

      1. PINO…i like that new moniker. i don’t like at all the fact that we have a president who does not preside–nt. i further don’t like the fact that we, the we of the us of a, are paying for his partying. but as marjojimbo said……he didn’t really need to be at that crucial meeting……..his minions were there. between v
        al and susan, they had it covered.

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  2. During the 2008 campaign Hillary asked who was going to answer the 3 a.m. call …With reports like this I wonder who is going to answer the 3 p.m. call.

        1. August’s “Vanity Fair” has a good article on the actions of those whose jobs were to protect Stevens inside the consulate. I haven’t finished it yet it makes my BP shoot up like a ballistic missile.

  3. Any word as to who will be doing the rounds and covering up for the absentee POTUS on the Sunday shows today? Can we expect to see Susan Rice in her new role as National Security Advisor (cough)? The list of ‘principals’ at the WH emergency mtg on Saturday is a reality check – G-d help this country!

        1. You remind me: Seattle is banning the word ‘citizen’, maybe substituting ‘resident’. Also, ‘brown bag’ will be verboten: it’s supposed to be racial but I don’t get that.

          1. Supposedly, those who useta’ keep African-Americans out of private venues would have a paper bag on hand to determine if someone was “too dark” to be admitted.

          2. It was actually used BY blacks to keep darker blacks from being admitted to private venues! It was NOT used by whites. Blacks are racist against THEMSELVES!!!

          3. Why are so many people–African-Americans as well as Caucasians–this invested in lighter shades of skin? Why buy into the myth that white is better?

          4. And, many wind up wrinkled and battling skin cancer!

            I grew up lounging at the country club pool, but once I moved to Seattle when I was 19, I got out of the sun. Friends and relatives in my hometown look much worse, even those younger than I.

          5. Just another stupid idea. Why don’t they spend more time on real problems, like IRS investigations, like
            supporting the investigation of the Bengazi coverup.
            This could probably be another of the distractions that Obama puts out, to keep the investigations more and more low key.
            AMERICANS….WAKE UP, NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. everyone is probably surmising that the embassies were closed only because it is his majesty’s birthday and he did not wish to be disturbed. Were it not his birthday, he would not have cared — one way or the other.

  5. Priorities, priorities. Las Vagas fundraisers, golf, birthday parties…what difference does it make?

    And the WH knows that it’s wrong, hence the pre-emptive defense: “The White House said Obama has “received frequent briefings over the last week” on the threat…”

    3 1/2 more long years of our absentee president.

    1. This guy is the most disengaged leader in the world. His only interest in the presidency is the big cars, airplanes and vacations that our money buys.

  6. I reckon FCMABBHO had more in mind than missile defense in Europe when he told Medvedev he would have “more flexibility” after the 2012 elections.

    1. First snip is from France 24 online:
      Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met former Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Friday as the two Cold War allies strengthened their ties, Russia’s state RIA Novosti news agency reported.
      The meeting came at the end of Medvedev’s Latin America tour which has been seen as an attempt by Russia to flex its muscle in Washington’s traditional backyard by seeking energy, military and trade cooperation across the region.
      “This has been a great visit, a magnificent visit,” Cuban President and Fidel’s brother, Raul Castro, told reporters.

      So ‘magnificent’ in fact, that there are signs that Russia is restarting economic, military, and intelligence ties with Havana.

      Here’s ‘more flexibility’ and if I recall correctly, didn’t Panama stop a ship loaded with arms to N. Korea that originated in Cuba. rules-for-Cubans

  7. If this were a real threat, a real President would not delegate responsibility. My, my, Obama’s 52nd birthday trumps everythilng.

    1. He’d still delegate because he would not have the time to call all the people further down the line who would be putting his orders into effect. But, his focus would not be diluted as it is now at Camp David.

      On another level, it just doesn’t look good for him to be this removed from the White House. Heck, he’s given up on appearances.

      The world didn’t bend to his wishes, and neither did this nation. It’s how a narcissist ignores those who don’t please him, who don’t bow to him.

  8. FOX and CNN are reporting that an attack by AQ could ‘come at any time’. Is this Obama’s new counter-terrorism policy for the next 3-1/2 years? Shades of Chance the Gardener!

  9. This is all going to end very, very badly for the United States of America thanks to the criminally incompetent and traitorous actions of Dictator Obama and his fellow Democrat Party communists. How they loathe this country.

  10. Aside from ABC, Drudge, and our WHD, American news outlets are silent on this credible and world-wide threat to Americans.
    Are our government agencies that are entrusted with our safety here and around the world,just “chicken littles” or should we all prepare for attacks from Muslim believers overseas and the Muslim family next door?

    It isn’t good enough that the Commander in Chief of our armed forces and the POTUS gets memos from his underlings outlining credible terror threats to Americans across the world.

    We have a right to know what’s going on, what our government plans to do, if anything, and how long our embassies will be closed.
    We have a right to know if our embassies have been abandoned and left unprotected from vandals and terrorists, and if the host countries have refused to protect our property and refuse to acknowlege that our embassies are American “soil” in their country.

    If the purpose of the secret meetings and the lack of specific information was to keep the American public from being afraid or having panic attacks, the very opposite is happening.
    MrObama has a duty and obligation to inform us of the specific threat, who made it, and what’s being done to deflect the danger to us.

    1. How do you know that this is a ‘credible’ attack? You bring up the story of chicken little. It could be wag the dog or the boy who cried wolf. Sorry, but you see how far my distrust of the government has gone.

      1. Shutting down this many embassies and accounting for the safety of diplos and fams is a huge logistical undertaking and expensive. They better have a reason! Of course, if nothing happens, they will say, see, it worked. But we will just have to live with that–like when they said this or that would have happened without the stimulus and other such unprovable assertions.

          1. Yes that little date seems to have little meaning for
            Obama even with cries for help from those dying and
            the idiots watching in real time. Sick to my stomach
            when I realize he’s got absolutely no heart, no,feelings and no soul or conscience.

      2. I REALLY think this a fake. He wants to take conservatives eyes off the scandals. Otherwise, wouldn’t the LSM be talking about this?

        1. From Fox to MSNBC to the Los Angeles Times to the New York Times to CNN to The Washington Post to AP to AFP, the media ARE talking about this!

        2. BINGO,,,SaveUsGod you hit it on the head,,,,, It is a fake, threat was never made. think about it. The report from the White house Officials stated it was through a phone conversation with the top to Officials of Al Qaeda,,,thats bull…These guys are not idiots they would not use any type of electronic communication to deliver information of this type. They are known to use human couriers to deliver security details. This has been fabricated to push the issues of surveillance of the NSA. If you listen to the news releases given by Officials and Obama they all focus on the importance of the NSA.

    2. “Aside from ABC, Drudge, and our WHD, American news outlets are silent on this credible and world-wide threat to Americans.”

      No, the media are not silent on this. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times. The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and other media outlets have been covering this story.

    3. (no to Mr) Obama has a duty to do more than that. He would not ever, even in his wildest dreams, do anything that will actually help the United States or its deluded citizens. Just think back over the past 5 1/2 years. Somebody, somewhere has to get some backbone, or we will “Die” as free United States…

  11. I wonder if there’s any connection between the jail breaks that have let out senior AQ leaders in the past two weeks, and this threat.

    1. It is probably THE connection! Most of the 500 escapees from AbuGhraib were senior AQ leaders who were awaiting execution. They are definitely on the run – to Yemen, Not a peep from Obama. Has anyone bothered to ask why the death sentences of the AQ terrorists have not been carried out?

      What is the so-called ‘War on Terrorism’ – a game of tiddly-winks? Obama is certainly not in it to win it – whose side is he on, anyway? The Ft. Hood terrorist should have been dead and buried 5 years ago! The Benghazi attackers haven’t even been questioned yet, except for one who was interviewed for 2 hours by a reporter at CNN. What was Obama’s excuse? Oh yeah – the situation in Libya is too ‘fragile’!!! Mr. Wimp!

      1. I don’t know about the legal systems in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan, but I’m all for giving Hasan a fair trial because that’s one of the founding principles of this country. Once that’s over, then we’ll execute him.

        1. For the victims and families of the Ft. Hood massacre, four years of justice delayed is justice denied. A speedy trial was not forthcoming b/c Obama still believes it was a case of ‘workplace violence’ and doesn’t want to upset his MB pals. Hasan is still on the govt. payroll.

          1. Of the 10 amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights, five limit the power of the government in the legal system. The only party that can opt out of the right to a speedy trial under the Sixth Amendment is the defendant.

            And, of course Hasan is still getting paid. He’s not been court martialled yet, and is still a member of the military.

          2. How ironic. The jihadist has issued statements renouncing the Constitution, his military oath, and America, yet he still enjoys the protection they provide him…

          3. Yep. I have no problem with that. Let’s make sure he gets a fair trial before we execute him.

            How does the military carry out the death penalty? Firing squad?

          4. In my opinion, his punishment should be death by electrocution…in Washington, D.C. Kinda like the secret military tribunal FDR arranged for the captured Nazi spies in 1942. Only they were captured, tried, and executed within a month, not 4 years like this traitor…

      2. Wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on Hasan to be executed. His trial will finally begin on 6 August, but no doubt it will drag on for months as he is defending himself and has learned over the years how to delay justice. The terrorist has already made a mockery of the military tribunal, and he isn’t halfway done yet. Fox News is trying to get an interview with the jihadist, and he’s eager to sit down with them and rant about how evil America is and how it’s our fault he murdered his fellow soldiers.

        1. I posted somewhere on this site 2 weeks ago the in’s and out’s of the Manual for Courts-Martial in dealing with this particular trial. It will be years before he could be sent to the gallows, the military process is automatic appeal. And still has to be approved by the President. It will not be BO. Shortest length of time of appeal process was 6 years, longest was 10.

  12. Well I think telling everyone ahead of time we are closing our Embassy’s
    in (see map shown in all news sites) shows cowardice on the part of Obama again and he’s covering his own ass from another ‘phony scandal’ besides it’s his Birthday and terror is such a buzzkill.
    The terrorist must be having a really big laugh over this Obama debacle.
    Of course we want to protect our brave souls overseas but I think telegraphing your plan ahead sort of ruins the affect. Can’t these bunch
    of useful idiots keep their mouths shut this continued idolatry of Obama
    will cost lives as he putz away.

          1. My favorite President. On D -Day he had a handwritten
            note in his pocket to read if things went terribly wrong taking full and total responsibility for all of the mission.
            He met with young soldiers as they got on the boats to
            storm the beaches knowing so many would die.
            That is a leader and a man with a conscience and soul
            love that man few like him.

          2. A true man of character.

            “Character in many ways is everything in leadership. It is made up of many things, but I would say character is really integrity. When you delegate something to a subordinate, for example, it is absolutely your responsibility, and he must understand this. You as a leader must take complete responsibility for what the subordinate does. I once said, as a sort of wisecrack, that leadership consists of nothing but taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong and giving your subordinates credit for everything that goes well.”

            As quoted in Nineteen Stars : a Study in Military Character and Leadership (1971) by Edgar F. Puryear Jr.

          3. If Obama was around on D Day, after the invasion he would have announced to the Germans that we are leaving in 18 months like he did in Afghanistan.

            The most pathetic thing is the Administration and his media whores have been touting Obama as a modern day Eisenhower.

          4. First he was Lincoln, then the media morphed him into JFK but the problem was when you looked at JFK’s record in foreign policy, it sucked. The he was morphed into Reagan and now the narrative (phony story) is Eisenhower.

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  14. Well, I’ll try one more time.

    This terrorism alert bears out Rush Limbaugh’s Obama Theorem. He is never seen governing. If something happens or if nothing happens, Obama can’t be blamed because he wasn’t there.

    1. Spot on, Julie. If nothing happens, he’s home free. If something happens… Well, he told his minions to do whatever is necessary, so they’re to blame.

      1. Obama must have a Word template on his computer.

        “OK, guys, I’m going to [Vegas, Camp David, play golf]. Do whatever is necessary and keep me informed. See ya”.

    2. That theory is so preposterous yet so true.

      The sad fact is that we are all probably better off without Obama there as he would just distract the professionals with his lectures and his child like views.

  15. “Sixteen senior officials participated in the unusual gathering…”

    Shades of a Star Wars bar scene with that collection of leftists, miscreants, and ne’er do wells in attendance.

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  17. Well, this pretty much proves he knows nothing about foreign policy and has nothing to contribute. They will create a decision paper, if needed, with big boxes — not too many–so he can check one if a decision is needed. Meanwhile, why make him sit in some talky meeting?

  18. DISGUSTING, still beating up on Americans while getting high with his buddies, you would think he was still in college. Man-boy prezzy will never grow up or take responsibility.

  19. And people are calling Snowden a traitor. In my opionion, Obama and this administration are the Biggest Traitors this country has EVER seen!

  20. Hello Keith, you nailed it with this one. I have many friends on facebook that have picked up your writing/website/updates since we shared it and encouraged them to do so. I see them on my news feed now. I am proud to know you.
    Take good care, we need you.

  21. Headlines this morning…biggest threat in years… more chatter than 9/11. Sounds like the State wants to make us forget about NSA, IRS, etc. Wag the dog!!!

    1. He’ll go either early or late so that he does not have to be on the same plane with the first heifer and the little heifers.

  22. Could this whole thing be fake? Could this be the next “squirrel” the administration has let loose to take the eyes off his scandals? I woiuldn’t put it past this group.

  23. Heck, I’m not surprised. This jerk showed his lack of leadership chops during Benghazi. Any real leader would have been up ALL night keeping their finger on the pulse of the situation AND would have cancelled any campaign appearances the next day.

  24. It occurs to me that no one has credibility on this. Largely because of the way the Administration has handled it and the growing distrust of a government that is too pervasive and out of control. The swamp that is Benghazi doesn’t help.

    Congress doesn’t have the credibility — does anyone really believe Peter King or Lindsey Graham? Not even the Dems or the leftists are out there in full support. And the media is predictable, but not credible really.

    This is something that was put out by the Obama Administration as a major threat and yet we have no rallying point or person and no major sense of national alarm.

    I find this alarming in itself. Not only do we not have a Chief Executive leading the country, a credible military source, or a comforting spiritual spokesman, we don’t even have much by way of serious citizen concern or interest. It’s kind of like a wasteland of babble.

      1. You mean the same Martin Dempsey that ordered our military into Muslim sensitivity training after they got shot in the back by the Afghan soldiers they were training? Yeah, I’d say he has zero credibility…

          1. I suspect he was told what to do by either FCMABBHO or the secretary of defense. If by the latter, the order came from FCMABBHO.

      2. Mandy, I come from a military family. I respect the military. That does not necessarily extend to all the military. So, yes, for me that includes Gen. Dempsey.

          1. I have never what those letters mean.

            It is common and after a certain level and under circumstances, many military are highly politicized and Dempsey is one. He seems to be very in tune with Brennan’s “view” of the ME and the Muslim Brotherhood. I am not.

          2. I don’t know what those letters mean.

            It is common and after a certain level and under circumstances, many military are highly politicized and Dempsey is one. He seems to be very in tune with Brennan’s “view” of the ME and the Muslim Brotherhood. I am not.

    1. Grace, no one has credibility on this, a wasteland of babble. Well said. I agree, this is distraction, I am sure. Crying wolf.

      1. I don’t know that it is or isn’t anything. There is a lot of talk that he has said too much, and then again, there are those that said he hasn’t said, done etc. enough. For me, nobody knows nuthin’ and yet somebody knows something. And we are all left wondering.

        The thing that will enrage me is that this will start coming out in endless dribs and drabs and we won’t be able to substantiate it, but the meme will be — see he/we kept you safe, etc. etc. but we can’t really tell you specifics — Election 2014.

        This would have all the scandals buried and dealt with at one time Benghazi, Snowden, NSA and the IRS. And as the banner across this site …in part …We “are in control now, here in the White House.” Which is still closed to you America.

        I feel bad that I have these suspicions and I pray no American has to suffer or die from this.

  25. I think since Pres O has taken office the first family has shown they are more self interested than nation interested. Recently FLOTUS flew to Chicago to spend 15 minutes at a ridiculous Mayor Emmanuel event which tied in with a beyonce concert. There was no way she needed to be in Chicago for that event, yet couldn’t attend the meeting of the Chinese premier and Obama in California. The priorities are all wrong. WHat makes me annoyed beyond we have an unqualified president is that he, she or the white house believe that to be the case. The constant flying round the country doing stump speeches is ridiculous. It shows that he has fallen in love with the perks of the role ( I don’t know anyone apart form retirees who can play so much golf and it only be the end of July). I look at the event of the scandals and the one that makes potus recoil is Benghazi. Why? He went to bed and then to vegas and americans died. Why? He felt his getting involved may not poll well, so now we are so mired in scandal they hope the truth will never be found. What did you do that night and in detail Mr President? No more no less. lets hear it and prove it once and for all that these scandals are either real or phony. If i had nothing to hide I’d be having open house eon the facts. How much is the birthday bash costing? The glass they flew to Africa to put in front of the hotel windows, how much did that cost. and how many humvees in Iraq and Afghanistan could have been armored at that expenses rather then having military riding round in soft skinned vehicles in a war for years that exposed service personnel to insufficient levels of protection knowing the capability of the enemy. Potus has also gone all out to increase racial tension of late rather than reduce it. This at a time when his support and ratings are decreasing, so the Chicago play book says rally your base by any means possible, so out comes the race card. What does he know about the Martin case that we don’t, he has said more about ti than benghazi. I can’t believe given all he represents that he feels capable to say that most African americans look at the martin case through eyes and feelings tainted with having experienced racism. Surely his role is to move America on not back. Desperate tactics from a man deluded about what he is and what he offers in this role.

  26. One would think that having whatever few professionals there are left in DC handle the problem is far superior to having Obama and his minions mucking things up.

  27. Obama isn’t interested in the safety of this country, or anything else. He is an incompetent, lazy, inept, elitist, who’s never held a real job, or real responsibility in his life. This clown and his Chicago circus need to go. The White House is already stained with enough American blood.

  28. Bin Laden may be in Davy Jones’ locker, but somehow I believe he is laughing at the pathetic state of American leadership (wusses all). If I were him, I would feel that a victory over the West is eminent–Its a matter of who gets to the finish line first. Putin or AQ.

    I wonder how Obama/Biden now feel about AQ “being on its heels” Not embarrassed at all, I”m sure. Their silence on this issue is deafening.

    Our current “leader” does not even deserve the “PINO” designation discussed earlier.

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  30. Obama may have intended this as a distraction, but any way you spin it, it is not playing out well for him. As we have discussed lengthily here, he looks missing in action, but after reading the Sunday talking heads who accept the terror threat as authentic, I find most of them are using it as an occasion to attack Obama for making the US weaker.

  31. “But it’s unclear why Obama wouldn’t have wanted to directly participate in such a vital discussion.”

    because he doesn’t care

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  33. Rice, Kerry, Hagel, Dempsey, McDonough, Monaco, Napolitano . . . .
    Obama — absent or present — what difference, at this point, does it make?

  34. Hey, it’s his birfday!!! And he’s 8 years old. Birfdays are very important at that age. We all know how much birfdays are to children;)

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