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Roving Obama Birthday Party Heads to Camp David

President Obama and his band of birthday brothers moved directly from the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base to Camp David, where they will continue their revelry.

From the pool  report:

After seven plus hours on the green, at 3:20 the president and a smaller number of the original 11 golf birthday buddies rolled up on the Andrews Air strip to travel via heli to Camp David for an overnight celebration. WH says some in the party traveled up to the high(er) country by van and some traveled on Marine One.

Names of Marine One riders vs the drivers in another van coming in next report, though your pooler saw Reggie Love, Sam Kass and Marvin Nicholson boarding the heli.

The First Lady is joining but traveled separately.

Potus was wearing a white and green golf shirt, shades and khakis.

Isn’t that nice? Michelle’s invited too!

48 thoughts on “Roving Obama Birthday Party Heads to Camp David”

  1. I suspect Michelle invited herself so she has an idea of how much she deserves in compensation for her duties as first lady. At the expense of her “loyal” subjects, of course.

      1. I can’t imagine she would want to get on the beltway and head up I-270 & Rt. 15 to get to Camp David! It’s not a fun drive, although the roads would probably be cleared for her limos to not have to wait on the whims of traffic.

        1. Oh, the roads would definitely be cleared. The Baltimore Beltway was cleared a few months ago for the Little Leprechaun (aka Governor Owe’Malley) when he decided to visit the funeral home after someone (law enforcement or military, I don’t remember) died. He is too important, don’t you know…

        2. I want the roads to be cleared for her travel. I don’t like the woman at all, but she is married to the president and must be kept safe.

          I’m sure the roads were cleared when Laura Bush had to be driven somewhere.

          1. I am not a fan of classifying women as “ladies” and “not ladies” for a variety of reasons, but I won’t digress into a discussion of that.

            The fact remains, Michelle Obama is the wife of the president, and needs to be protected.

    1. Camp David is MO’s idea of slumming it, pianogirl. In all likelihood she will book a trip to Spain to compensate for having to ‘camp-out’ for the week-end with all of hubby’s boorish friends. Not a celebrity in sight….

      1. Now that Carla Bruni is no longer the First Lady of France, she can go back to that country for a little shopping spree, as well.

        1. Well flying separately is a practice run for the big Vineyard
          trips. HRH can’t schlep along with the help and that includes
          her handmaidens.

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  2. Al Qaeda is on the march and Obama is ‘retreating’ at Camp David with eleven of his BFF’s. The Presidential retreat is off limits to the press corp(se), an unprecedented 21 embassies are closed for the week-end across the ME. and the beat goes on. Obama’s motto seems to be ‘Eat, Drink, and Be Merry – for tomorrow you may have to face the music’.

        1. I’m sure we paid to have friends of George Bush, and other presidents, taken to Camp David. But, FCMABBHO has a party mentality unlike any other president I’ve known.

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    1. I doubt he’d do anything that blatantly obvious. Even the lo-fo crowd would see right through something THAT transparent.

      AQ, though…that’s another story. I may have to find somewhere to go to ground tomorrow, as DC is starting to look like the last place I want to be if something really DOES happen.

      1. Well, they DO need to have the President’s favorite dish for his birthday! Saksang is a Spécialités de la Maison in his boyhood home in Indonesia, after all, and the rich flavor brings back many fond memories for The Angry Caliph. Things like the beauty of the imam’s call to prayer, for example, soon to be floating out over former American embassies everywhere…

  4. Sounds like a fraternity reunion more than the POTUS keeping his eye on a dangerous security situation. Wonder how they’ll celebrate tonight?

  5. Happy Birthday to me. Obama buys Apple. Ok, maybe not really — maybe he just bought Apple votes (can we say immigration ) and continuing donations and secured future fund raisers. Or maybe he was feeling generous and this was just a little payback. Either way, he’s feeling good!

  6. Well, it could be worse. Instead of playing at Andrews AFB, he and the boys could have hopped on AF1 and played St. Andrews, Scotland.

    Actually this probably was Plan A, but uptick in AQ activity quashed that.

    And what the heck is Mooch going to do at Camp David? And where are the girls?

    This whole birthday at Camp David makes no sense at all. The Obamas don’t like it. Where’s Beyonce and Jay Zee and all the other glitterati. This must just be the warm up bash … perhaps we will celebrate the entire week …

  7. Oh, so he was among this merry band of birthday brothers too ? Well, why don´t they just get married and end the pretence.

  8. Birthdays are overrated in my opinion. The congrats should be towards the parents that brought them into this world. But not in this case…
    Get to work Barry.

  9. Glad he is partying while there is a crisis. The only thing he could do is muck up the works. Keep him in AF1 and on vacation away from Washington. Let adults address the problem.. That way we can minimize the damage he would do if present. Sure it costs the taxpayers more, but at least he cannot make screwy decisions. Like the latest 9/11 when he went to Las Vegas the next day. He doesn’t want to have to make decisions and never has made one. He is truly the stealth President,. Of course, he is used to being that type of person as he voted “present” most of the time as a Senator. We have made the biggest mistake in our history electing this interloper twice just to assuage our collective guilt.

  10. Obama fiddles as the Middle East burns! Real leaders need to be on top of events as they occur when there is an emergency. You can’s be AWOL but of course Obama was never a military guy anyway!

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