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Obama Begins Birthday Weekend with Golf Bash

President Obama and 11 of his friends stormed onto the Andrews Air Force golf course Saturday morning to begin what no doubt will be a full weekend of festivities marking Obama’s 52nd birthday, which is Sunday.

There are three groups of four playing this morning, featuring Obama pals who have flown in from all over the country, including Hawaii: Greg Orme; Marty Nesbit; Hasan Chandoo; Bobby Titcomb; Mike Ramos; Wahid Hamid; Eric Whitaker; Reggie Love; Sam Kass; Laurent Delanney; and Marvin Nicholson.

No girls are invited – this is boys-club-only stuff.

The happy clan will be back at the White House by 2:30 when Obama is scheduled to chopper out to Camp David, where it appears the party will continue into the night.

Hangovers will be slept off. The president is scheduled to return to the White House Sunday, according to the schedule, at a time “TBD.”

It’s Obama’s 23rd golf outing of the year and the 134th of his presidency.

63 thoughts on “Obama Begins Birthday Weekend with Golf Bash”

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  1. I could help but notice that Sunday is also the day dozens (?) of ME embassies are shutting down because of “terror chatter”. Is birthday cake allowed in the Situation Room? :D

      1. You’ve given me an in by mentioning the terrorism alert. I find it amusing that US Rep Peter King from NY calls it the ‘most specific threat since 9/11’ on one hand, and on the other he says that it will occur ‘somewhere in the world’. You can’t get more specific than that, can you? But I don’t take your comment as facetious: the warning is to cover the entire month of August so Obama doesn’t want to be disturbed while at Martha’s Vineyard either.

        1. Pretty much I agree. Even the Tapper moment of journalism about Benghazi came at a time when all had left or were preparing for the annual August dash out of WDC (think Paris), and when they get back there is Obamacare and Immigration– so pretty much Obama will be on the down low at MV.

          Although it speaks to the absolutely juvenile approach of this guy — let’s create a national security threat to our embassys’ smokescreen and then I will act all concerned presidenty and CICish by commandeering Andrews with my golfing pals in celebration of my birthday. Because at the end of the day it’s always all about him.

          God forbid he should make a statement about the embassy closings.

          A little rant on my way to saying I agree with you. :)

        2. I wonder why they didn’t listen to the chatter in Benghazi before Ambassador Stevens was murdered? Now we are closing all these embassies for a specific threat? What were all the CIA people doing that night Obama is trying so hard to bury?

  2. I wonder how many of Obama’s golf pals are members of “The Chum Gang” that he used to do drugs with when he was attending the exclusive Punaho school in Hawaii?

    1. They’re all wealthy right? I’m sure he’s planning on asking them for money or a post-Prezzy job or plotting to take over the world?

      Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if our corporate media investigated these people our Pres. hangs out with?

  3. Hundred years ago the Russian elites and the Czar family lived in luxury, had lavish balls, endless parties while the people struggled. The murmurs of discontent grew and grew and a couple of years later ….Maybe the people in the White House should start reading some history ?
    Why, why can´t anyone ask Barry why he thinks that he deserves these luxurious parties and vacations when the middle class ( and others ) struggle ? Why not even a symbolic sacrifice in the expenses ? It certainly is provoking. Great thing that you keep on reporting about these excesses, Keith !

    1. My brother-in-law just lost his corp pilot job–he has pensions, but their income went to half of what it was. It’s still five times mine, but they are now among the worried. I heard SS may be cut to 77% in 2033. I prob won’t be around, but when you count on something, that is a hit. They better put away the toys at some point and try to do some hard reckoning.

      1. Star, I believe that the fate of the middle class is crucial in every society.What you tell me is a bad omen.
        But I am sure that an indefatigable Norwegian like you will be around in twenty years !

        1. I wouldn’t know, Swedishlady. The interventionists or neocons are sure digging in their heels, and it’s not just the Republicans who are afraid. David Brooks of the liberal New York Times has a piece today predicting that the neocons are making a big comeback. That’s the Democrats trying to tell the Republicans what’s good for them and should raise a red flag. What I do think is that people like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have them running scared.

          My own opinion or wish is that the US should turn inwards. These ambiguous situations we have become involved in are one contributing factor in bankrupting our nation in both a material sense and a moral one. We need to take a deep breath and turn inward to heal ourselves.

        1. You are 100% correct, swedishlady. CNN must be growing a conscience. I truly thought Jake Tapper would be muzzled when he started at CNN – it doesn’t appear to be the case. Obama must be quaking in his boots. It’s not looking good for him.

          1. Dream on people.

            When Marxists reach absolute power on the totalitarian statism meter their minions are free to reveal all the crud that’s been going on–like who’s going to hold the regime accountable now when the leader has all his minions in place at the FBI, DOJ,DHS,UN,CIA?

            Checks and balances? long gone. The Dictatorship is here.

            Tapper, Atkisson and the lot of them are useful tools to make it look like there is still a free press-Think like a communist–they control and infiltrate all potential political and media opposition–the rest they threaten and throw in jails and mental institutions.

            When half the c

  4. Looks like Obama’s Pakistani pals from Occidental have finally shown up at the WH after nearly five years. One of the wealthy Chandoo brothers is finally making an appearance, along with Wahid Hamid. I’m sure they’re really nice fellows, but why did Obama wait until he didn’t have to face another election to bring them out of the closet?

    Where are the family members this week-end? Are they going to Camp David? MO left hubby in the lurch on his birthday a few years ago while she and her BFF’s jetted off to Spain. Has she ever celebrated his birthday with him? Strange.

    1. I was wondering about those two. Ramos is a low-level WH flunky, but his name has a nice Hispanic ring. He’s one of Obama’s Hawaiian buddies and my husband thinks he’s had legal problems. Whittaker, is a black doctor from Chicago who runs a federally funded, University of Chicago associated program which originally was intended to help poor black people get medical attention but has turned into anything but. The Mooch worked for it at one time, and a couple of years ago, its Director of Nursing was discovered to be making over a half million dollars a year.

    2. Last we heard from Michelle, her and the girls were in Chicago for the Beyonce concert. Have I missed anything? Trying to figure out why we pay 22 assistants ? At least a couple of them could do WH tours ;)

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised to read that Beyonce and Jay-Z flew in to Camp David for the party Sunday with Obama drooling, “if I had a wife, she would look like Beyonce!” :-)

  5. I just saw the map of the embassy closings — pretty much the Arabian peninsula. So, it looks like Benghazi worked pretty well exposing Obama as unable to defend America abroad in the ME.

    As for AQ — really? They show up on Sunday and say “Hey — this place is closed down. Nobody home. Maybe they are all at a birthday party or watching videos or something. Grab your stuff guys, we’ll come back some other day”.

  6. This jerk sure is something else. Our embassies all over the world are closing down because of ‘very specific’ threats from his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood, and where is he? Well, he sure ain’t monitoring the situation with his military brass and world leaders. No siree, the petulant pretend leader of the not-so-free world is indulging in self-gratifying pleasures with his loyal coven of corruptocrats. I think gracepmc and Julie are right. He just doesn’t want anyone to bother him during his birthday celebration with his closest and dearest sycophants.

    1. The partying must have started early. He was MIA all day yesterday – no daily briefing – nothing.
      FOX sent their people to the briefing room yesterday expecting to hear something about embassy closings and the threats. The podium was in place – the room was empty. Crickets!

      We will never know if there was a viable threat or not; but it does look the lazy bum just didn’t want to ruin his B-Day party week-end. Unless there are any new developments in the Trayvon case, I wouldn’t expect to hear from him any time soon.

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  14. only his bed Partners care about his birthday. and who cares what he is waring he could be necked for all I care. he just want to show off as usual saying look at me I’m having a birthday party only the chosen can come because I’m a spoiled brat and I want it my way and I will have it my way or else.

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  16. “should be IMPEACHED and sent back to his city of origin….CHICAGO” – BH

    Sure it’s not Nairobi? Or you could send him back to Jakarta, perhaps they can place the lovely statue they have of their “favorite son” next to his new residence…

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