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We Interrupt this Birthday Party for a Special Bulletin

Mr. President, while you’re golfing and partying with your buddies, might you take a moment to give us some information on WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON that we’re shuttering embassies?

From a comment by one of our readers, srdem:

re: the unprecedented closing of 20+ embassies located in predominately Muslim countries

We have a right to know what this means to us here in the US. Questions abound from should we cancel air travel here in the US or just in or to foreign lands, to what is the future of our relationships with those countries that we no longer trust them to protect our embassies?

Our President has a duty, an obligation to address the people and let us know what is going on and does the unspecified threat have any basis in the US.

Golf, a birthday bash, and party time is not an excuse for the POTUS to relinquish his power and duty to others.

Great point. Obama said nothing Friday and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney didn’t even brief. One reader emailed me to ask why I thought that was. I told her I figured they were addressing the terrorist threat. Scares me to think that Girly1 in a comment she made this morning might have had the smarter answer: the birthday celebration had already begun.

Before he finishes partying this weekend, the president or, at the very least, the White House, should give the American people some information about all this.

The “openness” White House is perfectly adept at not saying what it doesn’t want to say, so I don’t think any stray words will worsen a delicate situation. But the right to know, like other rights – for instance, the right of Congress to write the laws – does not seem to be a great concern to this imperious administration, even during times of danger.

How closely, one wonders, is Obama keeping tabs on what’s going on? “Is birthday cake allowed in the Situation Room?” wondered another of our readers, DeniseVB. Well, let’s hope so.

50 thoughts on “We Interrupt this Birthday Party for a Special Bulletin”

  1. Birthday cake might be allowed in the Situation Room. But if you think the President will be there over his birthday, you obviously forgot where he was the last time American interests were attached overseas while he was getting ready for a fund raising trip. Oh, that’s right, we are not entitled to know where he was. Just that he was not in the Situation Room.

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  2. I think I saw State’s press conference about this yesterday on Fox. Maybe not the live conference, but a tape of it. And, it was discussed on CNN.

      1. I saw the same clip, might have been on “The Five”….an empty conference room, empty seats, empty podium, lights dimmed….crickets. Kind of a metaphor for this administration, if you ask me.

    1. And maybe it is just a phony threat. It comes on the heels of the NSA spying on ordinary Americans and a near miss for them in the Congress this week.

  3. Has anyone stopped to consider for a moment that a new strategic situation room might just be under the 13th Green of the Andrews AFB Golf Course??

  4. Disturbingly similar to getting ready for the big Vegas fundraiser as Benghazi was transpiring.

    Just a matter of priorities, folks.

  5. Good insights and questions. This post content from Srdem has compelling implications. But how many people are paying attention? Perhaps we’re in a transition period? From the constant fear mongering giving way to genuine Obama fatigue? To me, there has been a plan all along to wear people down so they just don’t care anymore… sprinkled in with a healthy dose of divisiveness.

  6. We have a clear understanding of this Administrations priorities: Obama’s birthday party, Obama’s vacation, Obama’s golf, Obama’s fund-raising . . . . and then comes perhaps any worry about how to run the country. He behaves much in the fashion of the little dictator in North Korea. It’s all about him, he gets pouty and petulant when anyone dares disagree, and his real responsibilities as expressed in the oath of office only seem minor irritations compared with how he actually spends his time.

    If we have a situation that’s truly worthy of closing the embassies, I am not comforted by the fact that Joe Biden and John Kerry are “on the job.” But it would be good if some grownups were actually paying attention.

  7. We are in the airport right now coming home from a family vacation and arrived 3 hours early due to all the overseas warnings and lack of information about US airports. Everything seems calm but the lack of security information is unsettling to say the least.

  8. Good thing Al Qaida is decimated and on the run.

    The only surprise regarding the closure of the embassies is that they didn’t blame it on ‘sequestration’.

    1. “The only surprise regarding the closure of the embassies is that they didn’t blame it on ‘sequestration’.” – Sadie

      Yet. Give him a chance, once he’s “tanned rested, and ready”, he’ll get right back to the propaganda…

  9. He’s not going to be in the Situation Room if he thinks something’s about to go down in DC. And I’m hearing rumblings that there just might be.

    And if something Heaven-forbid DOES happen here at home, dollars to donuts says his trip to Martha’s Vineyard will still go on as scheduled.

    1. If something happens:
      1.)Queen Michelle & her entourage will go to Martha’s Vineyard NO MATTER WHAT!
      2.)Obama will hang-around the White House (but will not make a statement/press conference) for 16 to 24 hrs… then fly off to the Vineyard.
      3.) Media will cover up for Obama AGAIN (Benghazi Redux)

  10. You would think that at a minimum he would send out his National Security Advisor Susan Rice to provide an explanation and offer reassurance to the American people that although the birthday boy is otherwise engaged, ValJar is “in control here, in the White spouse”.

    BTW, anybody seen Joe lately?

    1. The Obama regime has no use for a “National Security Advisor”.
      Other ‘Presidents’ have made their “NatSecAdv” a critical part of the ‘administration’… Obama never has.

  11. I think the Embassy closings are just another diversion from the “phony” scandals. Obama does not exhibit any concern at all, as we see with his birthday blast weekend. He’s traveling this next week and will be here in Phoenix on Tuesday, to speak at Desert Vista High School, attend a fundraiser and then jet off to Burbank to chat with Jay Leno.

    1. One of the themes running through Orwell’s 1984, is a mysterious war that is ongoing “somewhere”. No one seems to quite understand the details of the war, or why there is a war or even who the enemy is. But the “authorities” assure the citizens on a daily basis that the “enemy” is nearby, and very dangerous. Luckily they have once again been repelled. The important thing is that everyone work harder and trust the government to contain the “enemy”. Sound familiar?

  12. Oh crap. While I was jiggy about seeing KK mention me in the last paragraph, my son was called off vacay and to stand by. This will seriously suck if Obama’s using “terror chatter” for his personal pleasures.

    1. Is your son active duty? Yes, that woukd suck if he is just playing with folks and no credible threat exists. (Congrats on your jiggy moment.)

  13. It is the Limbaugh theorem in action. He doesn’t address the American people directly, because he doesn’t want to be seen as governing. When he’s not living a life of leisure with golf outings, vacations, holidays, grand WH galas, and birthday bashes, he’s on a never-ending political campaign against the powers that be in Washington, D.C. He thinks we’re all so stupid that we don’t see he IS Washington, D.C. Addressing the nation would force him to accept the role of governing all Americans, not just his loyal drones. I don’t think he has it in him to be honest and forthright with the American people.

    Once upon a time America had a principled and virtuous leader who took responsibility for the actions of his administration, rather than allow the country to get mired in divisive political rhetoric. Maybe Preezy Revenge could take a lesson from him. Of course he won’t take that lesson, because he doesn’t love this country or her people.

  14. As usual, we lowly readers of WhiteHouseDossier know more about whats going on than this Obama regime or the pathetic “WH press corps”…

  15. Aw shucks, he’s just kickin it and preparing for the race war which he’s masterminded and will follow up with a declaration of martial law.


    1. I’ve never used the n word in my life so why do people like Rangel get to call us crackers but ‘it doesn’t mean anything’?

      1. Talk about spitting nails. I’d like to ask Rangel, “what’s your point? ..What do you mean?” And force him to say it directly. He and his ilk keep tossing out dispersions but always around the edges never directly. But that is the way of the left: always a 1/2 truth while the 1/2 lie does you in.

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  18. Why would anyone have any reason to think the president really cares about the American people, with him bringing into the U.S. a known terrorist, to the whitehouse, and members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    For the past 100 years, the Democrats have lyed 90% of the time, and in fact Democrats keep saying that that Republicans make up the KKK, and they were the ones who had slaves; But in Fact, the Democrats make up the entirety of the KKK, and the Democrats were the ones who had slaves. The Democrats are the ones who want nothing to do with God or Morals, and have No Values.
    If you really want answers as to what is really going on, go to David, and get the booklet “Barak Obama’s Rules For Revolution”. Also,, and get “Radical Rulers”; “Indefensible:10 Things the ACLU is Doing to Destroy America”; “What They Believed/Washington”-TIA (Truth in Action Ministries; “Sen. Jim DeMint’s book “Saving Freedom-We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism’

  19. O is not going to be at any high level meeting. If something goes awry then he might get blamed & we all know that he doesn’t accept responsibility for ANYTHING! EVER!

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