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West Nile Virus Detected Near Obama Vacation Home

President Obama may have to contend with an unexpected inconvenience during his upcoming luxury stay on Martha’s Vineyard: West Nile virus.

According to local reports, West Nile virus has just been detected in mosquitoes collected in the town of West Tisbury, which is a mere two and a half miles up the road from the home in Chilmark where Obama will be staying.

“It’s really important that now we do something to avoid mosquito bites, and to remind folks that West Nile Virus can occur even in as lovely a place as Martha’s Vineyard,” said Catherine Brown of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, according to the Vineyard Gazette.

West Nile virus usually does not pose a serious threat, though people over 50 – like Obama – are at greater risk for a severe infection.

West Nile virus is just the latest hazard being directed at the Obamas’ vacation by Mother Nature. A beach on a pond in Chilmark was closed because it was filled with bacteria, though the swimming ban was lifted just today.

The Obamas arrive on Martha’s Vineyard August 10.

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  1. There goes that darn Tea Party again. Those racist crackers must be doing this to him to spoil his birthday, just like those Al Qaeda guys planning attacks to mark his birthday.

  2. To West Nile Virus Detection information is Phony. The mosquitos have no connection to the Obama WH or this Administratinon.

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