As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Reporter Obtains Three Obamaphones

Which is three more than she was entitled to. Have a look.

18 Responses to Reporter Obtains Three Obamaphones

  1. Chances of the world’s richest man getting wealthier as the transfer of these phones sends more U.S. tax dollars south of the border…

    …and chances of Obama losing votes over this

    “Slim” and approximately “None”.

    (and that’s Carlos Slim, NOT “Carlos Danger”)

    • Bingo! Big government and crony capitalists are in bed with each other and nobody notices as long as their entitlement gravy train keeps rolling along.

  2. Cell phones are not cheap.

    One thing that bothers me, among many with this, is the fact that my husband and I sacrifice to have a cell phone while others get theirs free. Cell phones are a privilege not a right.


    • They are not even a necessity–we used to come home, see a message and call back. We all survived, with the teeny exception of people kidnapped and locked in a trunk or left on a deserted road with zombies approaching.

    • I don’t have one, either–and wouldn’t if I could afford it. My kid, who is young also does not want one. We like to go out and get away from calls. You know–get some control. As fot texting–I see people pay a ton to type the letter ‘K to someone.

      • By the way–story this AM that the PO photographs all mail. It didn’t say if it had x-ray vision or opened it. This is supposed to be justified in cases like who sent anthrax. I say it’s wrong and to quit it!

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