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The Obama Morning News || August 2, 2013

No budget deal in sight as recess begins . . . Washington Post
Republicans divided over spending cuts . . . Examiner
Groups go door to door pushing Obamacare . . . Washington Post
Is Kerry making Hillary look bad? . . . National Journal
Obama tops for making fundraisers ambassadors . . . The Hill
Clinton loyalists help Huma to help Hillary . . . New York Times
Obama summit with Putin in doubt . . . New York Times
Obama narrows Fed chair choice to three . . . New York Times
Coporate turnaround specialist tapped for IRS . . . The Hill
Senate OKs Power as UN ambassador . . . Los Angeles Times
House subpoenas Benghazi documents . . . Washington Times
Bobby Jindal makes Iowa pilgrammage . . . Politico
Reagan’s brush with weather-related death . . . Washington Post

14 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 2, 2013

  1. WashPost; groups go door to door……….
    The first line in this piece tells a story more important and chilling than knowing our government has taken over our healthcare:

    “MIAMI BEACH — Her clipboard said the man who lived in the pink stucco apartment building a few blocks from the hotel-lined beach might not have health insurance”

    A anonymous worker employed by an obscure entity has a “clipboard” that knows a stranger to the worker “might not have health insurance”.
    How would a “clipboard” know such a thing, or know where the man lives, and when he would be home?
    There’s only one way for private medical information on individuals to be printed on this Obamacare salesperson “clipboard”, and that’s because our government has dossiers on all of us.
    By giving this low-level worker access to the man’s medical records they have already crossed the line of privacy.

    A poofy piece of fluffy promotion for MrsClinton is thinly disguised when the writer compares MrKerry’s short term as Secretary of State to MrsC’s years. While giving MrK the barest of praise for even attempting to bring the Palestines and Israelis together and then succeeding, the writer gushes over MrsC’s astonishing milage on her private jet and the number of countries visited as if it were some kind of accomplishment.
    In the end, it doesn’t matter if the Palestines and Israelis come to a mutual agreement on their vast differences, except that MrKerry is at least attempting to do what MrsClinton didn’t.

  2. “Groups go door to door pushing Obamacare . . . Washington Post”

    They come to MY door, they’re going to NEED Obamacare just for the blisters they’ll have on their ears when they leave…

  3. “Obama tops for making fundraisers ambassadors . . . The Hill”

    Anyone want the Lybia post? Or is that for people who don’t raise enough…

  4. “House subpoenas Benghazi documents . . . Washington Times”

    Good luck with that. You’ll EVENTUALLY get a couple of pieces of heavily redacted foolscap that have NOTHING to do with the subject at hand, but only after the 2014 elections, so you’ll probably not be there to receive them anyway.

    The question for our RINO freinds in powerful Republican positions in the House is not “has Prezzy done anything illegal”. There’s plenty to point to THAT, and were he a White Republican, he would long since have been swiftly and justly removed. The question IS, “What are you going to do about it?”. The answer, to judge by the consequences of Holder’s contempt of Congress findings, seems to be “Nothing”.

    Other nations don’t fear us because there are no longer any consequences to opposing us, even when our territory is invaded and our Ambassadors killed. By the same token, RINOs, Obama doesn’t fear YOU because you never do anything with teeth. Either grow a pair or admit you’re a Democrat and let the rest of us move on with what must be done; and may you enjoy garnering Specter’s well-deserved wages that he got from his new masters just before he died.

  5. “Republicans divided over spending cuts . . . Examiner”

    Doesn’t matter, guys. You won’t get any regardless. Spend less worrying about parsing na ganna happen fantasy list, and do something about ridding us of this charlitan posing as President. If you need help getting started, Mr. Koffler posted a lovely list the other day, please refer to it;

    Have at it, guys. Just tell yourselves that, since Obama likes equality, treat him EXACTLY like you would treat a White Republican President who had done all the same things. Reference the Nixon impeachment for a guide on that. Maybe you can get some tips from Hillary?

    Of course, a White Republican President wouldn’t have gotten away with all this cr@p in the FIRST place…