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Another Obamacare Broken Promise?

OMG, these Obamacare promises are breaking faster than a porcelain pitcher in a monkey cage!

President Obama promised – often – that health reform would lower premiums by up to $2,500 per year.

Uh oh. Gary Cohen, a senior HHS official testifying before Congress today, isn’t sure about this!

Okay, maybe if we forget the $2,500, can we keep our doctor?

18 thoughts on “Another Obamacare Broken Promise?”

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  1. For my money, tapes of Obama’s speeches should have an insert of Senator Joe Wilson saying “I told you so”.

    For those playing along at home, here’s the original scorecard:

    (Nancy Pelosi’s reaction is priceless — likely the same face she made when she learned she was supposed to READ ObamaCare.)

    1. That video brings back a lot of memories, Playrighter. One minor correction; Joe Wilson is a congressman. Still can’t believe Preezy’s cabana boy Boehner made Joe Wilson apologize for speaking the truth.

      1. Thanks for the correction.

        No wonder I couldn’t see him through the hairy reeds in the Senate.

        Methinks Rep. Wilson’s record on being right should be compared with that of Mr. Obama.

  2. Re the deferment of the Employer Mandate: I thought it was clear in the Constitution that a President cannot cherry pick which parts of a law he will observe and those he would throw out. Yet I have not heard of a single Republican threatening to bring this up before the courts.

    Also, with some attempting to excuse the Congress as well as the IRS from the insurance exchanges: I thought the Constitution forbids Congress making a law for the people from which they themselves are exempt.

    We know the Democrats think the Constitution is out-of-date, but by their inaction, the Republicans seem to think so too.

  3. Rush has a theory as to why so many R’s in Congress are supporting Obamacare – they actually believe it might work! They don’t want to be on the wrong side of history – Americans LOVE their social security and Medicare – why wouldn’t they love their Obamacare?
    Let’s hope that Senators Lee and Cruz are able to convince their uninformed colleagues that Obamacare is a bottomless pit of higher premiums/taxes, subsidies, rationing, and inferior healthcare. Scrap it and start over in 2016. Same with immigration. Obama is not competent to run a 7-11 store, much less the country.

    1. One big diff–people will be asked to pay a huge amt for OC each month or surrender all their vitals to the IRS to cut the out of pocket cost. Even on Medicare, you can skate around some of the vitals stuff.

  4. John "SMOKEY" Hatzimichaels

    Like the old bumper sticker read:
    “If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until it’s free”
    or if you prefer this analogy:
    ” This car will run forever on one tank of gas…you just got to fill it up every once in a while” Bill Engor

  5. I’m afraid I don’t buy this argumentation. This seems less about accountability than the pursuit of pre-ordained prejudices (and I do not mean racial ones). Preaching to a tiny choir is all I see here, whereas I was hoping for some substantive historical perspective (i.e. the Reagan era).

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