As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, August 2, 2013

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern

Press conference? Sched looks suspiciously thin. Not even a briefing by Carney.

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  1. don’t you know? he has to get out onto the links before they get crowded with golfers who pay their own fees with their own money.

  2. He’s likely set aside the day to put his boot on the throat of the CIA personnel now disclosed to have been on the ground in Benghazi so he’ll know whose arse to kick.

    Can’t have any more phony scandals, now, can we?

  3. For the last few weeks he has had virtually nothing on his Friday schedule. It could be called a four-day work week if he actually worked the other four days.


    • I am not shocked by the content. I am, however, somewhat stunned that CNN is actually reporting. I fully expect a “swat team” to show up in Atlanta one of these days.

    • Could the coverup of Benghazi be falling apart?
      The pre-emptive attempt to downplay what’s comeing by calling this and all the other scandals “phony”, the special meeting of MrO and MrsC, all seem like deja vu. This is the kind of thing that happened before the details of Watergate were revealed.
      Remember “third rate burglary”?

        • It is being described as pure intimidation, with the threat that any unauthorized CIA employee who leaks information could face the end of his or her career.

          In exclusive communications obtained by CNN, one insider writes, “You don’t jeopardize yourself, you jeopardize your family as well.”

          I think this means your family won’t have any money bec you will be fired…Do you really think they mean boiled alive in vats of oil, like some drug lords were doing to people around here in AZ?

  5. Himself. Pouting. Interspersed with temper tantrums and foot stomping. Behind closed doors.

    President Jarrett in control and in charge, here, at the White House.

  6. He serves no purpose. Worthless….I am exhausted from my workweek at crap pay just to pay my mortgage and eat. Party on prez

  7. Maybe Obama will pop up today and make some biggoted remarks about that Philadelphia Eagles player…
    Its a ‘who cares’ story AND its ‘racial’ so you know Obama has to make a statement.

    (forget about Obama making any statements about Benghazi, IRS, Syria, Snowden, etc.)

    • CIA under the microscope on Benghazi. This could be a squirrel or bright shining object. One source is putting out–pardon my snort–that Sunday is Obama’s birthday. The meanie terrorists are trying to rain on his birthday. Is that the implication? Are we all of a sudden supposed to be concerned about him and take our eyes off the Benghazi ball?

    • Al Qaeda has Obama on the run now after his cowardice in Benghazi – they know he’s going to be hiding under the bed from now until the anniversary of 9/11.
      The very day that the annex was attacked in Benghazi the black flag of Al Qaeda was flying over our embassies in Tunesia, Egypt and Yemen. Yemen has been AQ headquarters for years now.
      Last week the MB called for a ‘siege’ on our embassy in Cairo.

      When is our fearless leader going to stand up and tell the country that he got it wrong about Bin Laden and AQ? And when is the country going to hold BO’s feet to the fire on Benghazi? We can’t afford to have a coward in the role of CIC and, consequently, the role of President of the United States. His duty, above all, is to protect the U.S. from it’s enemies, both foreign and domestic. He is an epic fail.

  8. Dontcha know that Friday is party day at the Den of Destruction formerly known as the White House? Happy Hour starts this weekend earlier than usual looking Dictator Obama’s schedule. Figure a condensed briefing time of a half hour tops and then let the tippling begin by 11:00 AM at the latest. As that first delightfully frosty pint of malt liquor slides down our First Dictator’s parched throat he can kick off his shoes, prop his aching feet on the Oval Office Desk, and look back on his work week with a smug sense of satisfaction at how much he has accomplished in meeting his goal of a bankrupt, impoverished and racially divided country by the time he decides to give up his Dicatatorship. Do I also sense another golf outing in the Dictator’s cards for this weekend?

    All Hail Dictator Obama! Long may he rule!

  9. CBS reports that Obama was briefed on the imminent terrorist threats Saturday morning before heading to Camp David. They neglected to mention the round of golf he managed to squeeze in before getting on Marine One. At least he wasn’t headed for Vegas this time.