As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || August 1, 2013

Dems using voting rights to keep Senate . . . National Journal
Obama scoffs at Keystone jobs
. . . Washington Times
Obama to save Capitol Hill from Obamacare? . . . Politico
House GOP sees Obama carbon fraud
. . . Washington Times
WH dodges on Democratic sex scandals . . . Daily Caller
CNN finds Benghazi suspect before FBI . . . CNN
Obama campaign continues; Leno stop . . . Examiner
How Obama failed Americorps  . . . National Journal
Obama primes Dems for budget battle . . . The Hill
Clinton’s ’08 slap still stings Obama . . . Politico

8 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 1, 2013

  1. Putting together the different reports on what was discussed during MrO’s meetings with his fellow Dems in Congress, the upshot is that MrO will veto any budget put before him that doesn’t give him the spending money he wants, and his casual attitude toward the concerns of the few Dems who are up for re-election shows that his focus is on what he wants, not what they need.

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  2. The Voting Rights argument is starting to really get on my nerves. It has nothing to do with “racism” and everything to do for Obama’s campaign strategies based on voter fraud.

    When you think of all the reasons you’re required to show a photo i.d. (cashing welfare checks, buying booze&cigs, boarding a plane, checking into a hotel, picking up tickets at the Will Call for a Broadway show, getting a home loan, renting a house/apt, picking up a child at daycare, applying for entitlements, going on a cruise, getting medical care, etc, etc) why aren’t they considered racist ?

    • The Democrat drones are a lost cause. They believe every word that comes out of their messiah’s mouth is gospel. I have yet to meet a Democrat drone who will actually carry on a logical discussion about the necessity of presenting a photo ID at the voting booth to ensure a fair and free election. Their emotions always get the best of them. Their messiah tells them Republicans are all racist, sexist, homophobes who want to take away their right to vote, so they believe him and his purveyors of hate. Not all Democrats are drones, but all drones are Democrats.

    • Holder’s Texas lawsuit in defiance of the SCOTUS ruling is jaw-dropping. Obama’s desperate attempt to glom onto the fertile field of Hispanics (legal and illegal) in TX for the 2014 mid-terms proves what we have known all along – he will do or say anything to usurp power. Who do ‘We the People’ turn to for justice when the PINO and Atty Gen. are this corrupt? Maybe they should be wearing ‘hoodies’.

      • I vote by mail–somewhere along the line, they decided I am me. Even my 95-year-old Mom had a state ID because doc offices asked for them. The only argument of hardship I have heard is people driving 200 miles to get an ID–bet that is not a problem if they have a birth certificate etc as required here i n the Great Hated State of AZ.