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Rush to GOP: No Compromise With Obama

Appearing on Greta Van Susteran’s show, Rush Limbaugh said he wants to “defeat” Democrats instead of compromising with them, because, “the country’s hanging by a thread.”

H/T Gateway Pundit

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      • Yes , I did. Nice to see him again, still the same old Pat ! Thank you Julie. Did you perhaps see some similarities there ? The confidence, the firm convictions , the way with words ? Well, I don´t know their stand on every issue but I like what I have heard/read and I like their style. No compromises with that guy in the White House, oh no. I do hope that they share my opinion about the courageous Snowden too, otherwise I will be a tad disappointed.

        • They’re pretty much on the same page. Buchanan is more of a non-interventionist than Limbaugh, I think, and I’m inclined to agree with Pat, but I like them both and think they both could give a fiddle about being politically correct.

  1. That was an excellent interview. I liked what he did there more than his radio program. Greta let him speak for long periods without interruption and he was very articulate and composed.

    • Hi Five! to Greta for letting him talk without interruption! He had a lot to say with a lot of good points and she just listened!

  2. What has happened to the GOP? The leadership is gutless and the electorate believes the line the democrats feed them through their media lap dogs.

    • BTW, I’d like to throw in Reince Priebus with the culprits in the Senate. He is absolutely clueless about the feelings of the grassroots and tries to manipulate them with his questionnaires into supporting the GOP status quo. Joe Curl had a satirical column about being a ‘specially selected’ recipient of one of these polls. The GOP establishment is deliberately being deaf and obtuse about grassroots conservatism.

  3. Thank you for posting this clip, Keith. It was an extremely powerful interview. Agree with Rush that Obama isn’t about ideals, he’s about eliminating his opposition. This regime doesn’t support one single issue or policy that conservatives believe in, so why compromise our values and principles with someone who will never reciprocate?

    Right Scoop posted the entire interview in case you missed it…

  4. MrLimbaugh was being polite on national TV. He knows darn well why the elected Repubs act the way they do in DC; they don’t want to upset the status quo or their influential big-money donors that they need to keep their jobs.
    The little people don’t matter any more, what counts is big money that supports the expensive elections that help insure re-election.

    Who wants 20million illegal aliens to be permanent residents and the low-skilled workers that will accept low wages? Big business needs these peons to keep their bottom lines in the black, and wealthy donors need cheap labor to clean their houses and tend their children.
    The Repubs, just like the Dems, answer to money in ways not seen since the olden days of Baron Robbers and Tammany Hall.

    • You’re spot on, srdem. Breitbart posted an article yesterday about Karl Rove sponsoring a letter signed by 100 big money donors and his fellow political operatives that called on Republicans to support amnesty for illegals. Guess which side of the fence the establishment Republicans are standing on? It suffices to say, they’re not on the same side as millions of Americans who are against amnesty for illegals. It’s the same with the effort to defund Obamacare.

  5. Now I know, unequivocally, that I’m old. How do I know? I know because I emphatically agreed with everything Rush had to say.

    Wait, maybe I’m just wise beyond my years? No, I’m old, but you know what, that’s okay: it just means that I’m not stupid, although there are stupid old people–look at Hillary.

    Anyway, I’m just talking to myself; you know us old people.