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Carney: Attempts to Create IRS Scandal Have Failed

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today pronounced Republican efforts to find political influence behind the IRS targeting of conservative groups dead and buried.

“Attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed,” said Carney. “What some in Congress have failed to do is provide any evidence – because there is none – that that activity was directed by the White House or was even partisan or political.”

Carney added: “That doesn’t excuse the conduct – it means we have to address poor performance.”

Carney’s blanket assertion comes just as some would say the scandal is getting more interesting, with IRS employees recently implicating Treasury Counsel William Wilkins during testimony on Capitol Hill. Wilkins is one of only two officials at the agency who are presidential political appointees.

23 Responses to Carney: Attempts to Create IRS Scandal Have Failed

  1. Carney added: “That doesn’t excuse the conduct – it means we have to address poor performance.”

    “Poor Perforance”? Is that the administration’s nomenclature for ‘criminal activity’? Well, let’s just send them all to their rooms with a time-out!

  2. Carney would look at a dead body on the floor and find a knife dripping with blood as “no evidence of any foul play.” This kind of “Move along, nothing to see here” behavior is really tiresome. The lawlessness and arrogance of this administration are beyond equal.

  3. i feel irs should be closed down. let each state deal with their own taxes, min wage. we have people here in mo who are working for less and glad to have the job. we are country people. i am sure ny couldn’t do this. that is why we feel it should be state to state…pat..+

  4. So, now the metric is what the definition of ‘is’ is?

    Carney said, and Jack Lew said on sunday, “What some in Congress have failed to do is provide any evidence – because there is none – that that activity was directed by the White House…”

    It doesn’t HAVE to be “directed by the White House” by command. It only has to be “suggested” by Obama’s political team who wanted to keep the TP orgs out of the 2012 elections.

    there is far more than enough evidence it was political and partisan as the IRS ADMITTED!

  5. This is just not double down, it is triple down. Reminds of Weiner, who will not back down. WH imitating Weiner … Holy C**P.

  6. “Carney’s blanket assertion comes just as some would say the scandal is getting more interesting..”

    Which is exactly why he’s pushing so hard to create the false narrative.

    Sad thing is that considering the number of idiots who just gave his boss a 2nd term, it will probably work.

  7. For Opie Carney, it’s come to this: A daily attempt to put a shine on a vulgar and out of control Administration by shamelessly lying in front of the entire country. And not a hint of guilt or embarrassment to be seen, except for his shifty eyes. Where’s Sheriff Andy when you need him?

  8. Obama is simply following Clinton. I know 20 years is a long time and most Americans have the memories of elephants, but have we forgotten the Clinton scandals?

    -Clinton also used the IRS to audit the women who accused him of rape and defamation-Juanita Broaddrick, Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones-and Elizabeth Ward Gracer, an actress who had an affair with Clinton-and Jospeh Farah’s Western Center for Journalism for investigating the death of Clinton’s deputy WH counsel, Vince Foster-and organizations such as The Heritage Foundation, Concerned Women for America, the NRA, the National Review, and Judicial Watch, among others.

    -Clinton took control of the Democratic National Committee operations in order to get more campaign contributions from “soft money”, more lightly regulated expenditures by political parties and entities “independent” of the candidate.

    -The 1995 John Huang scandal.

    -The Yah Lin “Charlie” Trie scandal.

    -The Johnny Chung scandal.

    -The Loral Space and Communications CEO, Bernard Schwartz scandal which gave the Chinese assistance that could have been used to make Chinese ICBM’s more accurate.

    -Clinton used the Commerce Department as a payoff center for large campaign contributors.


    -Clinton (like Obama) got a cozy mortgage deal through Deutsche Bank with collateral from Terry McAuliffe, chairman of Clinton’s 53rd Presidential Inaugural Committee and future DNC chairman.

    -Clinton pressured Fannie Mae to expand mortgage loans to people unqualified.

    -Clinton ignored Sudan’s offer to share intelligence files on Osama bin Laden.

    -Payoff to HITLERy’s brother of $400,000 from associates of two felons who successfully used him to lobby Clinton for their release.

    -Clinton pardoning 140-including felons such as Marc Rich, whose wife, Denise, had donated over $1 million to Democratic (sic) Party causes and the Clinton library.

  9. In reply to Elaine:
    You have so well recounted the Clinton misdeeds, and yet there
    are those again who are panting to get that woman into the WH.
    What is wrong with this country??

  10. OK everyone, repeat after me, “Ohmmmmmmmm, phoney scandals, Ohmmmmmmm, phoney scandals, Ohmmmmmmm, phoney scandals. There now, don’t we feel better? It’s the old old left-wing, socialist, commie-pinko, democrat (was that too strong??) strategy of lie, lie again louder, and keep on doing it ’til the proletariat believes it’s true ’cause you wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t so. Carney will undoubtedly have a special place in hell for all the lying he’s done but it will be a relatively comfortable spot compared to the places reserved for those in our government who are actually DOING this crap to our country!!! Thank Beelzebub hell is a REALLY big place.

  11. The fact that it’s getting interesting is exactly why the White House is desperate to put this away.

    Initially, they just ignored it, but that didn’t work. So, Plan B is to bad mouth it as a “phony scandal”. It looks like Obama’s own words of feigned outrage are coming back to haunt him.

    The problem with lying is that you have to keep track of all your lies.