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Weiner’s Wacko Sex Scandal Could Harm Hillary

Anthony Weiner’s stubborn refusal to stay in the New York City mayoral race and not slink away into the shadows could have national political implications because of a little known fact: His wife Huma Abedin leads a Hillary Clinton “transition team” that could form the nucleus of her presidential campaign.

If Abedin continues her “stand by your man” routine and Weiner remains in the race, the Hillary Clinton may have to decide whether to divorce herself from someone who for years has been perhaps her most trusted aide.

Signals are already being sent. In a New York Post piece, the Clintons are described as angry not just at Weiner, but at Abedin too:

“The Clintons are upset with the comparisons that the Weiners seem to be encouraging — that Huma is ‘standing by her man’ the way Hillary did with Bill, which is not what she in fact did,’’ said a top state Democrat.

The very last thing Hillary would need as the presidential campaign begins to ramp up is a person beside her who perpetually reminds voters of the ignominious sex scandal that nearly brought down Bill Clinton.

It would be a stunning exercise in hypocrisy for the former first lady – who stood by Bill after he had sullied the presidency by engaging in sexual activity in the Oval Office with an intern – to sideline Abedin for doing something similar for her husband.

Bill and Hillary arguably pioneered the art of political resurrection from stigma of smutty, psychopathic behavior. But with the presidency at stake, the Clintons have long shown they’ll do what it takes to win.

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    1. Hillary was probably asking Obama how to get leverage over the Weiners, the way he has over Roberts, Boehner, and a host of others in the GOP.

      The Clintons may have written the book on political resurrections, but Obama makes Nixon’s dirty tricks look like play ground antics.

      1. The Weiner story is another fabrication. The guy is likely being blackmailed like most of Congress. The Anthony Weiner story “broke” right after the “Bin Laden”””raid.””” There’s an illegal war taking place. Alphabet soup agencies staged a Coup and have taken control of the media. Do you believe that this is merely a coincidence;

        Biden (Bi)n La(den)

        About as coincidental as Obama catching Osama 3 days after releasing his birth certificate. Did you know Obama shares a birthday and a Nobel Peace Prize with Yasser Arafat the founder of modern day terrorism? No one is exactly sure where Yasser was born either. Must be another coincidence…

        Everything we’ve been told about Obama, Osama, and 9/11 is a manufactured lie. Osama Bin Laden isn’t so much a person as it is an organization of corrupt politicians and wealthy elitists, a shadow government. This shadow government wants to create a socialist system where they hold all the cards. To complete their objective they first need to destroy capitalism (something the trade towers symbolized) by bankrupting the nation.

        Unelected officials are using the media, who was in on the 2008 election, along with online commenting now for an illegal war and domestic spying operation. This war began with the introduction of Sarah Palin in the 2008 election. Sarah was planted as McCain’s running mate with no intention of winning. They THREW the election. Don’t take my word for it. See the proof and decide for yourself. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret and learn what our government is desperately trying to keep a lid on.

  1. Wiener is a piece of work but he has limited his activity to flirting, phone sex and pics. Bill actually had sex in the White House with an intern. The ultimate sexual harassment ….. and then pointed his crooked little finger at America and said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

    I think wiener should be offended that be is being compared to Bill. No comparison.

    1. Good point. While Hillary added to her gravitas by aiding and abetting arguably the worst woman abuser in the history of high level politics, Huma is catching spears for abiding a guy with a comparatively harmless (and idiotic) fetish. I seem to have missed the credible accounts of abuse and rape against Weiner that did nothing to tarnish the reputation of Mr. Bill

      OTOH, Huma may a reason to be miffed at Hillary. Ms. “I Dodged Sniper FIre” paid Huma a paltry $140,000 or so for a herculean workload which included world travel and little time for herself. Meanwhile, Huma was able to bring in some $335,000 for the “part time work” she somehow squeezed into the rare minutes she had to herself. Clearly, Abedin owes much more allegiance to her part-time benefactor.

      Maybe Hillary’s just too dang cheap. After all, with recorded family earnings of over $100 million, she was still begging for regular citizens to pay off HER campaign debts — four years after her 2008 election run, even pimping out Bill to help bring in money that she could have paid off with a personal check.

      1. Really? You would expect them to pay for something themselves? After they have worked so hard at perfecting freeloading?
        I have always wondered about all the people that died mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons…

  2. Harm Clinton???? She is married to a serial rapist and sexual abuser, knows that and has lied about it all these years. God save us from another round with the Clintons.

    1. If she’d put up with that kind of behavior from a spouse, what kind of behavior would she put up with from a nation such as Iran or North Korea?

    2. Hillary didn’t just “stand by her man.” She too charge of suppressing “bimbo eruptions” so Bill’s career could flourish and be a vehicle for her own ambitions. It may be that Huma is a climber too, but Hillary seems more of a brass-knuckles player.

      On the other hand, didn’t she also bake cookies for a ladies’ magazine contest?

  3. I would hope it would harm her…how could it not unless the ultimate masses have gone to sleep in this country. There is no comparison either because what bill did was WORSE….and Hillary standing by THAT shows her gross hunger for power….she’s dangerous…..period….she needs wiped off the scene……….

  4. The Kennedy Klan will never allow Hillary to become president.
    The Kennedys arent that happy with the 8 years of Bill Clinton.
    Its why they stabbed her in the back and pushed their boy … Barrack Obama into the White House. The same Chicago Daly Machine/Massachusetts Kennedy Machine teamwork that got JFK into the White House.
    Huma Abedin remains in power….at least until Birnham Wood comes to Dunsinane Hall…….shades of Lady Macbeth.

  5. Hillary=Bill’s doormat
    Huma=Anthony’s doormat
    Michelle=…uh uh! I kicked that hussy to the curb! Actress Kerry Washington tried to move in on my meal-ticket! Uh uh! It wasn’t gonna happen!

  6. Really, they should all just go away, for good. They are all liars and will continue to lie to get what they want. I hope Weiner stays in and loses, and I hope it hurts Hillary’s campaign. They all make me sick.

  7. Some points of difference. Bill Clinton did not defile Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. He defiled the Oval Office itself, about as much of a symbol of our country as the eagle or flag.

    Huma Abedin may have made herculean efforts for HRC as Playrighter says, but someone described those efforts, and it appears she was one of the highest paid gophers in Washington. “She packs a good bag.” She made close to a half million dollars last year doing I’m not quite sure what.

    It won’t last, but it’s nice to see someone throwing the Clintons under the bus for a change. The Weiners won’t win, but the longer he stays in and hurts Hillary’s reputation, the happier I will be.

  8. Never forget the elephant in the corner. It starts here:

    There AIN’T NO WAY a Muslim father will allow his daughter to marry a Jew!!!! IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!!!! But, Huma did marry Anthony!!! So the widely ignored question is WHY????

    I think Michelle Bachmann was onto it! And she got trashed for asking important questions, even by her fellow Republicans!!!

  9. Hey Huma, those footfalls you hear Is Hillary coming to throw you under the bus. Hillary has sacrificed every shred of dignity and honor she ever had to get where she is. Back off or you may end up like Vince foster.

  10. In both cases the wives, stand by their respective philandering spouses. Does America really need bubba and the weiner having access to whitehouse female interns? Weiner isn’t clintons only problem, she still has to answer the 3am phone call from Benghazi that she ignored, and cost a us ambassador, his aide and two Navy Seals their lives; and let us reminisce about hillerycare, which we have under the guise of obamacare, currently tearing down and destroying the American medical system, pathetic creature, lives only for power and control.

  11. I am sure Huma can always chat with Hillary about her mom being a member of the Muslim Sisterhood. That should make Weiner shrivel…

  12. Weiner and Huma are very perverted and sick people but in Anthony’s defense, Weiner never blew his load all over an impressionable young woman’s dress , raped and groped numerous women and then lied about it the way Bill Clinton did with Hillary quietly pretending to be shocked and hurt by all this. Both these woman enabled their husbands to do what they did and they probably got turn on by it. In the tradition of Ted Kennedy, these people are the hero’s of the DemocRAT party. Lock up your daughters.

  13. This just in: Hillary Clinton Keynote Address Backlash – Auto Dealers Convention

    “When I see the announcement that the ‘Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton’ will be giving the keynote address, the hair on my back just sticks up,” the News quotes Jon Lind, general manager of a Ford-Lincoln dealership in Burlington, Colo., as saying.” Her speaker’s ‘fee’ was not disclosed.

    “Honorable” – what a crock! Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end for this money-grubbing opportunist and her Weiner-Gate.

  14. Hillary could hurt Hillary. She’s her own worst enemy. Any truly articulate opponent could easily wipe the street with her.

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