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State Official Waited 20 Hours on Benghazi Roof for Help

The night of the Benghazi attack last September 11, Diplomatic Security agent David Ubben waited for 20 hours on the roof of the CIA Annex until help finally arrived.

He was up there with former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, who were killed by mortar rounds. Ubben’s right leg was shredded.

Have a look at this incredible report by of Catherine Herridge of Fox News.

“The response on the night was inadequate on many levels,” sources told her. Ubben has been recovering in the United States since then, and lawmakers are hopeful he will testify in the fall.

Some phony scandal. Have a look.

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68 thoughts on “State Official Waited 20 Hours on Benghazi Roof for Help”

  1. Benghazi.
    Oh God.
    Twenty hours is freakin’ forever in that kind of situation.
    But not as forever as getting to the Truth.
    What a Travesty.

    1. “20 hours”?
      Where is the US EUROPE/NATO/6th FLEET COMMANDER to explain how no US Forces in Europe (USAF super-sonic F-16 or F-15s from Italy or Germany or UK) or the Mediterranean (USN/USMC F-18s from a CVN, or helos from a LHD) could not/did not know what was happening over “20 hours” in Benghazi, Libya…???!!!

      1. …I am sorry for ranting, but being a US Navy Vet who served in the Mediterranean (during Bosnia) my ship (a lonely LSD) always knew what was going on elsewhere in the “Med”

      2. Yeah, I know. And I know that you know.
        Just about everyone in the IC and SOF have been livid for almost a year over this. You’d think with the current regime’s ambitions they’d cozy the military a bit more.
        This was a sacrifice – not for ‘freedom” or Iraqis or Libyans or even Americans; they were lambs abandoned to slaughter for naked political ambition.
        They were abandoned simply to avoid embarrassment.

        1. “You’d think with the current regime’s ambitions they’d cozy the military a bit more.” – Brett

          Obama doesn’t really know anything about the military, other than he hates and fears it. It is not completely loyal and dedicated to HIM for one thing; freinds of his, such as Muslim Brotherhood fellow traveller Morsi were thwarted in their ambitions by a military; and most of his liberal training has been about hating the military in general, and the U.S. military in particular.

          The armed services have a sense of honor, duty, and loyalty to the nation and it’s laws, and are sworn to protect it from enemies foreign and domestic. These are ALL foreign concepts to Obama, who has none of these things. Obama might use the concepts as tools to assert his will when they are crafted into a speech for him; but because he is incapable of grasping the true meaning of them, he does not trust them, and by extension does not trust those who have them.

          Remember that Napolitono believed that returning veterans were the BIGGEST risk of terrorism? You think that might reflect her boss’s views?

          Rememer that Obama saying “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”?

          Notice that Homeland Security, that was chartered as a data sharing organization, has morphed into an armed service?

          Dicators use miliaties, but do not trust them. That’s why Roman Emperors had pratorean guards loyal only to them. That’s why Hitler raised his own force under his own banner after becoming Chancellor, killing the SA leaders that raised him to power. That’s why Stalin murdered his victorious troops as they returned from the war.

          And, that’s why meglomaniacal narcissist Obama will NOT “cozy” the military.

          The REALLY disturbing thing about the rise of Obama is not that he’s different – but that he’s the same. He’s identically molded to the way that dictators before him behaved, has the same glorification of self and lack of regard for any higher power; the same contempt of laws that he regards as being for the ruled, NOT the ruler; the same sense that HE is the only one that is right; the same sense of entitlement to absoluetely rule his fellow man; and the same career arc. The only REAL difference is WHERE it’s happening. Everything else is just redecoration.

          What makes this sad is that we’ve seen this play before, but nevertheless seem fated to have to sit through it to the end again. And we know what that end is. Unfortunately, too many of our countrymen are too blinded by their own wants and their own prejudices to see it as well. Just as every previous dicatator was able to count on.

          George Santayana once said those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Unfortunately, those of us who DO remember history are doomed to repeat it as well, by those who do not.

          1. cinco,
            I agree in general with what you said. The militarization of LE makes cozy relationships with the legions unnecessary in some cases (Diem lost the military and got tossed, Allende never had the military, etc).
            However, I will say this: I’m as Army as the come – I began in the Infantry. I’m a Jumpmaster. I spent 13 years active duty and several years contracting. My oldest Son was Army. This Duty, Honor Country idea is rarely believed at the top; once you get your star and flag and leather belt you become a Corporate Man. Hackworth was right 40 years ago and he’d be absolutely unsurprised how little has changed. Plus, you throw a post-war drawdown (like the early ’90’s)on the honorable military culture and you’ll see the very worst come out in your comrades.
            Since almost the very beginning, a lot of it’s been sheer baloney to keep the troops and their families and by extension American civilization motivated for war.
            I loved the units I was in because of the people. I have no love for the Army

          2. (and if any of you New Yorkers happen to see Shia Labeouf strolling around Manhattan in his wardrobe department Army ACUs and desert boots with an SF beard along with his tiny biceps and turkey neck, please boo at him and tell him he sucks on behalf of everyone in the SOF community)

  2. I watched a live video feed from Benghazi for hours. I watched as the building burned and the crowds danced in glee. I knew, way out here in the desert of Arizona, what happened in Benghazi and our best military minds and electronic doo-dads didn’t know what I did?

    They’re all lying, CYA with adult nappies, and the truth be damned.
    The CiC, the POTUS told his people (supposedly) to do what they think best. They didn’t know what that order meant, there was no guidance from the CIA or the State department, so no one had the courage to put themselves on the line to do what wasn’t “best” but the right thing.
    Liars, cowardly liars.

    1. Amen, srdem. They think we are so stupid out here in the hinterland. Sarah Palin was right when she told Greta “…200-plus years of honorable military ethos was thrown out the window when we left our own to be slaughtered by Muslims…”

    2. This is NOT a “phony scandal”. It’s a very real scandal — just like Fast and Furious, IRS and AP. The bigger scandal is Obama’s insistence on covering up or distorting the truth. With his mantra of “punish our enemies”, POTUS needs to figure ou who the enemy really is. (Or, sadly, maybe he already has).

      For a change, let us peons parse Obama’s words.

      This isn’t about phony scandals.

      It’s about shining fake lights on the distraction details and away from the pertinent details. It’s about Obama’s PHONY’S CANDLES.

    3. So that’s what happened! No one actually ordered a stand down but no one gave a go light either? In that case, I would say Mr. Obama is guilty of dereliction of duty. A CIC doesn’t just throw a thought out there for someone to pick up or not.

  3. My hat is off to Agent Ubben. I sincerely hope he doesn’t have any untoward “accidents” before testifying to Congress in the fall.

    1. Agent Ubben’s mental pain has to be as great as his physical pain. Maybe that is why we haven’t heard from him. I am sure he has severe PTSD. God Bless him, God Bless America and save us from the corrupt cowards in power.

    1. There were real.
      The man was tortured to death, he was an open homosexual…….I have seen snippets/summaries of the medical report……yes what you are imagining is true, that’s how he died.

        1. Oh zip it, Star. Everyone should know every bloody detail and nothing swept under the rug. If that story about him is true or untrue, we can imagine what the dirty dogs did to him. I want to know to sustain my anger. I don’t want to be fed some line on how they overdosed him with sleeping pills.

    2. I’ve survived riots in Tegucigalpa, Seoul, Port-Au-Prince, Cap Haiten (I got my shit clocked with a piece of pavement there and bled like a pig), Baghdad and Kabul. Ambushes and IEDs take a distant back seat to being ripped apart by a mob.
      That really is the Greatest Fear I brought back.
      I had Zombie nightmares and actual Zombie hallucinations for years as a direct result of those events.
      I surely can imagine it and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
      Like I said – it’s a Travesty.

      1. (although I was plenty unnerved by IED; you just couldn’t shoot back. You couldn’t make a difference in your own survival. You’d be driving along and suddenly wake up in a beautiful, Golden New Place. I’ve been back almost 10 years and will still swerve and take great measures to avoid any type of road debris and I’ll off-set approaching any abandoned car. Eh, whaddya gonna do?)

    3. @MikeLester;
      Had those photos been published, the public would have been outraged enough to force retaliation against those responsible.
      I, too, cannot unsee what the photos show being done to him.

  4. Help was one hour away by air……..obama and hillary watched the fire fight and did nothing.
    They might as well have pulled the trigger themselves to kill these men.

  5. Panetta, Dempsey and Ham are liars. According to the Herridge report they all acknowledged that they knew within HOURS that it was a terrorist attack. They knew within minutes – not hours! The cover-up continues.

  6. These 20 hours are the result of Presidential abdication of authority. Because we are not courageous there will be no meaningful call for impeachment. But this CIC should be relieved of command.

    1. We are courageous grace.
      The problem is congress is not.
      They are afraid of Obama, but not of US.
      Our voices are ignored on capital hill, even when we send e-mail messages to them and flood the phones with our opinions.
      Threats to vote them out of office fall on deaf ears, because they have the machine in place that can cement their re-election.
      Until we can demonstrate the upper hand in the election process, they will maintain the power that they wield over US.

      1. We have to turn out in force in the primaries. I am an independent, but I will assist conservative challengers financially as much as I can.

      2. I agree. But there is something in me that says we should be able to do more to get them to do more. And if not more, then just to stand up. If not for the party, then at least for the country. And if not for the country , then at least for David Ubben’s 20 hours on that roof when he surely thought he was abandoned.

        Crickets from McCain. Crickets from Grahamesty. And this is how Petraeus ended his career.

  7. I wanted to post something articulate, a well worded thought about those that are responsible for this entire travesty.
    But all I can think of is dirty rotten bastards.

    1. He actually wasn’t in Vegas on the night of 9/11/12. He was safe and snug in the White House, with the Oval Office and Situation Room just steps away from the family residence…yet he did nothing. The butchery was over by the time he left for Vegas, right after the Rose Garden “speech” on 9/12/12. So, while these brave patriots fought for their lives for 20 hours, we still don’t know where their commander-in-chief was or what he was doing. If he can’t come clean to the American people and explain his whereabouts on the night of 9/11/12, he should drummed out of office for dereliction of duty. And shame on all those in the Defense and State Department who are covering for this shallow, vain little man. Don’t know how they can live with themselves.

  8. Catherine Herridge has been very good on Benghazi. Recently, a Congressman tried to visit David Ubben in the hospital but was turned away. At the same time the State Department said that it was not keeping anyone from seeing him. Go figure.

          1. Right.
            Implying only.
            May no harm come to Catherine Herridge.
            Sorry. I’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated to cook-up the top five worst-case scenarios and work downward.
            Still unwinding that a little…

          2. I was also drawing a comparison with another journalist who died recently but I’d rather not explore that at the moment. That one scares me a little.

  9. It takes my breath away to think of these men waiting…waiting for THEIR country to help them. Nothing from POTUS, nothing from HRC. All of this inaction and HRC asks what difference does it make? POTUS can’t be found. The phone rang and NEITHER OF THEM helped these men. And POTUS and HRC are allowed to get off Scott-free with no accountability. The citizens of this country deserve more than this as do the families of the victims of that terrible night.

  10. First, Thank You for everyone who has served our country. I can only imagine the frustration that the soldiers, sailors and airmen in their Commander in Chief. The one thing that the current administration should have adopted from the Bush Administration is respect for the people going into Harms Way. I remember how Bush 41 hand wrote to each soldier who died in Desert Storm. All this administration did was lie directly to these family of the four men who died in Benghazi.

    By the way, where are the ACLU lawyers helping the guy who they blamed Benghazi on for making a film in which this crowd rioted the consulate. When did rioters stated carrying Mortar Rounds???

    What makes it worse is in 11 months, Congress can’t organize a true investigation. The media (with the exception of Fox) won’t honestly report this tragedy. Can Fox bring Sam Donaldson out of retirement to yell out, “Mr President, Where were you for 12 hours while 4 Americans were slaughtered in Benghazi???”

  11. I often wonder how Obama and Hillary can live with themselves or even sleep at night knowing full well that it was because of what they didn’t do destroy the lives of those 4 men and their families who have to deal with their losses.

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