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Obama to Taxpayers: Fund My Jobs Proposals

President Obama today plans to effectively demand that taxpayers fund his jobs plans, saying tax increases that might be used to offset tax cuts long coveted by business should be rolled into financing his agenda instead of keeping things deficit-neutral.

Speaking in Chattanooga, Tennessee on the latest stop in his soak-the-rich speaking tour, Obama will propose a scheme that is effectively a new spending outlay, since the deficit would rise.

From a piece in today’s Wall Street Journal:

Hoping to break an impasse, President Barack Obama today will extend a new offer to congressional Republicans in which he would back an overhaul of the corporate tax system in exchange for a guarantee that a resulting one-time windfall be used to underwrite various job creation proposals . . .

“As part of his efforts to focus Washington on the middle class, today in Tennessee the president will call on Washington to work on a grand bargain focused on middle class jobs by pairing reform of the business tax code with a significant investment in middle class jobs,” said Dan Pfeiffer, senior adviser to the president.

Republicans want to use any tax revenues that come in to offset the breaks given to business, holding harmless the deficit instead of creating new debt-financed social spending.

Tax neutrality is the cornerstone of “tax reform,” a concept long pushed by both Democrats and Republicans under which the code is made more efficient in a revenue-neutral way. But Obama and Congressional Democrats are trying to change the formula to make reform a net tax increase.

41 thoughts on “Obama to Taxpayers: Fund My Jobs Proposals”

  1. I guess he will have more “shovel ready ” work for all those unemployed that turned out “were not as shovel ready as we thought” said to laughter and chuckles.

  2. Is this Obama-speak for “pay the unions” ?

    As I was glazing over the fast food walkouts coverage, it was all SEIU’s signs and demands. It just creeped me out because SEIU could care less about the workers, only that unionizing them would bring more $$$ into their coffers.

    1. “pay the unions”? yes. IMO, his plan is to save union jobs, not create new and wonderful employment for the “middle class”.
      The first beneficiary of this bargain will be his pal, the beleagured Mayor of Chicago, who can pay off the unionized school teachers who are unhappy.

  3. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. The same policy that failed us in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 reappears for an encore.

    What we need is leadership. Unfortunately, there is no hope of that until 2017.

    1. Yes indeed Owen, more of the same. Central planning, taxes, taxfunded jobs, spending, debts, how much more before it all crumbles ? The golden geese ( the profitable companies ) can not continue to lay eggs forever.

  4. From his bong filled days in hawaii to his late nite dope smokin’ marxist meeting rooms at harvard,mr ovomit is obsessed with living off other’s $$ to fullfill his perverted dreams.. he is a train wreck of a president possessing an ego like none before him..( I’ll probably be informed of an i.r.s. audit for writing this)

    1. Maybe your boss will pay you $1,000 per day to fly around the country and make speeches, too? (Oh, yes, plus $1 million or so in ancillary expenses plus enough funding AFTER you leave your job to run a small city).

      If this guy actually believed in what he spouts, wouldn’t he donate half his salary and half his net worth to the cause. Hasn’t he already “made enough”? (He’s already pretty much guaranteed to bring in around $100 Million after he leaves the White House. He certainly doesn’t need the public’s money. (Then again, as noted elsewhere, HIllary spent four years begging the public to pay off her 2008 campaign debts, debts she could have paid off with a personal check). Maybe Barack is learning from Mrs. Mr. Bill.

  5. They never met a dollar they didn’t want to spend. And if they actually gave the money back to the corporations, THEY could produce some jobs. What ever happened to his jobs council? Did he dismiss them because they wouldn’t raise taxes on themselves?

  6. How about taking money from tax increases to buy some new speeches and proposals? How come there are no economists coming up with idea?

  7. If it’s such a grand middle class bargain, why are Gov. Haslem and Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander suddenly finding themselves unavailable to meet and greet the Prez?

    All of this just days before Obama takes on for his multi-million $$$ vacay on MV and his photo-op trip to the ‘Bunch of Grapes’ bookstore on the Island. Maybe they should put a sign on the front door: “Gone fishing”. Sorta reminds me of the film ‘You’ve Got Mail’.

      1. It’s always entertaining to watch the RINOS twist and turn. They must be unaware that we are keeping a list…and checking it twice. November 2014 can’t come too soon.

        1. Yes, Lamar is up for a vote. I don’t know about Corker. I’m an unaffiliated voter, but I intend to donate to conservatives who challenge the RINOs in the primaries.

        2. You are so so right !
          I think that they know we are watching them, but the polls are so corrupt and their cronies are so entrenched that they really don’t worry too much about it.
          I would like to see Boehner go, but the possibilities of that happening are sparse.
          I think it was Stalin that said that it doesn’t matter how many people vote, what matters is the people that count the votes.
          We saw that in the last election.
          Voter fraud was rampant, and until we can fix that, the progressives will own the Country.

          1. There are some groups trying to pry Boehner’s grip on the Republican caucus loose, by any means necessary. Even if it means voting a Democrat to his seat. He is only one of 435 in the House, so the loss of his seat to a Democrat would hardly make a wave. A win, win solution in my opinion…

          2. I would like to see a strong Tea Party Conservative challenge him in the next race.
            I live in Ohio and Boehner comes from the Cincinnati area.
            I cannot vote for or against him.
            Progressives are rampant down there.
            2014 will be a clarion call for US.
            If we can’t accomplish the first steps to restore this Country then, we will be in dire straits.

  8. Greta VanSusteran is having Rush on tonight for the full hour. It should be interesting to hear what he has to say. I don’t get a chance to listen to him very often on his radio program so I will be watching tonight.

  9. Guess that massive “investment” (aka tax increase) he got the RINOs to fall for in January wasn’t enough. It’s never enough for these radical statists. They will stay on the long march until we taxpayers don’t have a dime left in our pockets. It’s not about Obama, or Republicans, or Democrats, it’s about Washington, D.C. versus We The People. Time to shift the paradigm and return the power back to the people – vote them all out in 2014.

        1. There isn’t anyone on this site, as a regular, who has or does call the President or his wife those things.

          If those types of insults are used it is when any of Keith’s stories are picked up by other sources. We cannot control what others think and say, but we are a decent group here. If you spent any time here, you would know that.

          True enough, we don’t approve of the President’s policies, decisions, attitudes, etc. However, that is not enough to provoke us to the type denigration you just described.

        2. Gail,

          Since your the one making these ridiculous claims its up to you to back it up. Please provide evidence of someone on this site saying such things. Since you won’t be able to do that please go back to your miserable pathetic life and stop trying to drag people down in the sewer with you.

          1. Yes–this site is a little different or so I like to think…we try to bring up ideas, substantive facts, evidence, humor–and not tired disgusting names and profanity that seem to titillate some but add nothing to the dialogue. Yes–when people show up referred from other sites, the discourse sometimes coarsens.

          2. Unfortunately, as much as I like Drudge, when Keith’s articles are linked to it we get much more “varied” participation. She may be able to find examples of it (not that she’ll bother coming back), but it won’t be amongst the regulars.

  10. Does he really have to fly over to Tennessee to try and wring more money out of taxpayers to support his mess. Yeah he’s flying down to Amazon where they mail out stuff. Why can’t he talk from the White House?

  11. Excerpt POTUS Remarks Grambling University 23 Jul 13: “…and I wanna tell you a story…a story like Trayvon’s here. A story about an early mornin’…April Four…(light applause)…shot rings out in the Memphis sky. Free at last! (heavy applause) Y’know…they took your life but they could not take your pride! (crowd rising). In the name of love! What more in the name of love?”
    (sweeping ovation)

    (Not a real quote or representation of an actual event. The Irony expressed is not necessarily that of the poster)
    (copyright Paul Hewson)

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