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Obama Gets His Feet Off the Desk!

Remember we had a problem? President Obama was putting his feet up on everything, chewing gum, dressing casually, and generally behaving like the Oval Office WAS A COLLEGE DORMITORY ROOM?

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 5.48.44 PM

Well, judging by some recent photos it appears the president is actually trying to at least not put his feet on every available varnished surface. He’s still chomping the Nicorette and occasionally dressing like a teenager, but the feet ARE OFF THE HISTORIC RESOLUTE DESK.

You know, the one John John used to play in. It was lovingly crafted from the timbers of the British Frigate HMS Resolute and given as a gift to the United States by Queen Victoria in 1856.

Just look at this!

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 5.45.55 PM

And this!

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 5.43.06 PM

And this!

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 5.43.56 PM

Well, okay, not everything’s off the desk.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 5.41.16 PM

But still, we’re making progress here!

37 Responses to Obama Gets His Feet Off the Desk!

      • Philby’s treason and defection drove James Angleton insane. Now, granted, that was a pretty short trip but his betrayal had an extreme emotional impact on Angleton. Philby was one of the 3.5 people he ever trusted and he told him things. Angleton’s resultant paranoia crippled CIA Counterintelligence for 20 years.
        His prolific Liaison Contact Reports generated from meetings with Philby were locked in Angleton’s personal safe and never analyzed until the time of his death.

          • By all accounts he did.
            No matter what their rationale and excuses or who they worked for, men such as Philby and his ring and Hansen and Aimes and now Snowden and Manning all betrayed a trust – a very significant trust. So no matter who takes them in, they are all known as Traitors first.
            The rest is just Sad Story.

          • Yeah, I’ll go along with that. Intent is the issue. However, by virtue of his training, he was full aware that his compromise would cause a lot of damage. He couldn’t have know just how bad – but he damned sure knew it would be harmful. I bet the Damage Assessment is ongoing. So yeah, regardless of what the good Judge says, he betrayed his Country.
            He’s still looking at 128 very lonely years.

  1. Methinks someone told him that the little people were getting restless with his abuse of their furniture.
    MrsO should note that the little people don’t like their iconic rooms used as exercise gyms, either.

  2. Gale might be more appropriate, as in gust of wind. Please take your invective elsewhere. Detroit has a shortage of same, as in winds of change. It’s city council voted to ask DoJ to take action in the Trayvon Martin matter. Perhaps you could suggest its astute members concern themselves with proper arrangement of deck chairs.
    What HRC does to his or her posterior of the candidate in 2016 may begin with a ‘k,’ but ‘ick’ is more likely to what she will think than what you dream.

  3. It’s well and proper he should keep his feet (and ‘his other face’, when he can learn how to) off The Desk. Crossing his legs like that IS preferable – so we can hope he develops blood clots which will ‘travel to the right places’.

  4. These photos are the official photos taken by the WH photographer. Is the WH trying to portray Obama as someone hip and cool in order to impress the younger crowd? I see a guy who does not take his job seriously and who is lazy.

  5. I love those pictures. They remind me of Hitler’s private moments at Berchtesgarden. All Obama needs is a german shepard running around and line of little white kids to patronize before they are sent to “camp.”

  6. Obama has no respect for the white house, I have watched him being disrespectful from day one, It is pathetic that a president would do this