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Still No WH Tours, but Parade of Special Visitors Continues

The White House continues to bar average Americans from touring “The People House” but nevertheless lavishes spending on all sorts of special invitees – from diners at last week’s Iftar dinner breaking the Muslim fast to sports teams and foreign diplomats.

Obama basketball 2Soon after the outcry over the cancellation of tours due to the sequester, the White House promised to see what could be done to allow some visits to resume. But nothing was done and no one can visit – unless President Obama finds you useful or amusing.

Favored guest have poured in this month, even though Obama was traveling in Africa for part of it.

Last week’s glittering Iftar dinner featured about 130 guests treated to remarks by Obama and bread breaking with senior aide Valerie Jarrett and National Security advisor Susan Rice.

Obama held a mass reception for the entire diplomatic corps July 19. He hosted the  2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion Louisville Cardinals July 23 and will gather with the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants today.

He even found room in the White House for a team that hasn’t won a game in 50 years – the 1963 Loyola University of Chicago Ramblers championship basketball team.

Meanwhile, he had some old buddies in for a July Fourth celebration. And Michelle staged a “Kids’ State Dinner” with dozens of children and their parents to promote her healthy eating initiative.

June’s events included a raucous celebration of LGBT Pride Month, a special movie screening in the White House theater, and visits by the WNBA Champion Indiana Fever and Super Bowl winning Baltimore Ravens and Division III Women’s Basketball Champion DePauw University Tigers.

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279 thoughts on “Still No WH Tours, but Parade of Special Visitors Continues”

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  1. Y’know, it’s time you change the honorific:
    “…unless Lord Obama finds you useful or amusing” sounds more real than “…unless President Obama finds you useful or amusing”.

      1. There’s an illegal war taking place. Alphabet soup agencies staged a Coup and have taken control of the media. Do you believe that this is merely a coincidence;

        Biden (Bi)n La(den)

        About as coincidental as Obama catching Osama 3 days after releasing his birth certificate. Did you know Obama shares a birthday and a Nobel Peace Prize with Yasser Arafat the founder of modern day terrorism? No one is exactly sure where Yasser was born either. Must be another coincidence…

        Everything we’ve been told about Obama, Osama, and 9/11 is a manufactured lie. Osama Bin Laden isn’t so much a person as it is an organization of corrupt politicians and wealthy elitists, a shadow government. This shadow government wants to create a socialist system where they hold all the cards. To complete their objective they first need to destroy capitalism (something the trade towers symbolized) by bankrupting the nation. Learn the truth about the illegal war, the Coup, the media blackouts, and mock elections by searching Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret.

          1. The Cloward and Piven a federal plan is a solution to poverty that would override local welfare failures, local class and racial conflicts and local revenue shortfalls. The bottom line of the plan is to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income. In Cloward and Piven’s plan politicians create a crisis in the current welfare system, where the regulations (oversight) fail because so many liberals inform the poor of their “rights” to welfare assistance and encourage them to apply for benefits and drain the system of money. Then, whichever Socialist is in office at the time can seek to develop a national income system.

          2. A solution to poverty? ROFLMFAO.

            That’s the spin you guys are putting on the Cloward-Piven Strategy?

            Folks. Cloward and Piven were Marxists. They hated America, but figured out that no one could take down the country militarily, so they came up with a way to bankrupt the country so it could be rebuild as a Marxist/Socialist country.

            There will be NO MORE rewriting of history by liberals. Everyone please put all your efforts into exposing such jask-assery.

        1. Come on now, America voted twice to put in this dope smoking cocain sniffing black man into office… How can anyone deny his right to a high end lifestyle at the expense off future generations. Obama is a perfect metaphor for what is wrong with the District of Criminals.

        2. Fake birth certificate, fake social security number. Nobody knows for sure, except the Kenya president who said he was born there for sure.

  2. Keith Koffler, you’d be criticizing him if he DIDN’T invite anyone to the White House. And Gee, why mention Muslims FIRST?

    This isn’t journalism. You are full of hate. You try to dig up ridiculous things because there is so little to criticize, just like the birthers do.

    1. Rosemary, Rosemary, Rosemary
      You started off well and finished so weakly.

      “because there is so little to criticize”…..<——–that right there blew it for you.


      1. Oh Rosemary, after a few more ice cream seasons perhaps you will begin to understand how the REAL world operates beyond what your liberal teachers & peers are ranting about. There is an ongoing struggle for control over your mind and as of now you are on the losing end of knowing the truth..
        Listen to 30 days of Glen Beck, Iaura Ingraham & Rush with an “open mind”….
        May the conservative force be with you.

    2. so little to criticize? What planet are you living on. How many times a day do you bow down and worship the picture you have hanging prominently in your home.

      This president is a too many ways to enumerate.

    3. Actually, Keith mentioned Average Americans first. You must be part of the administration since you skipped right over Average Americans to run and defend Muslims from the possibility of being criticized.

      If the President would stop using AF1 for one week there would be enough money to pay for the Secret Service agents to allow the tours to be started again. What am I talking about ? If FLOTUS would stop following the Beyonce tour there would be enough money.

      1. Money has nothing to do with it. The reason we no longer have White House tours is so that Moo-chelle no longer has to deal with the riff raff.

        We exceeded the debt ceiling over two months ago, yet spending continues. The regime just gave away half a billion dollars to the Palestinians, so I think they have enough to afford some volunteer tour guides.

    4. We mention Muslims first because we are just a bunch of paranoid infidels, I guess. Silly Americans really believe all those anti-US demonstrations were real, and meant something.

      -wake up, bro. We’re not criticizing the man, we’re ringing a bell, riding a horse and screaming at the top of our lungs “The Muslims Are Coming! the Muslims Are Coming!”

    5. RPep — You are the hater. Your comments are silly.

      “And Gee, why mention Muslims FIRST?”

      Like so many liberals you over analyze — if you have to dig this hard to discover hate, then you haven’t really found hate.

      I suspect the hate is all in your head.

    6. Shut it down you idiot. He reported this story because its shameful that he gets to choose who gets to visit the White House. When was the last time you heard about any Jewish groups visiting the WH yet there are Muslims constantly visiting. Just stop posting your asinine comments

        1. So just read this article & see how many “sports” groups he invites there. And I’ve read this over & over for the last 4 & 1/2 yrs.

          Maybe a “great” leader would invite some truly learned people, some classical musicians like Jackie Kennedy did with Pablo Cassals, some great spiritual leaders, i.e. Billy Graham, or the Dahli Lama, or ANYTHING besides pop music icons, mediocre celebs.,or sports teams.

          There’s no sense of “striving” in this administration ANYWHERE!.

    7. Actually what the author mentioned first is the fact the White House is still closed to American citizens who wish to tour a house that belongs to them. Why is that?

    8. Um, seems very relevant to me. Our Dear Leader has shown that he has the ability to fund events of his choosing, so how many White House tours for our children could he have funded with his Muslim dinner?

    9. “there is so little to criticize”


      You can’t make this stuff up!!!

      How about that lengthy list of impeachable offenses?

    10. RP, Keith knows that all heads of state are expected to hold formal state functions. In the case of the Obamas, the issue is the hypocrisy of spending lavishly for their own entertainment as well as official events while denying the American people access to their White House. And Keith is not “full of hate”. He has had positive things to say about the Obamas, in case you’ve forgotten.

    11. How do you know he would be critical of not inviting visitors? Are you psychic? The Muslim thing was because that was a very recent large event. People tend to think chronologically, either starting with the recent and moving backwards or starting long ago and moving to the recent.

      By the way, how is mentioning a large event with lots of visitors in an article about the number of visitors to the White House “full of hate”? Are you saying the mere mention of a group constitutes hate? You sound quite hateful yourself. Perhaps you should be a little more tolerant of people who are different from you.

    12. RP – do you ever use your little liberal Obama worshipping brain for any other purpose than to just hold your ears apart?

      NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

    13. Rosemary, you obviously kneel at Obama’s feet and kiss his “infamous” ring. “ little to criticize”???? Benghazi, IRS, ObamaCare(TAX), DOJ, DOE, HHS, NSA…any of those ring a bell? Not a problem that we have more people out of work now than ever in our history? Not a problem that he “pivoted” for the 19th time to “focus on the economy”…and NOTHING has changed in the 5 years of his bungling. It is not a problem that companies are cutting employees hours because of ObamaCare(TAX), or putting more people out of work by doing everything he can to put coal companies out of business? You are DEFINITELY a Low Information Voter who evidently has little respect for our Constitution.

    14. Little to criticize ? Come on, this guy you voted for is over the top, he is so outrageous and brash, never in the history of this nation have we had a man in office that is so anti-American & foreign to us it seems like DC turned into Jakarta and to the rest of the nation there is no leadership, no resolve & no direction.
      Answer why this President has all his records sealed from the public, his school records, his health records, he has had 22 different SS numbers and now we found out in 2008 he is registered to vote in DC under the name of Barry Soetoro, not Barack Obama, so who is this guy ? If he is Barack Obama why is he registered to vote as Barry Soetoro, & don’t give us this, “Oh , your full of hate crap, answer the question.!”

    15. So little to criticize? I assume you are so well set financially, a good, guaranteed joke, oops I meant job, kids through college or a large trust set up for them, house paid off, medical costs negligible to see what is so wrong with our country today.

      Hell, for that matter, I’m in that category & I’m worried sick for the country I so much love. (Except I’m retired from the rat race)

      Maybe I’m just too old to believe that “the people’s house” should be “for the people” before the elite.

  3. Disgraceful, nauseating behavior by a so-called president. @Sol–are you serious? Attack the messenger? Keith is reporting FACTS. Instead of attacking Keith, how about YOU consider the facts. Let them seep into your tiny toilet-bowl-nugget-of-a-brain.

          1. This is WHY Drudge does not have a comment section–the many kind of weak and pointless comments. Well, don’t bring them over there unless you have a funny comment, a link, something new… We are not the dump.

          2. You’re kind of a hypocrite. All your posts seem weak and pointless to me. Who are you to say where the discussion should go? It seems like you want to suppress the opinions of people who frequent this site. I’ll keep posting till someone tells me to stop, thank you very much. Who made you the arbiter of what is and isn’t pointless? You’re the only one “dumping”.

          3. I am not trying to shut you down–but I will push back against mindless drivel–by all means keep posting with your profanity and personal condemnaiton of people you don’t know. It’s OK. Sometimes I miss some because I have to work.

        1. What are you on about? How does an honest discussion about the disrespectful actions of the man living in our White House “bring down” this site? Did you not read the article? Jose wasn’t “trashing” someone from Drudge, he posted in the wrong spot. Duh…

    1. All right Jose2a (I think I know your brother Josb) now send me a check for a new key board, your “toilet-bowl-nugget-of-a- brain” made me spew coffee all over my old one.
      May I use that in future?

  4. What happened to Mr. Open Administration? Oh wait, that’s right. When it fits into his agenda, then his promises will be upheld. Until that time, he will continue to screw the people of America day by day until his last term is done (which cannot come to soon!).

  5. Surpeise!

    He wants the American people hurt. He can then come to the rescue and the know-nothing public and his adoring fans will applaud him as the savior, even though he caused the problem.

    The stereotypical politician.

  6. More transparency and special privilege. Love socialism!

    But seriously. I suspect it’s an excuse and cover while construction is going on. They need most people out to hide the secret tunnel, the hidden compartments – whatever, they need to install.

    Or they are that stupid. The American people sure are. Look at what they let him get away with.

  7. When Obama celebratedHannukah at the white House with 600 Jewish leaders I’m sure you, as a Jew, were just as outraged and rushed to report all about the waste of tax payer money.

    1. The outrage is directed at stopping the White House tours due to another one of his “the sky is falling” fables. The White House is the “people’s house” and the President happens to take up temporary residence. With this President, he parades his choice people through but it’s closed to the real owners.

      If he is going to claim that the tours to the White House cannot be held due to diminishing funds, it seems pretty hypocritical when he can spend those diminishing funds for select peoples in the White House.

    2. I for one don’t want anyone eating at the WH. Need a state dinner? There are any number of fine dining restaurants in DC. Obama is a rich bitch now that he has raided the coffers. He and the first heffer can pay for it.

    3. We are a Judeo-Christian nation, not a muslim nation. Our forefathers were aware of the danger Islam posed to the west. They were not afraid of some spittle-spraying lunatic America-hater getting them fired from their job, or protesting outside their home.
      Oh, and f__k ramadan!
      That is all!

    4. How many Jewish soldiers in America have slaughtered fellow soldiers? How many reporters have Jews beheaded? How many Jews have flown planes into buildings? How many Jews routinely call for the destruction of this nation? How many Jews have shot six women at a Muslim center in Seattle? How many Jews have bombed a marathon? How many Jews have tried to blow up a car in Times Square?

      1. No the Jews just do it to the Palestinians and hit the USA up for money to do it with. Oh and they want the US to go to destroy Iran and Syria for them also.

        1. Who are the “Palestinians”? Do you mean “Jordyptians”?

          Yes, we give aid to Israel’s military, as we do to Egypt.

          As far as your allegation that the Israelis want us to destroy Syria, I doubt the Israelis are thrilled about us helping install another jihadi government. As to Iran, the Israelis want us to get the heck out of the way when they decide enough is enough from a religious megalomaniac who’s willing to bring on his own nation’s destruction in order to nuke them and Saudi Arabia.

          But, you didn’t address the questions about how many Jews attack our citizens.Instead, you whip out the typical anti-semitical allegation that the USA is actually a ZOG. Expected and tiresome.

        2. One more thing: are you actually saying Israelis send splodey-dopes into the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, that the Israelis routinely target civilians?

        3. A lot of “Palestinians” are killed by other “Palestinians,” and they hide behind children and put their rocket-launchers in schools and hospitals because they want collateral damage that they can blame on the Jews they are trying to drive completely out of the ancient Jewish homeland.

          “Palestinians” feed on a diet of vicious hate from infancy. “Palestinian” mothers want nothing more than for their children to blow themselves up while blowing up other people’s children.

          “Palestinians” receive top-drawer, life-saving care at Israeli hospitals and then return to blow up the doctors and nurses simply because they are Jews.

          Jews do not kill people because they “insulted” Judaism or its prophets or its holy scriptures. Muslims are always killing people for “insulting” Islam or Muhammad or the Koran, or for deciding they don’t wish to be Muslim.

  8. The least qualified, most anti-constitutional, most divisive, most arrogant, most hypocritical, least moral fiber, most questionable associates, willing to lie without remorse, genuinely hates the American system that built America and the Founding Fathers vision, has an agenda to dismantle our system of rewarding success for equal distribution of hard working successful peoples earnings to all whether deserved or not to garner a voter base, seeks to keep minorities bound by the chains of government dependency to retain a voter base, would welcome an Egypt like revolution among Americans so he could declare a national emergency and martial law in an attempt to secure his position as a dictator, uses the race card as a way to keep Americans from uniting against his failed policies which have done enormous damage to the poor blacks who he takes advantage of yet depends on their support etc. etc. etc……..

  9. Closing down the WhiteHouse tours was a little mean vindictive action meant to generate outrage against the Repubs for actually voting to uphold a plan the President suggested.
    That petty temper tantrum that would prevent school children from visiting our iconic building can be reversed, but the releasing of thousands of illegal aliens for the same reason was dangerous to the public’s safety and can’t be undone.

      1. Must be at that age where cussing is a rush because you’re not supposed to do it. My question is how a 7 year old managed to get on mom and dad’s computer and log onto this site. Fascinating.

  10. Where is the Main Stream media on this story. They should be ashamed of themselves. This administration is a disgrace…..

    1. Don’t get your hopes up just yet. Owebama owns the NSA (spying on all Americans and prospective elected candidates). Owebama owns the DOJ (illegal investigations and charges against all Americans and prospective elected candidates). Owebama owns the IRS (the ability to target all Americans and prospective elected candidates with frivolous tax investigations). Owebama has a weak and none motivated opposition in Congress (No checks, no balances).

      With these institutions under Owebama’s heal, there is no stopping the liberal/communist takeover of America and I seriously doubt that 2016 will offer much hope. It might seem like it will (Owebama pretty much owns the media too). But it’ll all be smoke and mirrors.

      I anticipate that there will be some significant event (whether real or contrived) that’ll be a catalyst to allow owebama to declare Marshall law and suspend elections (DHS is Owebama’s civilian army he alluded to in 2008).

      Call me a cynic or a conspiracy theory nut… but look at what snowden revealed and what our government does.

      Our butts are in the sling and America refuses to acknowledge it or do anything about it. What a sad and pathetic end to s once great nation.

  11. To be fair around the time of the Obamas’ Grand Tour Afrique someone at the WH suggested a virtual tour would be available to those Americans no longer permitted inside. Don’t know whether the virtual tour is available for viewing.

    Kinda’ like pressing your nose against the window to look at all the things you can never have.

  12. Keith, why no article on Meesh-Antoinette’s “Kids State Dinner?” I have seen nothing about this except your reference. Would love to see some pictures and a description of Her Brilliance attempting to appear articulate.

      1. OMG! This may just be the most boring utube I’ve
        EVER seen. A dynamic speaker Michelle is NOT! One more “you guys,” or “the president, HE……….” & I was ready to hurl! Can’t believe she has 2 kids of her own; does she ever actually talk to them?

    1. I read something about the six or seven hours of miserable non-fun that some children had to suffer for the privilege of enjoying an hour of orchestrated photo-op “fun” for Lady M’s propaganda purposes. The “Kids’ State Dinner” is probably not much different.

  13. Birthers huh…. So you mean the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign cause that’s where it ALL started. But thanks for reminding us and do keep that fact in your mind as you line up to vote for the original birther….

      1. I didn’t know that being fed up with tyranny had anything to do with Charm School. It’s incredibly American to recognize the intrinsic evil within government and to constantly question whether that evil is starting to infringe upon the rights of the people of this republic. Why not offer something of substance instead of just insulting everyone single person who espouses a different opinion from your own? You may learn something.

        1. Star, others and I sometimes post things about charm school and Dale Carnegie when we see such posts.

          Teflonron didn’t post an opinion; he or she posted ill-disguised vulgarity. Unlike Star, I don’t mind the occasional vulgar word, but I still make comments similar to hers when I see fit.

          In other words, lighten up, Francis.

  14. Someone has got to stop this Dicktator. This is not his money!!!!!!!! 100 million dollor vacation to Africa. The man is a Socialist Traitor. Impeach OBONGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Where was everyone indeed!

        People surely were not doing their own vetting. They listened to his disingenuous promises, media misrepresentations, celebrity endorsements and peer influences.

        However, his reelection might just be what we need. By November of 2016, the sleeping giant – everyone except the career freeloaders – might be rip-roaring mad, even liberals who will never admit it.

  15. Of course the President doesn’t want average Americans in his house. He hates them. Frankly, the Obamas are the worst President/First Lady ever. Need proof, look around you. Where is a recovered Detroit?
    Where are the jobs promised if we just spend billions on Green Energy? Where?
    He’s a liar, and only the most ignorant people in America have voted for him. The sad part is that there are so many ignorant asses in this country these days.

  16. If we actually needed any more proof that O is deliberately trying to tear down what made America great once, this is it. Muslims are welcome at the White House and feted at great expense, while tax-paying American Christians cannot tour the house which they own and which their taxes support. Apparently O regards the backbone of American society as nothing more than a cash cow to be over-taxed and ignored. This is disgraceful.

    1. No, actually Michelle likes it because she can walk around in her fluffy slippers with geri-curl in her hair gnawing on a chicken leg….

  17. It’s all about priorities with Obama and now that he got re-elected, the public isn’t his priority anymore.

    Rubbing elbows with celebrities and having lavish dinners (paid for by the taxpayers) are his priorities now. He’s gotta grab all he can in the time he has left.

  18. Our Father of Transparency, what a man!

    No other human could find time for these events and still juggle continuous sales pitches for the 21st century Edsel – Obamacare – and the “no illegal left behind” agenda.

  19. As Marie Antoinette once said, “Let them eat cake.” And so it blatantly appears that the Owebama’s feel the same as Marie Antoinette did when she uttered those famous words. Hopefully, history will repeat itself.

    Morte ad tyrannos.

    1. Actually, Marie Antoinette never said “Let them eat cake”. This is perhaps one of the longest misattributed quotes in the history of mankind. She never said anything of the sort, of course unless she said it at the age of 10 when it was actually written in a book by Rousseau. The radical left has been lying about people since at least the French revolution. This justified the horrific treatment of Antoinette and her Princess Marie Louise, when the radical left mobs paraded through the streets with their female parts on pikes. Anyway, theres real history for you. Never confuse the revolution of liberty and the revolution of mobocracy in France.

  20. Is this the phony scandal the president has been blaming for his lack of an economic policy? I thought it was Solyndra payoffs to donors, Fast and Furious deaths of Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans, a coincidental attack on 9/11 in Benghazi that resulted in the death of an Ambassador Stevens and three others, the muzzling of Benghazi survivors, The IRS targeting Tea Party vs. Progressive groups equally at a rate of 98 to 2, the IRS exposing tax records of Republican donors to Progressive groups, NSA spying on everyone all the time while Boston bombers were able to kill three and maim hundreds, ignoring the hundreds of black men who could have been the president murdered in the streets of Chicago annually.
    The president says he’s outraged and deeply concerned and will appoint a commission to determine who is responsible, and can be blamed, for each and every phony scandal. He will get the Attorney General Eric Holder right on it and find that rogue agent at ATF or IRS or where ever that person may or may not be.
    Now the $100 million Africa trip could have paid for over twenty five years of White House Tours, but surely the fact that the citizens who pay for the White House are not worthy of viewing their house is a scandal.

    A president who refuses to allow citizens to tour the White House should be ridiculed and rebuked, and reminded the White House ain’t Buckingham Palace.

  21. This is a D student (Ask Columbia & Occidental why they won’t release his grades) who fancies himself as Mao. Why? Because he is a Muslim and a Marxist, just like his dad. He surrounded himself with pot and anarchists in school. Read up a bit. No good will come from this man.

  22. Of course he has time for a Muslim dinner. He seems to have a problem with conservative Christians but not radical Muslims. Ask Holder he can’t even say radical islam.

  23. What do you expect from a Nigerian-born Muslim? Certainly he doesn’t want unclean Christians or Jews tracking through the White House perhaps stepping on his prayer cloth.

  24. I had hoped someday to visit the WH as just a lowly citizen. Apparently, we no longer count as nothing more than fodder for a political stance. The man parties with the enemy, travels, plays golf, and when he has time campaigns for cash. There is no time left to look out for Americans. He is so obvious and those that support him in this farce have no credibility.

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  26. Kool-aid drinkers can come and kiss the ring. The rest of us are receiving the message that we can all kiss something else.

  27. Keith,
    The ‘Investigative Project on Terrorism’ website reported that on June 13, radical muslim Cleric Sheik Abdullah Bin Bayyah met with WH officials. He is just one of the America/Israel haters entertained by the bho WH since he was elected!

    Bin Bayyah is a leader of the International Union for Muslim Scholars. This past Dec’12, he praised ‘Hamas’ strategic victory…in…Gaza’ and he called for Israel’s destruction!

    The Islamic followers view every bho meeting with the enemies of Israel, America, non-muslim countries, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and anyone who calls for World domination, as a ‘victory’ for their insane cause! The qu’ran allows deception, out-right lying, and other tactics to gain strategic advantages over those they despise!

    The past five years that bho has celebrated Ramadan and has the SOS approve visas to avowed terrorists to step on American land and enter the White House (that belongs to the American citizens and to be ‘entertained’ at the tax-payers expense) is a SLAP in the face of every citizen, our military and to the families of those who have sacrificed and suffered losses for our ‘taken-for-granted’ Freedoms.

    It saddens me greatly that the LSMedia is not informing us about the dangers of bho’s behavior and policies. Very discouraging as well as disturbing. With so-called ‘Peace Talks” to begin with Israel – at a great disadvantage – without any apparent bho’ wh adm policy support, Americans should be very concerned about our National Security and our allies (?) in the World. jb

  28. Has anyone FOIA the NSA if they are collecting IP’s from visits to Drudge, Kofler or any other site critical of pres. I bet they are and and know who these these system/people are. Pres’s crones will probably use for nefarious purposes, not very farfetched, considering…

  29. The Obama’s have decided they don’t want to live in our house. So they found a way to close it to us, as they consider it theirs.

  30. What a difference a second term makes! For the first 4 years the ‘Hugger-in-Chief’ welcomed and embraced thousands of
    ‘underserved’ Af/Am children and their parents. “Welcome to My House’, she murmurred in their little ears. A WH tour was her version of a pilgrimage to Lourdes – the WH being the historic site of the First Black President where miracles were about to occur.

    The mask is off, Instead of miracles, we got the most corrupt, anti-Amercan govt. money can buy where a wall has been constructed around the People’s House and the Constitutional rights of every American are being dismantled piece by piece. Mr. Obama…tear down that wall! Now!

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