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Quote of the Day || July 29, 2013

“I think people need to look at my record. I mean, I was an active member of Congress. Indeed, one of the most visible members of all.”

– Anthony Weiner

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

22 Responses to Quote of the Day || July 29, 2013

  1. But seriously folks, this is where social media is leading us. Now, don’t be offended. I’m not saying we’re all Weiners. He’s in a (NO)class by himself, but really, why does anybody need to know what I’m doing all the time? That’s what facebook, twitter and , even to some extent, commenting on The White House Dossier is all about. A number of years ago I was in Walmart (yes, I shop at Walmart, but I wear my thong UNDER my clothing) when I overheard a woman speaking (yelling) on her cell phone. She said to the person on the other end “I was just calling to see if you got my e-mail”!! WHO CARES???? And worse yet,apparently lots of people do.

    Sorry about the rant but Weiner just brings out my dark side.

  2. Rick Santorum wore vests. Maybe Weiner should wear Members Only jackets – Their advertising tagline was “when you put it on, something happens.”

  3. My thoughtful analysis of the ongoing saga of the NewYork Weiner and the SanDiego hotdog;

    After watching the Mayor of San Diego and the no-longer-Congressman from NYC at their pressers, it occurs to me that homely looking men without personal charm must turn to positions of power to seduce women.

    MrWeiner, resembling a shell-less turtle, was only able to gain a bed-partner by means of a business agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood and MrsClinton, both of whom needed to situate Huma somewhere in the US political circle.
    Huma, with all the charm and physical attributes of the cartoon “Olive Oyl”, simply could not meet the physical needs of MrWeiner, hence his desperate search for nubile and willing 22 year old sluts to admire his penis and promise to jump on it as soon as he rents them a nice condo in Indiana.

    The Mayor of San Diego, a prisoner of his manly needs, tried to seduce women of all ages and failed. As a homely, charmless old man, he found instead of love and sex, an angry mob of feminists and lesbians who were willing to endure his batteries on their person until someone was brave enough to go “public”. The Mayor’s attempts at lovemaking that included chokeholds and slobbering on women’s faces that he claimed were leftover charms from another “generation” proved to be his downfall.
    The moral of these sad stories is that nobody really wants to kiss the frog.

    • I don´t understand the media obsession in this case. It´s so boring. However, I guess it´s fine if all the articles and comments keep this disgusting man from being a person with any influence because you are right there, srdem, homely men without charm ( and would I add, without moral fibre and with creepy leanings ) need power positions to seduce women. Smoke them out.

      • They would rather cover a couple of perverts than the truth.
        You know how boring those pesky ‘phony scandals’ are Benghazi!
        I have to say if I were the loved one of one of those four brave men and their sacrifice was swept under the rug and then mocked
        I would not have the class to keep my mouth shut.

      • It’s the giant, over the top (even for a politician) hypocrisy. played out every time Weiner opens his mouth, tries to explain himself, or struts around NYC trying to convince voters he’s really a responsible, dependable, very clever dude who has good judgement they can rely upon. That’s why folks are having fun with the story.

    • srdem…brilliant piece. I’ll be quoting all day to friends…..”shell-less turtle”, “Olive Oyl”. LOL. Can’t get the images out of my head now.