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Weiner Confronted by the Real Carlos Danger

I realize this not directly related to Obama, but I couldn’t resist.

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      1. Speaking of renaming, I understand His Weinerness refers to his- ummm- personal parts as “Little Anthony and The Imperials”!!

  1. Watched the video of students signing a petition to abort babies after birth. Besides being disappointed in the cognitive skills of these students, there was a funny moment when the interviewer got a signature from one dolt who worked with Planned Parenthood. After signing the petition, he told her to tell her friends at PP that Carlos Danger says “Hi”. That was only funny moment from that depressing video…

  2. I heard/ read somewhere that Huma raised a lot of money for Carlos from Hillary’s transition supporters and others. Some are disgruntled because apparently she knew of Carlos continuing dalliances at the time she was “soliciting” said funds.

    This campaign and Weiner winning are important to the Clintons. My little heart will just go all pitter patter if Weiner is forced to “withdraw”.

    Go Sydney Leathers!

        1. Yesterday I was wondering why she would continue to tolerate this nonsense, going so far to think that she has an agenda to pass intelligence to the Muslim Brotherhood. The jury’s still out on that thought.

      1. I agree. There is nothing innocent about this woman. They made a deal with the devil and the Clintons. They all deserve each other.

  3. I knew Huma as an WH intern working for HRC when I was there. My goodness what politics does to a person. She must be so power hungry. I guess she wants to follow in HRC’s footsteps and doesn’t care about her soul. So pathetic. I feel sorry for the child they brought into this world.

          1. Haha, come to think of it I was a Commie too. That dang school system.

            Seriously, I really wanna like Chelsea; I think she’s kinda cute. Anthony Weiner just went “hehe”.

          2. Well, I must say if Bill and Hillary did anything right, it was raise Chelsea correctly. She was always a lovely teenager who grew into a lovely young woman. Like her or not, she did turn out well.

          3. Well, I hope you feel the same way if she ever gets into a position of power working towards destroying the Constituion further and redistributing your wealth. Wonderful indoctrination job done on Chelsea.

          4. Mine was a conscious choice in that I was a member of the CPUSA, and voted for Gus Hall and Angela Davis for president and vice president.

  4. I can’t get over the fact that his name is Weiner and he can’t keep his weiner in his pants lol. Do you think maybe God has a sense of humor?

  5. Carlos needs to do something Clinton refused to do – RESIGN/QUIT. The little perv serves only one purpose for the DEM party – Republican TV Attack Dog. I couldn’t stand the twit BEFORE the tweets!
    What gall for these two low-lifes to think they can foist themselves on the residents of NYC! A sexual deviate and a Muslim! Unbelieveable! Hillary’s footprints are all over this – Schumer’s, too.

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