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I’m Barack Obama, and I’m Angry to be Here

I wonder if, when you just get to the center of Obama, what you find is an angry guy.

It pops up in so many ways – ways we haven’t seen with previous presidents since . . . well, since you know who. Nixon.

It doesn’t take a German psychoanalyst to know that someone like Obama, whose father abandoned him and whose mother was gone for years at a time, might have something to be upset about.

Obama angry
Photo by Keith Koffler

It shouldn’t be too surprising that this man, who presented himself as the King of Cool and the Apostle of Hope in 2008, is really not all that nice.

But it’s amazing how enduring the goodly images Obama created for himself are. You’d think the former senator from Illinois sprouted up out of a cornfield instead of the putrid muck of Chicago politics.

Obama reveals himself all the time in his treatment of opponents, whether offering them backhanded compliments for their “sincere” belief in greed and fleecing others, or campaigning against them as “enemies” in need of punishment for wanting to place immigrants in Gulags, keep the masses from getting a proper education, let patients die in the waiting room because they can’t make the co-pay, and so forth.

In the past couple of weeks we’ve seen the anger press through the surface into sharp relief.

When Obama concluded his remarks on Trayvon Martin, I was stunned. What I found inexplicable is that the president of the United States could find the system, of which he is guardian, so unjust that he would suggest if George Zimmerman had been black and killed a white man he would have been convicted. And that Obama could have such a sense of outrage about race relations that he would participate in the destruction of Zimmerman – who has been placed forever in the pantheon of civil rights antagonists along with Bull Connor and George Wallace – by embracing Trayvon Martin, even though there is no evidence Zimmerman did worse than try to keep from being killed.

Where’s the compassion for a man who was judged innocent? Where’s the recognition of Obama’s role as president of all of us?

And think for a moment about how Obama is framing his economic speeches. The core of what he’s trying to do, he said at Knox College in Illinois Wednesday, is not to make the economy better or create jobs. It’s to eliminate inequality.

So in many ways, the trends that I spoke about here in 2005 — eight years ago — the trend of a winner-take-all economy where a few are doing better and better and better, while everybody else just treads water — those trends have been made worse by the recession.  And that’s a problem.

This growing inequality not just of result, inequality of opportunity — this growing inequality is not just morally wrong, it’s bad economics.  Because when middle-class families have less to spend, guess what, businesses have fewer consumers . . .

And that’s why reversing these trends has to be Washington’s highest priority.  (Applause.)  It has to be Washington’s highest priority.  (Applause.)  It’s certainly my highest priority.  (Applause.)

He throws in “inequality of opportunity,” but what Obama is really angry about is inequality of result. He’s mad that some people have more than others. That we’re not spreading the wealth around enough. That people are getting ahead even though you didn’t build that. Because at a certain point, you’ve earned enough money.

It’s the politics of resentment, touted by someone who harbors resentment. It’s at bottom the philosophy of, gimme what you got, you rich bastard.

It’s anger. And, as it expressed itself in the speech Wednesday, it wants payback.

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  1. Compared with JayZ and Buffett and the others he seems to admire despite their being rich, Obama is penny-ante rich-wise. I think he resents that. In his speeches, he always looks greenish, sweaty and his eyes have a zealot look in them, sort of rolling like a wild horse in a pen. He is mean, snide, and his little Straw Man depictions of situations are not worthy of someone with an Ivy ed. He needs to be center of attention, the focus, the one everyone looks at. He never seems to hang with his kids that much, but gets full credit for being dad of the century. It is all wearing thin.

    1. Speaking of parenting, Trayvon’s mom is getting big coverage for a speech she made on how a law in Florida allowed her son to be murdered, and now she would have no grandchildren, etc. I thought she had sort of turned him over to Dad, with whom she is always shown now holding hands, etc. What happened to Dad’s girlfriend? I wish we could just put this one on hiatus for a while. I don’t want to be trashing the dead, but there was enough blame and shame to go around on this one.

      1. Well if she whooped his sorry Trayvonass and put him on restriction for a year after being suspended from school, he would HAVE been alive today.

        Sorry about her lost grandchildren, but I no longer feel sympathy for her failure to crack down on a child spinning out of control. She gave up on him and yet blames everyone else.

        1. Amen Denise. Where is all the reporting about Trayvon’s ‘thug’ lifestyle? (pot smoking, school suspension, thug rap online posts)

          1. I’d like to hear where Trayvon got the money for his Gold teeth inlays, and what adult signed for the procedure.
            Based on a quote from my dentist for lower only teeth rehab, Trayon’s Gold teeth must have cost $8,000.
            Where did that money come from? His divorced parents? Or drug deals?

    2. Star, I have noticed that too, he is not with with these girls very much. Well, I have my own ideas about the goings on in this “family” of his but maybe I shouldn´t say something here…..

        1. Hi SL! Yes, there is plenty of innuendo–but what bugs me is that people–even big commentators like O’Reilly–will scorch him, then say, “But he is a great family role model.” Just does not jibe with my observations.

  2. Liberals don’t believe in equal opportunity; they believe in equal results. And since it’s not possible for everyone to be equally successful, everyone has to be equally miserable.

    1. You hit that nail on the head Robert! You spend money on your prioritities… when those are nails, hair and cell phone when you can’t pay rent, well there ya go. Amazes me how many bite on that one.

    2. but next, I want Obama to work on the disparate numbers of black men in the NBA.

      seriously tho…

      they also believe in equality of punishment. one of Obama/Holder’s great ideas for public schools is to stop the “disparate” number of blacks being suspended, expelled, etc. which means either a) some black students will not be suspended when they should be, and/or b) some white students will be suspended when they shouldn’t be.

  3. “…gimme what you got, you rich bastard…”
    Precisely. The mantra of socialism.
    ” Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
    Winston Churchill
    And Obama is the Chief Minister of this gospel.

  4. I think Obama has it backwards when he states that the inequality is not only morally wrong but is also bad economics. It is his bad economics that is morally wrong. There is nothing wrong with a hand up, not a hand out (something for nothing) which teaches and rewards sloth. This is not hard to understand, it is very clearly and historically true.

    1. There certainly is a lot of that sloth going around. Like a virus it has spread. “Straighten up BOY!” You’re slouching!

  5. And so it has been for the last five years. Ask any psych major and they’ll tell you he’s seeking revenge for the abandonment of him in his childhood – by not just one, but all THREE of his parents — the adoptive Indonesian step-father in addition to the black African father and white American mom. It’s easy to understand that in a child’s view, it was unanimous that he wasn’t worth their time and presence. In 2010, Maureen Dowd wrote: “Michelle once told a friend that ‘Barack spent so much time by himself that it was like he was raised by wolves.’ ” (Can you imagine if Laura Bush had said that about George?!)

    With more than three years yet to go, I only hope that he is unable to completely extinguish the flame of American freedom that we came so dangerously close to taking for granted.

        1. And if we didn’t have so much respect for the office perhaps we would talk about that. But given Weiner and Filner it is unlikely that even that exposure would make a dent. This country will let Obama have his way with her.

  6. Obama seems to have no problem with “winner take all” when it comes to his elections.

    Bull Connor and George Wallace. Weren’t those guys Democrats?

    Keith: You’d better be careful here. Inferring that Obama might be an “angry black man’ will get you labeled as a racist. (Perhaps you could over-stress his white side, for whatever that might be worth.)

  7. Keith,

    I have never met, or even seen in person, the man, so it is difficult for me to assess whether President Obama truly is angry on a personal level about inequality of financial results. While your points about his childhood certainly are well taken, President Obama and his wife clearly appear to enjoy the wealth they have accumulated and the perks of his position. They seem to enjoy being around other wealthy black people (Beyonce, JayZ, Opra). So I wonder if the anger over financial inequality is something he really feels or if this is a façade he puts on to induce others to accept his ideological beliefs.(Like a method actor, he may use his anger over childhood issues to act as if inequality angers him.) The Communist Leaders of the USSR enjoyed comforts their fellow citizens lacked but continued to spout the tenets of communism. In many ways, Obama is like them — people who adhere to an ideology despite living a contrary life.

    1. You’ve got a good point. But I don’t think his enjoyment of the perks of office rules out a deep anger at “the system” or at anything that threatens his self-importance. The narcissist is happy when he’s worshiped and coddled, but angry at those who don’t worship him. A narcissist with a lust for power is angry when the world doesn’t conform to his vision of how it should be.

      Obama sees himself as “the one we’ve [you’ve] been waiting for,” the one who’s destined to heal the planet and remake the U.S. and the world according to his image of perfect justice. When part of the world resists, or says “Hey, Barry, you’re not all that,” he gets very angry, and then he salves his wounded ego with the luxuries he thinks he deserves for being the great secular messiah trying to reform a rotten country (as he sees it).

  8. I don’t recall another president or any other prominent politician who so often showed so much malice in his eyes. Then there’s the punkish, hectoring tone, and the habit of attributing the worst motives to anyone who disagrees with him or who might be a convenient target — e.g. doctors amputate people’s legs just to get rich.

    Here’s someone who was adamant that a child who survived an abortion attempt should be left to die, and who told someone his elderly mother should maybe have just gotten a pain pill instead of a life-sustaining pacemaker, and who told young people in Africa that they shouldn’t aspire to have electricity and cars like we have, and who had no record of helping others except as a means of empowering himself — and somehow he’s still viewed as much more caring and compassionate than, e.g., Mitt Romney!

    I think being a loyal Democrat voter requires being a lousy judge of character. I couldn’t understand why most people didn’t recognize that Bill Clinton was a crook and a perv, and I don’t understand why so many people view Hillary as nice and decent and principled.

    At least Bill sometimes let common sense and reality influence him, and apparently he has an affable presence. Even though he’s got a narcissistic side, people have said he can make anyone he talks to feel important. Obama’s narcissism is deeper and I don’t think he ever tries to make others feel important. After the 2008 Dem. convention, people were saying how unusual it was that not one person except Michelle offered any personal accounts of their association with and admiration for him.

    Bill and Barack both suffered paternal abandonment, and I think that’s the main reason why both of them evidently decided early on that they wanted to become the most important person in the world. But Obama was doubly abandoned, and his formative influences were overwhelmingly steeped in hatred of the United States, while Bill at least started life in the American heartland.

    Combine a hostile ideology with an angry narcissistic personality and a shaky grasp of facts and reality, and give it the most powerful position in the world — gee, what could go wrong?

  9. The men and women who believe they can convince all of America that they are the best people to lead the most exceptional country in the world are not like the rest of us. They must have larger than normal egos, a mystical belief that they can transcend reality, and end up as beloved and honored by all who share the earth with them.

    MrObama is not different in comparison with all the others, except for his background and his political leanings that are based on the premise that since all are created equal, all should have equal lives and prosperity. His lack of experience in the private sector and a childish view of how wealth is created, colors everything that he does and says.

    He begs for a “fair shot”, but he never explains what or who is keeping anyone from having a “fair shot” at success, or anything. He sounds childish and peckish when he claims that life isn’t fair.

    Adults know that life isn’t fair. Good people get sick and die, bad people live long and prosper. People who work hard can fail to succeed, sloths get things handed to them. It’s life.
    Many pundits have described MrO as a “man-child’, and it’s with his childish interpretation of life that he reinforces that every day.

    1. In Keith’s article, he pointed out that, perhaps, one of the reasons bho is ‘angry’ is that he is not being successful with his demand for ‘equal prosperity for all’ with his ‘spread the wealth around’ socialist/communist policies. I agree with you that his ‘fair shot’ comments have no substance or context! My aversion to his voice is worse than ever!

      He seems to be whinning/complaining and trying to shame everyone who has any level of personal or financial success, however modest or great it may be. He believes we should willingly give control over to him, and he will make ‘reparations’ for all the downtrodden of his choice. Never mind that his policies have totally failed and contribute to the misery index!

      Our Constitution guarantees equal opportunities, but not equal outcomes, but he despises that ideal. Also, most American citizens have done a much better job in their communities and during national disasters at being charitable and using their hard-earned resources with greater success than DC.

      George Soros continues to spend multi-millions of $’s toward getting bho elected and re-elected, plus recently a senate dem introduced a bill to allow US Presidents to be elected more than two four-year terms! If that does not MOTIVATE citizens diametrically opposed to bho’s agenda, nothing will! jb

  10. I don’t know, Keith. I’m thinking his anger stems from being bi-racial. I think he resented living with his white mother and grandparents when he began to enter adolescence and realized that he was different. Things were dfferent during the 60’s -70’s, race-wise. Blacks were about 2% in Hawaii at that time. There was a certain stigma to being bi-racial. Obviously, he learned to cope with it – chooming, etc. But I feel that he has alwary harbored a resentment toward whites – ergo his writings about his father. Did he ever talk much about his mother or grandparents? It’s always about his father.

    I also believe that when he moved to the Mainland and ended up in Chicago, he hooked up with Michelle Lavaughn b/c she shared his anger toward whites. In fact, she really, really hated whites! Together, they made a great team!

    I don’t think MO shared his political ambitions – she said over and over that she wanted him to join a big law firm and bring home the big bucks. They almost divorced over his inability to support her in the manner she was accustomed to. When he finally managed to get himself elected to the Senate by running the dirtiest campaign ever – the first thing he did was give a $200K raise to the Mooch. Life was good…but he wanted more. A lot more to even the score. There was only one way to usurp the power he needed to teach Whitey a lesson in humility and forever transform the imperialistic country his father blamed for all of the suffering and woes of the world.

    Payback is such a ‘BLEEP’!!!

    1. It doesn’t have to be either/or — his psychology or his racial animus. It could be, and probably is, both. And likely more.

    2. Girly 1 your comment is the most off base thing I think I’ve ever read about the President. However your comment speaks volumes about the anger that some whites have against President Obama. You seem to be afraid of his power. As if he’s going to do something against you and your life, because of some deep anger you assume he has against white people. And you say that he never talks about his white side of his family. He talks about his grandmother and grandfather all the time. It’s your media, who gins up stuff about his African side of the family. It’s your media (Fox News) and other conservative talk show host who are always talking about his African side. They never go and talk to anyone from the white side of his family. I think I know why…They may be too much like you…too revealing for the white American public. Oh Girly 1, Your slip is showinig…

  11. My dad was the shrink, not me. I can’t analyze this guy, but as Dennis Miller says, he stinks at being president. Why doesn’t he just so some hard stuff–repeal Obama care for a re-do, such as allowing insurance sales across state lines, regularizing policies to apples and apples, etc. Quit with the social engineering, the trying to enforce equality and calling it fairness. People are not all the same! If he really thinks higher ed is the answer, although Loyola for one is 25% down in freshman enrollment, make college free to those who quality academically–throw money at that instead of what I saw recently–drones that bring your food to you through the air in a restaurant. I am raving. I think I need speech therapy!

  12. Take a step back and look what’s going on in this still great country.

    Everybody is at everybody’s throat: white vs. black; have vs. have not; Republican vs. Democrat; government vs. individual citizens; etc.

    And the president of the US is leading the charge and doing everything he can to fan the flames.

    It is hard to imagine what things will be like 3 1/2 years from now, when his presidency is finally over, but the country that many of us love looks to be in deep trouble right now, and we are sorely lacking a leader to help rescue us.

    1. Republican against Republican, Republican against the electorate, RHINOs with Democrat left. Good luck with that leader rescue plan.

    2. White vs. black? Isn’t it black vs. white?

      Isn’t it the have nots vs. the haves? (And thanks to big government/big business being in bed together, the have nots are increasing?)

  13. What do you expect from a former poverty pimp from Chicago who is accurately described as the misbegotten bastard spawn of an infidel whore.

  14. What can you say about Obama? Racist to the core. An Islamic terrorist defender. Hater of the U.S. Constitution. Hater of liberty. Hater of capitalism. Supporter of every insane, radical leftwing ideological anti-human, anti-common sense, anti-freedom person and policy.

    The man is possessed by demonic forces.

  15. Well said. The mask of deceit and treachery is finally cracking and falling away.
    Sad especially for the black community who had such high hopes for the “first black president.”
    Sad for the nation as a whole to watch all that has been sacrificed and accomplished to make us the most powerful and benevolent nation on earth, be stripped away by this insecure fraud.

  16. aha! I just figured it out.

    Barack Obama does not realize that he is President of the United States. he thinks he is the Marcus Garvey Professor of Social Justice at the University of Chicago.

    he’s railing against The Man but HE IS The Man. “I won’t let Washington get away with it,” he thunders. well who the heck do you think Washington is, sir?

    someone needs to remind him that he is, as Keith said, president of ALL the American people, not just the ones who look like they might have been his son if he had a son.

    1. You are correct. Obama has no clue as to what it means to be “President of the United States”.

      He thinks it’s just a nice spot to live for a while – free housing, good food, plenty of golf and vacations, and some minor annoyances from time-to-time.

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  20. Despite his disavowals, he studied at the feet of “Reverend” Wright for 20 years, learning that Blacks are suppressed by Whites, that the Justice system is biased against Blacks, and that all the problems of the Black society are to be blamed on someone else.

    Of course he’s angry.

  21. Keith, angry and mean, I certainly agree on that. Oh, he is unfit to be a leader in so many ways.
    I think that he really has an inferiority complex because of his background and “race” and, most of all, because he of course is aware of all the lies his career and position is built upon and everything that has to be kept secret. Many of us here ( and elsewhere) have noticed the phonyness from day one, he and his family are not for real.

      1. The “LOL” was supposed to go elsewhere.
        BUT while I’m here, I just want to agree that the o has a lot to feel inferior about…from the beginning, just another smooth-talkin’, nattily dressed good-looking AfAm demagogue.

        1. Some would argue that he has a lot to feel superior about, such as his education in elite schools, and his meteoric rise in politics. But, at the core, he likely feels unloved and unlovable due to being abandoned when he was young.

  22. My name was Antonio West. I was the 13-month old child who was shot in the face at point blank range by two black teens, who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot. I think my murder and my mommy’s wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared.

    A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick, Georgia ruled the black teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty… too bad it was me who got the death sentence from my killers instead, because Mommy didn’t have the money they demanded..

    See, my family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder wasn’t ruled a ‘hate crime’.

    Oh, and President Obama didn’t take a single moment to acknowledge my murder. He couldn’t have any children who could possibly look like me – so why should he care?

    I’m one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media didn’t care to cover the story of my being killed in cold blood.

    There isn’t a white equivalent of Al Sharpton, because if there was he would be branded a ‘racist’. So no one’s rushing to Brunswick, Georgia to demonstrate and demand ‘justice’ for me. There’s no ‘White Panther’ party, either, to put a bounty on the lives of the two black teens who murdered me.

    I have no voice, I have no representation, and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

    Isn’t this a great country?

    So while you’re out seeking ‘justice for Trayvon’, please remember to seek ‘justice’ for me. Tell your friends about me, tell your families, get tee-shirts with my face on them,
    and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Trayvon.

    I won’t hold my breath. I don’t have one anymore.

    1. Powerful post.

      Remember Tawana Brawley?

      Remember Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom?

      On Saturday, January 6, 2007, Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, of Knoxville, Tennessee, went on a date from which they would never return. On their way to the home of another couple, they were carjacked and kidnapped. Over the next 24 hours they were beaten, gang-raped, tortured, and murdered.

      If Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom had been black and their killers white, everyone in America would know their names. Because they were white and their killers are black, their fate has been shrouded in a thick silence that has given rise to a host of gruesome rumors. Their story highlights the strange and twisted nature of race relations in America.


  23. O’s anger is Real, the reasons are numerous.. He is the type of leader who wants to give the losing team a trophy for ‘participating.’ It’s all about ‘fairness’ with him, everyone is entitled to the same sliver of pie, even if they can’t recognize a rolling pin or turn on an oven.
    One is left to wonder if he has ever stopped to think of how hard his wealthy friends have worked in their lives. The hours, the sacrifice, and discipline required, would be completely foreign to his type of character.
    His lack of respect for our military leaders shows that he also has no clue about honor, fidelity, and service, and certainly not patriotism. In a truly ‘fair’ world, Mo would be a public university graduate[maybe} and probably a gym teacher. BO, with his talent for b.s. could have been local news reader in Peoria. His cluelessness about what would have been ‘fair’ in his own life, is stunning.

    1. You have a point there, deehra. We like to joke about Jay-Z and Bouncy but running a music empire or two of them is hard work–lots of travel–long hours–and it take talent, whatever you think of the results. The president himself has said he is “lazy.” At least on paper his schedule usually looks light.

  24. you really need to re-read your remarks before publishing them. your comment, especially, about Zimmerman is shallow and without a sense of compassion. Would you have defended OJ Simpson the same?
    Your slip is showing…and it looks racist to me.

  25. Dear Mr. Koffler,
    I believe on face value you are correct in your observation of the emperor of the united states. The underlying nature and motivations of our dear usurper are far more sinister, a river of malice and contempt, assisted by a generous helping of ideology, contrary to every thing the intrusted office he holds, the solemn oaths he sore to uphold, that no amount of childhood trial can justify. This man is an adult, one who has made conscious decisions about the course of his life. And I want to add, contrary to the very nature of the rule of law of this here Republic.

    The guy is a radical domestic enemy to my Liberty and primal God given freedoms.

    To suppose otherwise is in my experience as a law abiding American a travesty of the concept of journalism and the incredible gift of freedom of the speech the press enjoys. You squander this Liberty at your and mine ultimate peril with Milquetoast toast expose of a regime bent on fundamentally transforming a Republic of Liberty and prosperity into a crony corporate statist banana republic.

    Where is your grit and intestinal fortitude man?

    By the very nature of your journalistic expression you Sir, enable the continuation of the lies, farce, and agitprop, of the ruling class and their apparatchiks.

    Shame on you Sir.

  26. Dear Mr. Koffler,
    I believe on face value you are correct in your observation of the emperor of the united states. The underlying nature and motivations of our dear usurper are far more sinister, a river of malice and contempt, assisted by a generous helping of ideology, contrary to every thing the intrusted office he holds, the solemn oaths he sore to uphold, that no amount of childhood trial can justify. This man is an adult, one who has made conscious decisions about the course of his life. And I want to add, contrary to the very nature of the rule of law of this here Republic.

    The guy is a radical domestic enemy to my Liberty and primal God given freedoms.

    To suppose otherwise is in my experience as a law abiding American a travesty of the concept of journalism and the incredible gift of freedom of the speech the press enjoys. You squander this Liberty at your and mine ultimate peril with Milquetoast toast expose of a regime bent on fundamentally transforming a Republic of Liberty and prosperity into a crony corporate statist banana republic.

    Where is your grit and intestinal fortitude an?

    By the very nature of your journalistic expression you Sir, enable the continuation of the lies, farce, and agitprop, of the ruling class and their apparatchiks.

    Shame on you Sir.

        1. Beats me. The second post was just a minute after the first one, and it has at least one error instead of the other way around.

  27. You pretty much nailed him, Keith. Also see a touch of the Limbaugh Theorem when he throws in the jabs about ‘Washington’s priorities’, like he has nothing to do with the dysfunctional misfits who are working as fast as they can to enslave the American people. Preezy Revenge has been the head honcho of Washington for four and a half years, and in that time he has been the author of numerous radical policies that are destroying our economy and ripping the threads of our social fabric. Heck, for every job his regime says they have created, two new food stamp recipients have been added to the rolls. The only person standing in the way of truly fixing what ails America is the man he sees in the mirror every day. Proof positive that he doesn’t want to fix Washington, he wants to destroy America.

      1. Not when you have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) aka Split Personality. My gawd – one day the guy thinks he’s Abraham Lincoln…the next day he’s Ronald Reagan…
        a ‘citizen of the world’. I still say it stems from his bi-racial roots – he has a serious identity problem. He puts one foot in Washington and the next day he has both feet running in the opposite direction. Obama, the Singular, is running in circles.

        1. Good point.

          Part of me feels very sorry for Barak Obama, the man who had such a turbulent childhood. He reminds me of my ex-husband, who is a self-admitted and proud sociopath. (My shrink at the time, and our marriage counselor, both told me that–even without the testing required to make an official diagnosis–tthey were confident he was a sociopath.)

          He grew up in a household in which his father abandoned him when he was about four to a mother who was in and out of mental hospitals, which was another form of abandonment.

          However, both FCMABBHO and my ex are adults now and are capable of choosing their actions.

      2. Both the O’s have been richly rewarded for being, ‘clean, articulate and occasionally polite’. {Paraphrasing Harry Reid} One might say they have profited greatly from an accident of birth, Zero’s ability to transition between Races, and in Moo’s riding on the coat tails of her more talented brother, they have been able to spin ersatz gold threads out of very rough fiber.. Two alchemists who have roughly the same gifts as my mailman, who, btw, would probably make a much better President, at least he has had a real Job. Yet, in O world, both of these phonies have the gall to complain about ‘unfairness,’ and assume racist attitudes towards those who have obeyed the rules, studied hard, worked long hours, and taken care of their families, not to mention served their country.
        We are not the problem, may we never let them or their drooling media slaves , ever give we good Americans even a moment’s guilt about the lives almost all of us have led.

    1. Very true, Susan. We can psychobabble him all we want, but it does nothing to correct what he’s done to America and what he will continue to do in the next three years. To cap it off, I see a very unfortunate fight heating up in the Republican Party, and the establishment led by Rove and his pac, Christie, Boehner, neocons like Krauthammer attacking the only people who can save their party and America.

      1. I believe the fight in the Republican party is a good thing, Julie. It can’t go on being the party of go along to get along compromisers. The Bush contingency of the Republican party that is currently in control (“kinder gentler” or “compassionate conservatives”) has only helped the Democrat party lead this country to massive debt and a leviathan government. They like to brag about defeating the Rockefeller Republicans, when they are their spawns. It was Reagan who coalesced the forces of conservatism and gave America a generation of prosperity. It will take a leader or two like him to defeat the coalition of Bush Republicans and Socialist Democrats to help restore America as founded.

        Gotta say the constitutional conservatives are vastly outnumbered by their establishment counterparts who you so accurately identified. It will be an uphill battle – a modern day David vs Goliath battle. I’m praying the army of conservative Davids win this battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party. Not only for our sake, but for the sake of our progeny as well.

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  29. For a “gay” bathouse guy from Africa I guess he should be angry. His islamic faith orders death for what he is.

    1. No worries. He lies to muslims just like he lies to everyone else. Anyway, once the caliphate is restored and muslims rule, they will have no more use for little Barry. He’ll just be yet another decapitation video.

  30. Every tax payer who is being denied acces and not represented by this criminal administration should refuse to pay taxes. Americans should not be taxed if they are not being equally represented under the law. Obama needs to GET OUT he has no business in that job.

  31. White Americans are being obviously taxed without being represented. He is saying it with his own mouth. Nothing is being put behind a bush on this one. He using our tax money to destroy white people in any and every manner he can because he is working to enslave the blacks and put the Muslims in power. It is obvious.

  32. I have not read obama’s book but did see the movie “2016 Obama’s america” made from his book I believe there is a spot in there where he goes to his father’s grave site ( who was killed in an auto mishap ) there he promise his deceased father that he would carry on his agenda which was to bring down any rich country to a level below any third world county’s status if he ever got the chance the way he has handled the economy along with the democratic party we seem to be headed that way down hill

  33. If George Zimmerman had been Black on Black it would have never made the local papers let alone TV. If Sharpton and Jackson want to fix a problem let them go to Chicago. Almost all of the murders, which there have been a lot of, more than any other city, are Black on Black. 22 over last weekend. No way for them to get attention.

    Last I heard a local politician in in Chicago wanted to bring in the National Guard. Sounds like Marshell Law to me.

  34. I think Obama has done more to harm the Negro cause than any leader. He and his family are typical “welfare recipients”. They use every occasion to take all they can get and to hell with the rest: Hauling their dog around in his own private jet, promoting his daughters to Michael’s senior advisors. He spouts off one lie after another. His administration does every thing they can to protect and promote the Muslim community and destroy the faith our nation was founded on. He protects the homosexual and seeks to destroy the family unit. My, my what a leader!!

  35. why should tis man be angry he has the world in his hands. A home being built for him in Hawaii, a multi perhaps at this point billionaire, allowed in the best schools in this country where as a brilliant meddle class white young man refused because his parents asked for some aid. Became the president of a wonderful country which he is destroying and yet middle class and wealthy whites put in in office twice.Is he angry at a mother who decided to impregnate with a black man rather than a white man not once but twice and decided to give to her parents who kept him white fancy schools because of his color. something is wrong here. Think of the many children born of white parents and a father who died at the hands of someone who killed him for no reason yet the white mother raised the children without help from any one. This man should be thrilled but instead hates as does his wife who ha the same privelage yet complains about the white person who have given much to people of color.

  36. He’s just getting mad because he’s not getting his way the way he wants to anyways… waaaaaahhhhhh. More and more people are realizing he is so caustic to our nation that he really should head back to kenya before they decide they don’t want him either anymore.

  37. Obama is nothing but a crooked Chicago politician who doesn’t know how to lead a cub scout to a candy store. He is over his head. And the Democrats said Sara Palin was not ready for that big of a job; she probably would Obama look as stupid as he is.

    1. “Obama is nothing but a crooked Chicago politician who doesn’t know how to lead a cub scout to a candy store.”

      I LOVE IT!

  38. Well, Keith, kudos to you for noticing. It seems like all the other DC reporters are in thrall to Barky’s evil.

    Didn’t we see that Mr. Equality had a $15M increase in net worth after the FIRST YEAR of his presidency according to his IRS return?

    If we make it to see him out of office, G-d willing, we’ll be lucky.

    1. “Didn’t we see that Mr. Equality had a $15M increase in net worth after the FIRST YEAR of his presidency according to his IRS return?”


  39. “I wonder if, when you just get to the center of Obama, what you find is an angry guy.”

    i don’t think so. I think the center of any narcissist or sociopath is a voiid.

    That void knows it’s a void. It knows it’s not the same as others. It’s hoping to appear to be like others. Yet, it knows it’s a void.

    Hence, the anger. The self-pity. The lashing out at others. The emotional vampirism.


    Google MDSPD TRAYVON to see how and why
    Trayvon’s criminal background
    was ‘diluted’ by a corrupt police chief
    who lost his job as a result of a ‘ no arrest ‘

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