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Rove: Obamacare Ads Used for Political Purposes

Former Bush adviser Karl Rove is charging that the Obama administration is purchasing taxpayer funded ads promoting Obamacare in states where THE ADS MIGHT ALSO HAVE A POLITICAL BENEFIT. For Democrats.

Aww, would the White House do that?

The ads, which could end up costing more than $1 billion, are meant to get everyone excited about Obamacare so they’ll sign up, because if they don’t – particularly young people who don’t want insurance – there won’t be enough money in the system to cover everyone AND THEN PREMIUMS WILL GO UP.

Your premiums.

It turns out, some Democrats who are up for reelection are getting a little dyspepsia from the voters over Obamacare. And oh, that’s where the ads are running.

Who says when you give government more power – i.e. Obamacare – the power gets abused? Never happens.

24 Responses to Rove: Obamacare Ads Used for Political Purposes

  1. Whining about the underhanded and probably illegal activities of this demagogue solves absolutely nothing, Rove. How about some action rather than rhetoric. Tell your buddies in the establishment it’s time to take a stand for the Constitution and sign on to Mike Lee’s effort to defund Obamacare in the continuing resolution. No more talk or token votes to repeal – this is our last chance to stop Obamacare before it is fully implemented.

  2. Obama using taxpayer money for political ends?

    Like flying Air Force One around the country to campaign?

    Like using the White House to entertain influence peddlers?

    Like giving, oh, half a billion dollars to Solyndra (as one example)?

    Like turning Obama For America into a tax-EXEMPT organization?

    Like paying for human props to be brought in as wallpaper for speeches?

    Like using public airwaves to tell voters to “punish your enemies”?

    Like hiring people in the White House with direct ties to the media?

    Like setting the tone for the IRS to harass conservative groups?

    Well — as the say — it’s a start…

    • From NRO via Drudge: Republican students were turned away at the door when he spoke at the college in Missouri yesterday “for security reasons”. The tip offs were Tea Party tee shirts and anything with a patriotic tone to it.

    • Like rewarding his bundlers with various appointments?

      Like picking a side and responding to it in criminal proceedings?

      ……..and the list goes on………..

    • She has a point, and she may be right, but no one wants to hear that their children aren’t healthy and it’s the parent’s fault.
      Sometimes, i think her brown skin tone is a form of Teflon that protects her from ridicule for all her mean or stupid comments.

      Anyone who has visited 3rd world countries, or even watched programs that explore their lifestyles, realizes that there are no obese Pakastanis, or Congolese or anyone residing in foreign lands. Food is expensive, and sometimes not readily available. Their meals are likely to be meatless, or made with meat parts that Americans grind up for dog food.
      When Mexicans move to the US where foods are relatively cheap and plentiful, it’s easy to overeat and to overfeed your family.

    • The breadth and scope of her lack of diplomacy, tact, and breeding never ceases to amaze me. And what is she doing at a LaRaza event??? Never mind….

  3. There’s a reason why young people don’t buy life insurance; they don’t believe they’re going to die anytime soon, and if they do die, who cares.
    That’s just about how they feel when presented with buying health insurance; they’re not sick now, so why worry about it.

    The ads they are going to present to convince young people to buy something that’s not even on their list of things to buy will have to be very, very compelling.
    The polls have never been favorable to Obamacare and a bi-jillion dollars of buy ads won’t change that.
    It’s hard to imagine that any elected official wants their name and future to depend on convincing the electorate that Obamacare is a good thing.

  4. When I heard about the Hollywood ‘stars’ who will be doing ads so we
    stars struck folks will line up and sign up for the biggest boondoggle in
    history and laughed. These Einstein’s probably can’t even write a check or pay a bill figure a tip percentage without help. They have people who
    do all that and more like buy red toilet paper and they are are going to
    explain the benefits of Obamacare? Funny they shouldn’t look too stupid.

  5. “The ads, which could end up costing more than $1 billion…”

    Spending money is no object for him nor is saving some a goal.

  6. We’re already paying for commercials for “free” scooters, adult diapers and the like. Very “sickening” indeed.

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    • Yes! Count me amoung those who think he is a waste of time. He got it all wrong the last election. How soon we forget. Why would anyone pay attention to him now? Fox has to be careful. They seem to be loading up on deadwood. I have a few names in mind that are newer to the channel. I turn off the station when they come on. I won’t let them take any moments out of my life..