As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || July 24, 2013

Obama finds the ally he needed: John McCain . . . Politico
House GOP to battle Obama’s goals
 . . . New York Times
IRS counsel met with Obama at key moment . . . Daily Caller
Did former OMB chief flee the country? . . . Daily Caller
DHS nominee embroiled in Visa probe . . . Fox News
Obama economy claims questionable . . . Washington Times
Rep. Gowdy slams Pfeiffer as “hack” . . . Examiner
Obama extolled Detroit’s potential . . . National Journal
Michelle campaigns for Obamacare . . . The Hill

14 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 24, 2013

  1. Oh goody, they found something for Michelle to do and it doesn’t sound like she understands Obamacare either :) “sign up, sign up, sign up” is her “max out, max out, max out” fundraiser speech :D

    • She gave the speech before La Raza so are they pushing to sign up all the illegals they can? After all, no one will be verifying their eligibility.

      • Boehner and his boys will take care of the illegal aliens eligibility status. To heck with all those “phony”, “fake” scandals (Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, ad nauseam), Johnny Boy and his namesake in the Senate are making amnesty for illegal aliens their #1 legislative priority.

        • Gowdy all compassionate now for the children — pathway to citizenship for the DREAMERS. This is just a pathway to Amnesty.

          Let’s just hope this is all talk and the only thing to come out of the House will be secure the borders. HIghly unlikely but with Ryan running around going all squish and Gowdy even tempting fate I’m pretty sure the House is on track to make America safe for illegals.

          • Guess Gowdy turned out to be another RINO sellout. When I heard that clip of Gowdy comparing illegal aliens to children playing in the yard, I wanted to puke. He should have the guts to tell that story to the 13-year-old girl who was gang raped by a bunch of illegal alien “dreamers” in Austin, Texas.

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  2. The House GOP is going to battle Obama’s goals? When are they going to start battling? So far, the House leadership has done nothing but roll over on their backs for Obama for the almost 3 years they’ve held the majority. As long as the quisling Boehner is in charge of the House GOP, we’ll never get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi.

  3. Did former OMB chief flee the country? . . .

    Zients has still not returned from an overseas trip that began after his departure from the Obama administration in April, two weeks before the IRS scandal broke. A White House source told The Daily Caller that Zients’ absence from the country has been noticeable and concerning.
    “Mr. Zients’ wife’s family lives in South Africa. He is visiting them now, as he and his family do every summer,” an OMB spokesperson told Fox News in a statement Tuesday.


    Did he take such long vacations while he was employed by the federal government?

    • John McCain’s behavior must have roots in his childhood. He found that his only way to get attention was to be a maverick. “I’ll show Dad and Grandpa!”

  4. The democrats want all the illegals to come here so that we will have a Democrat one party system and if that happens THAT REALLY WILL BE THE REPUBLICANS’ FAULT. Really scary, that Obama will do anything to keep the power, lie, cheat, kill, destroy the country that we love, you name it, he’ll do it for the power and because he is STUPID like all the democrats, they can’t see the forest for the trees, they are still in the 60’s hating their country.

  5. I think John McCain has Alzheimer’s now. He is either trying to start a war or he wants all the illegals to come here?? Why?? He is acting strangely.