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Live Stream || Obama Economic Speech at Knox College

The speech has concluded.

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  1. Can’t we just review his last speech on the economy?
    Maybe there’s a synopsis or bullet-point summary to save time somewhere on the internet.

  2. Obama may actually be planning on starting this one on time.

    The White House page shows Obama, godlike on a podium with the sun radiantly around his head with the words: “STARTING AT 12:55 PM ET

    Let’s see if he can make this “confirmed” timeline.

    • You paint quite a picture, Playrighter. I don’t think Obama would be down with the word godLIKE, however. Remove the second part of that word, capitalize it, and submit the suggestion to The White House, and you may be rewarded with large quantities of taxpayer funds, or maybe even an Adnministration post!

      A suggestion on the latter, though; don’t take the Libyan ambassadorship. Prezzy’s a little vauge about why that postion is open in the first place…

    • Eleven minutes late, the WH feed shows the human props, apparently pulled from 7-11, with many wearing shorts.

      One of Obama’s guys out front signals the students to CLAP, and they do for about a minute, finally rising.

      Sixteen minutes past the “ASSURED START TIME” from the White House, Obama strolls in with the face he started his Trayvon speech with — before he pivoted into teary/solemn mode. (While other sites on my computer have sound, this one doesn’t. No loss. I”m sure cincycinco nailed the gist.)

      Here’s my question. Please. Keith. Anybody.

      WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS JERK? After five years in the White House, he is incapable of starting a speech at the announced time blared all over the WH site and emails sent out.
      What does he do when he should be starting? Please. This inquiring mind REALLY, REALLY wants to know.

        • Michael:

          Got another suggestion? I show him on time (once even early) ten times in the past two years, and late 25 times. (Admittedly, I didn’t catch every speech). Sometimes “tour of classrooms” is used as an excuse, but that could be planned for. In Texas, earlier this year, he was 53 minutes behind schedule at the first school, and eighteen minutes late to a business speech later. That business is located about a 24 minute drive from the school, and the scheduled start time was two hours and twenty minutes after the delayed finish time of his first speech.

          There’s a pilot light problem here. But it’s not in any cockpit.

          • Extreme narcissism. He most likely thinks everyone is anxiously awaiting his arrival and will hang on to every word. He likely is truly baffled when he doesn’t receive the expected response.

  3. Here’s an advance copy of Obama’s speech;

    “Apart from the anti-social effects of the accumulation of personal wealth, the very desire to accumulate it mus be interpreted as a vote of “No Confidence” in the social system. For when a society is so organized that it cares about individuals, then, provided he is willing to work, no individual within that society should worry about what will happen to him tomorrow if he does not horde weath today. Society itself should look after him, or his widow, or his orphans, This is exacly what traditional African society suceeded in doing. Both the ‘rich’ and the ‘poor’ individual were completely secure in African society. Natural catastrophe brought famine, but it brought famine to everybody — ‘poor’ or ‘rich’. Nobody starved, either of food or of human dignity, because he lacked personal weath; he could depend on the weath posessed by the community of which he was a member. That was Socialism. That IS socialism. There can be no such thing as acquisivie socialism, for that would be another contradiction in terms. Socialism is essentially distribuitive. Its concern is to see that those who sew reap a fair share of what they sew.”

    Oh, wait, that was Julius Nyerere of Tanzania in 1962. You can see where it looks like it COULD be our Prezzy, though…

    Let’s hope he takes a DIFFERENT page from Nyerere’s speeches though. One that he SHOULD be saying right now;

    ‘With unusual frankness for a politician, he stated in his farewell speech, “I failed. Let’s admit it.” ‘

    Farewell speech. Admission of failure. If only…

    NB to Obama. Nyerere is revered today because of the LAST statement, NOT the first. PLEASE make a similar statement yourself, as soon as possible…

  4. Is it common for presidents to speak at colleges only or is he afraid he can’t fill a bigger venue and/or wants pliable young minds to hear his rhetoric?

  5. How sad that my audio doesn’t work. But visually I see a Sea of White.

    If Barack Obama were serious — and we all know he is not — he would be out in the black communities saying pretty much what Bill O Reilly said the other night. Or at the least discussing …oh never mind, really.

    This is just so much garbage.

    • grace:

      I was wondering the same thing. How difficult was it to find an audience almost entirely white — in his home state?

    • Thank you for that link. Now my head is ready to explode. How dare he say Benghazi and the IRS scandals, etc., are phony? What a shameful POtuS. Dead Americans, killed on his watch are not phony! ARRGH

      “With an endless parade of distractions, political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball,” Obama said today in an address at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. “I am here to say this needs to stop.”

  6. Phony stand in talks about phony economy and phony jobs. This never would have happened if President Jarrett had been giving that speech.