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Quote of the Day || July 24, 2013

“Believe me Anthony, you’re not cured yet.”

– Bill Clinton

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

14 Responses to Quote of the Day || July 24, 2013

  1. There was a man who lived in the small town I grew up in back in the ’50s. He would see schoolchildren walking down the sidewalk, jump out from a doorway and wave his nethers around for all to see.
    Every so often, some of the children’s fathers would go to his home, smack him and his nethers about until he got the message.

    Someone needs to smack MrWeiner and his nethers about until he gets the message, too.

  2. Now we all know where those weirdos in our lives came from – the Weiner Clan Their tribal dance started as dancing around semi-clothed and in person; now it’s progressed to the awesome stage where you can answer your phone and * POOF * “there’s a Weiner on display for your visual enjoyment!” Even if you hadn’t ordered one. Aaahhhh technology in America today, free audiovisual Weiners! Where else could it possibly lead? What does our future hold?

  3. Democrats = sexual perverts (Weiner, Spitzer, Menendez, Barney Frank, mayor of San Diego, Bill Clinton… JFK, LBJ, FDR…)

    Im shocked (*sarcasm*)

  4. The Democratic Party is supposedly all about women’s rights and empowering women and here you have Huma and Hillary totally humiliating themselves. Empowering women isn’t about birth control, it’s about self respect and Huma obviously has none!!

    • As I was rolling through cable news today, I had to stop and listen to the assorted crew on MSNBC as they called MrsWiener an “abused” wife. They ran the portion of the presser while she was reading her statement, and focused on her posture as her miserable excuse for a husband was answering questions.

      It was obvious what they meant as she is standing 3ft away from him, her head bowed, shoulders slumped.

      • No matter imho. She chooses to stand there. And she has the nerve to ask for the vote. These two do what the Clintons tell them to do.

      • I think I heard her say she ‘loves him, forgives him, and it’s just between the two of them’. Doesn’t sound like an abused woman – more like a carbon copy of her boss, HRC – greedy, self-serving, amoral, and opportunistic.

        It’s inconceivable that a sexual deviate with a wife whose family has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood could end up in Gracie Mansion. Anyone who votes for them should have their voting privileges revoked.