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Obama: “I’ve Given Some Pretty Good Speeches”

President Obama dropped a little bit of hubris into his remarks Monday to a meeting of his mass movement, Organizing for America, asserting that he has offered up “some pretty good speeches in the past.”

Obama, who spoke during a Washington gathering of OFA activists, offered himself the pat on the back as he discussed his upcoming speech Wednesday at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. There, he will begin – yet again – to “refocus” on the economy and tout “big and bold ideas” he has to continue moving the nation toward the type of liberal economic approach he favors.

From the White House transcript:

Now, here’s the thing — it will be a pretty good speech. But as we’ve learned — I’ve given some pretty good speeches before and then things still get stuck here in Washington, which is why I’m going to need your help.

Obama is well known for occasionally pulling the curtain back on an inflated ego, commending himself for everything from the killing of Osama Bin Laden to his skill at billiards.

Much of the rest of the president’s remarks were intended to rally his troops for upcoming battles on behalf of his agenda, including fighting off efforts to roll back Obamacare.

“I love you guys.  Keep it up!” he implored. “Are you still fired up?” he inquired.

“Fired up!” came the response.

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  1. Just about what you’d expect from a guy who thinks tweeting as picture of himself holding a baby is the proper way to acknowledge the arrival of a new member of the royal family.

    Ego unbounded. This guy is sick.

    • I’d appreciate some help from the readers on this site (as I have been relentlessly bashed on another site for asking this smae question):

      Does anybody know of actual coordination between the White House and Al Sharpton on these speeches? Obama’s first Trayvon speech as well as the latest, both “impromptu”, both used the same talking points — and in some cases nearly identical words — to words used by Al Sharpton to rile up crowds in his talk within a day of Obama’s words.

      Is there a smoking gun? (I assume I won’t be called a racist for asking the question on this site).

      • Nah, don’t worry about namecalling here.
        If MSNBC, RevAl’s employer, is really an offshoot of the Obama administration and the Dem party as they have been accused, then it’s reasonable to assume that these speeches and actions were planned.
        IMO, MrObama’s self-pitying speech on Friday was meant to gin up the protests and put himself back in the good graces of the Black community that isn’t happy with his lack of action on their behalf.

        My evil and suspicious mind was telling me that these “protests” and marches through the big city streets were supposed to end in violence so that more gun-control support would be forthcoming. My evil White “racist” mind also was telling me that MrO and his right-hand Consigleri seemed willing to use innocent Black people to further their agenda to foment a race conflict.

        • It did seem odd that Obama went to the trouble of hijacking a press conference to enter into the record a speech he didn’t get to give in several interviews with Latino stations (apparently they didn’t get the memo.) And the urgency, just before Sharpton’s similar speech, certainly raises some question.

          Still curious if there might be any actual smoking gun on this duet.

  2. How much did the new door on Air Force One costs ? I assume they had to put a new one in to get his Big Head through. What a Narcissist. The sad thing is he really believes Axelrod’s image of him.

    I am waiting for him to challenge that 22nd Amendment of that so called guideline called The Constitution of The United States the day after the 2014 Elections.

  3. His expectation that his speeches should make others realize his innate superiority, and bow to it, is just another trait of his narcissism.

  4. MrO’s speech to his adorers at OFA had the same undertone as his self-pitying speech last Friday as he compared himself to a victim of a White on Black killing. He said he gives “pretty good speeches” but nothing gets done, as if all he needs to do is put something into words then someone, somewhere will take action.

    OFA might be raising a lot of money, but they don’t have the boots-on-the-ground to get the job done for their leader. Their goal to replicate what the spontaneous tea party activists did in 2010 won’t work with paid administrators or passing out professionally made fliers to promote policies and actions that Americans don’t like.

    • Keith,
      If the IRS continues to stall and to delay/block 501(c)3 applications, the OFA bho political machine and the ‘lame-stream media’ coverage will blurr the true impact of socialists policies upon the American citizens. That’s their objective, and that includes immigration push, as well as bho care!

      The organizations of the ‘grass-roots common sense’ citizens will be unable to attract, to involve, to inform voters of better solutions, plus support qualified people to address the issues within their local communities, their states, and at the federal level. Every election, beginning with those closest to our neighborhoods, is becoming a ‘critical’ forum for debate.

      Americans NEED to be reminded that the groups bho policies were suppose to aid (He lied and presented himself as a moderate in first election, and then obliterated his ’12 opposition using the bully IRS.) are those who have been hurt the most: college students who voted him into office AND are now graduates without job prospects; *the unemployed and underemployed of all age groups from small and large businesses closing; and the poor of every background trapped in poverty with dwindling hopes of better education and/or dreams for work and recovery for their communities – urban, suburban, rural! (*Son’s local store of a well-known chain just went through complete liquidation leaving well over 100 full-time and part-timers unemployed – some with more than 20 years, and my son with 18 years!)

      Your readers and I need to go forward more boldly than ever and especially because our voices have been the gov’t targets for suppression for our involvement in exercising our Free Speech Rights! I do NOT care if I am investigated by the IRS because my name appears as a contributor, or on petitions, or as an active member/organizer of a ‘grass-roots’ citizens’ group trying to motivate and educate others about gov’t abuses and idiocy. Many millions are recovering from the ‘mental fatigue’ suffered by the fall election, and we all need to regain the energy needed to ‘Get Out the Vote’ and to counter-attack the bho ‘brainwashing’ bulldozer beginning to roll ASAP! jb

  5. I denounce myself for this comment …. but too many “historians” are equating the rise of OFA to Hitler’s early days forming the Nazi party. There is no other precedent in the history of American Presidents to have their “own” private party working in the shadows to control the citizens. With hopes the great WHD community can cleanse my brain of this horrific thought…..

    • I think the one big difference was that the Nazi party boots on the ground were much more thugish. His OFA are kids who will fly off to the next big thing when it comes along. They seem to be very fluid. What scares me more is his accumulated data base.

    • The OFA employees are not the problem or even to be feared. They’re located in 26 states, not the whole 57 that make up the O’s America, but their ability to raise money for campaigning against certain sitting legislators is impressive.

      If we are to fear any organization, it would be those who make up the national press that filters the news to suit their own agenda. They still influence millions of people, and call the shots on what’s “newsworthy” or which person needs to be villified.

  6. He does give “pretty good speeches” that are written by someone else and read from his trusty teleprompter. Whenever he goes off script, like he did last Friday to incite his ground troops, the mask slips and the rest of America sees him for who and what he is – a demagogue and a divider.

  7. Con Artist = empty suit with teleprompter

    If there was a category for teleprompter readers at the Olympic games, I’m sure Obama would break all world records. I remember all the hype before THE ‘speech’ at the DNC in 2004 – it was going to be the ‘speech of a lifetime’ – a ‘make or break’ situation for the career of the obscure junior senator from Illinois. When he was interviewed hours before the speech he was all pumped up – like a boxer shadow boxing before the ‘big fight’. He had a gaggle of reporters surrounding him, asking questions about the ‘speech’ – “You haven’t seen anything yet!”, he bragged. I turned to my DH and said ‘what a pompous (BLEEP). Nine years later – nothing has changed.

    The ‘speeches’ are not worth the paper they’re written on. Speeches don’t create jobs, reduce the deficit, solve problems, or contain grey matter. They should be filed under ‘sporting events’ and broadcast on ESPN. In the words of famed boxing/wrestling announcer Michael Buffer: “Let’s get ready to rumble’!

  8. I live in Galesburg,Illinois and I wouldn’t walk across the street to see him. He likes Knox College because it is a staunch libtard haven and he knows he can get a receptive audience there. All the mouth breathing,drooling Obama sycophants in town are wetting their pants in anticipation of worshiping at the Lord Obozo’s feet.

  9. This morning during his appearance on “The View” President Obama stunned the hosts when he admitted “the white part of me is racist.” I can’t wait to hear the speech he makes to clear that one up.

  10. Obama believes all he needs to do is give a speech so he can get to his next golf game or vacation and his subjects should get right on it.

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