As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – July 23, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Off topic, but where better to go off than on Carney’s time? I was looking at the photos of the new prince in the British papers, and I noticed that The Guardian was the only one not to have one. They are radically republican (lower case r). Before the baby was born, they had a teeny article under US news. I thought that was a bit sarcastic. And today, our own NYT has a story with photo, and of all the well wishers in the world they only mentioned one, you guessed it, President Obama.

    I’m not a follower of the royals, but I thought the way The Guardian and The NYT handled the story was very revealing of their agendas.

    • Once again, the POTUS issued a congrats with a “Michell and I” as if he hasn’t a clue that he represents all of us.

      Watching the happy parents, and seeing the new Prince “waving” just set a happy tone that we don’t see or hear much anymore. It’s all so normal and good.

      Then, we learn that MrWeiner is still a flasher without a raincoat, and is still a candidate for the biggest and most famous city in the world. The people of NYC must be high on all the fumes from the taxis and cars that pollute their streets every day to even consider such a degenerate to lead their city.

      MrsObama assured a gathering of ‘la Raza’ that her husband will keep pushing for “amnesty” for illegal aliens.
      HUD wants to transfer Section 8 residents into “better neighborhoods” with de-segregation as a criteria for the move.

      Butt, we saw the happy Royal couple today with the new Prince of England, and all is right.

        • I saw the prince’s hand wave up, too. They didn’t have him all swaddled. And it was so touching when his dad talked about how he had great lungs (get used to it) and was quite heavy to hold. Those are thrilling moments.

        • ALL wagons circled around Jerry Rivers. Even Gutfeld. On Twitter he said he would make it one more thing — he didn’t. On Red Eye he so softballed it I was amazed. (I really don’t get this). And then with all this talk about Weiner –admittedly not the same thing at all — everyone seems like a hypocrite.

          I find this blackout on Jerry very peculiar. Not of national interest or import of course, but just odd.

  2. Well, since it’s on Jay’s time ….here’s another OT.

    What the heck is “Dr.” Jill doing in India checking our USAID funded projects etc.? And who in the heck is paying for this little jaunt? Her daughter and son in law in tow. If the Bidens are “vacationing” in India on their own dime no problem. If they tagged this little show to mark it as official business, I have a problem with that.

    • Either the report is missing a few paragraphs or MrsBiden is missing a few brain cells. She gave the children living in a slum a “basket” of coloring books and a book on the WhiteHouse.

      There isn’t any reason given for the Bidens to be in India, and dragging the kids along for the free ride is just something all of our betters in DC do when we’re not looking.
      Let’s just hope that ol’Joe isn’t insulting his hosts. We need all the friends we can get.

  3. New pilot food program — saw it on Cavuto — doctors write script and have food assistance along with it. Or some such scam.

    Beyond dependence, the US government controls the food supply.

    Let’s just start talking about these things as they are.

    The issue is not big government or even dependence. The issue is control over basic needs. (see Marx).

    At one point I thought all these food insurance/food storage people like Glenn Beck were taking it all a bit too far. As time goes on, and knowing for a fact that I am not prone to paranoia, conspiracy theories or tin foil hats, we have to start seeing this for what it is.