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Obama to Campaign for His Leftist Vision

President Obama is returning to the campaign trail yet again, this time to tout his “vision” of an economy steered by federal intervention and income equalization.

The 2012 campaign is still a vivid memory, but Obama has been longing for the trail ever since. He’s already begun to raise money for the 2014 Democratic effort to fully capture Congress and campaign on behalf of his unpopular health care law. And now he will also be touring the country to try to promote the leftist philosophy that has guided him much of his life – and try to ensure its perpetual application to the U.S. economy.

In an email to the White House list Sunday, Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer said Obama Wednesday will launch a series of speeches spanning several weeks that will touch on aspects of the economy, including “job security, a good education, a home to call your own, affordable health care when you get sick, and the chance to save for a secure, dignified retirement.”

The speeches, Pfeiffer’s email suggests, are part of a long term project to reshape America’s economic character:

The point is to chart a course for where America needs to go — not just in the next three months or even the next three years, but a steady, persistent effort over the long term to restore this country’s basic bargain for the middle class.

This “basic bargain,” Pfeiffer says, can only be struck when “we’re all in this together” and “when everybody’s got a shot at opportunity” – as opposed to keeping the U.S. marooned in a “winner take all” economy.

But as Obama has made clear repeatedly, this kind of beneficent communalism cannot be voluntary, and must instead be coerced by government.

Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama talked frequently during the campaign about how the election was a referendum on “who we are” as a nation. The Obamas spoke about the need for Americans to come together, but they made clear that the place Americans come together is within the federal government.

In his Inauguration Address, Obama suggested that the Founding Fathers would countenance mass action through government:

“Fidelity to our founding principles requires new responses to new challenges; that preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action,” he said. But Obama made clear that such “collective action” has historically been done by government:

Together, we determined that a modern economy requires railroads and highways to speed travel and commerce, schools and colleges to train our workers . . .

No single person can train all the math and science teachers we’ll need to equip our children for the future, or build the roads and networks and research labs that will bring new jobs and businesses to our shores.  Now, more than ever, we must do these things together, as one nation and one people.

Obama’s new series of speeches are being portrayed in the press as a kind of pivot by the president to focus on the economy. It’s not. Obama will actually be trying to promote his left-wing philosophy and ensure his place as a “transformational” president, along the lines – but in the opposite direction – of Ronald Reagan.

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  1. I just read over at the the following comment – “If Obama had a city, it would look like Detroit”. How true, how true!

  2. Yes, others are saying that little Trayvon Obama once again is calling wolf on the economy, aka “pivots”, but the devil is in the details, isn’t it? They are not spelling out what it really means as you have done, Keith. Good post!

  3. From the talking points of his upcoming speeches, we all agree with him. We’d all like to own our own home, have job security, affordable healthcare, and a dignified retirement.
    We had that, once. Now, we don’t. We had all of that and more until the government passed stupid , invasive regulations and laws that poisoned our economy.
    We’re broke, we don’t have billions to invest in pipe dreams of government spending.
    MrObama can talk all he wants, promise everything to everyone, but he can’t deliver the goods.

    • That is one of their tried and true tactics. Who doesn’t want good schools and job security etc. We all do. Its just that a few of us don’t think it should be delivered with bigger government and redistribution of wealth. (Stating the obvious.) The next step is the fear mongering and assigning blame. You see, if we don’t deserve “it” then it is ok to take it from us. The lines of “everybody has a fair shot…” is that dog whistle again. Code for its not your fault and we’ll make it all better.
      Also saw that line about if Obama had a city it would be Detroit this morning on another site. Reading the comments was startling. There are some real cool Cool-aid drinkers out there. Detroit is not any fault of the people who managed the city or voted there. Alarming actually. They really do believe a city of democrats, run by democrats (and unions), was let down by republicans. “We” might be broke, but those remaining in Detroit are desperate, destitute, and delusional.

    • At this point, that’s actually more of an insult to Mr. Mugabe. He keeps this up, he’s going to make Mugabe look like Margaret Thatcher by comparison.

  4. Bar the door, Katy! Unleashing Obummer on an “I’m so lazy” PR tour is cruel and unusual punishment.

    Of course he will not allow questions as to why higher mortgage rates are drying up the housing mkt; why the U.S. ranks 35th in math and 15th in reading out of 65 countries; why 25 major cities, not including Detroit, are in dire financial straits due to union pension plans; why the 40 hour work week has been replaced by the 29 hour work week; why the number of food stamp/disability recipients has doubled since 2009. or why Black/latino gang membership has increased 40% since 2009. This is what ‘we as a Nation look like’ after 5 years of oppression under the Marxist dictator. More to come. Immigration and cap and trade. So much to look FOREWARD to.

    • We keep hearing the complaint that we’re falling behind in math and sciences. But that’s just an average of what is actually happening. For the whites and asians, their scores are going up, while the blacks and hispanics are getting worse. Whether it’s the inner city schools that are failing them or their own culture doesn’t matter. We’ll end up pouring more money into the bottom-less pit.

    • by the time he answered all those questions, he would be out of office…..

      And remember, he doesn’t answer those questions without his teleprompter….

  5. What the ……! Dictator Obama is going to race around the country like a rat in heat giving speeches on the American economy which is in a total shambles because of his communist policies? If we had an honest media and a robust opposition party in Congress, he would right now be hunkered down in the white house, hiding under a bed from the angry mobs of Americans whose lives have been ruined by the actions of he and his fellow comrades in the democrat communist party.

    Let’s be honest, he could care less about the economy, this is just another cheap excuse to conduct another shake down tour to squeeze more money from the crony capitalists and useful wealthy leftists that mysteriously, is never properly documented or accounted for in complance with the campaign contribution laws. It would be interesting and shocking to really know where all this cold, hard cash ends up. Let us also not forget he will be using air force one and the SS paid for by the taxpayers to scoop up all of this money.

  6. Speeches……..more bloviating with nothing concrete to recommend…..The old timers had an appropriate saying for people like him….”PUT UP OR SHUT UP!”

  7. No doubt Obama will visit Detroit where he will praise the value of powerful unions, high welfare rolls, rock bottom educational achievement standards, broken, fatherless families, high abortion rates, and corrupt, self serving politicians. You know, all the political goals Democrats cherish.

  8. I sure hope he gets right into some of the subjects I have been treated in my Hopey Copey blog ( How college is not the right thing for many people–for one thing, most people don’t graduate in 4 years–and it’s cripplingly expensive. Now there is some doubt about certifications–they may not be worth the money–yes, they are a year and can lead to a job, but not all do. Now there is also some doubt about STEM–if it’s the panacea. You can go to engineering school or be a math whiz and get replaced by a visa worker from India. Yeah–I am sure all this will come up.

  9. Reagan raised taxes 14 times as Governor and 32 as President. He cut and ran from Lebanon after 242 Marines were killed by terrorists. He negotiated with terrorists in Iran-Contra. And you folks think Obama is worse? You live in a fact deprived universe/echo-chamber.

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  11. Great article, Keith. Thanks for the warning about America’s own Willie Stark and his travellin’ road show. Is he going to pretend to tour around in his two commie-colored Canadian buses? Maybe a few backyard revival meetings like the good ol’ days of 2010?

  12. I truly believe he just can’t stand it there at the White House, he must get grossed out by what it all represents or something. Please quit.

      • If you had to live with the perpetually miserable, scowling, and complaining Moochelle wouldn’t you want to stay out on the road all the time and spend as little time as possible at the White House?
        Besides, methinks our over the top manly president, Dictator Obama, lives in constant terror of having the bejeezus beat out of him every time Moochelle catches him in flagrante delicto with his BBF Reggie Love!

  13. […] …Obama’s new series of speeches are being portrayed in the press as a kind of pivot by the president to focus on the economy. It’s not. Obama will actually be trying to promote his left-wing philosophy and ensure his place as a “transformational” president, along the lines – but in the opposite direction – of Ronald Reagan.   LINK […]

  14. So let me see if I have this correct.

    The man wants full control of the government, and zero congressional oversight, now that he’s beyond all accountability to the citizenry.

    Let’s call this spade a spade. The man wants to be dictator of America. If there is any other conclusion that can possibly be drawn, I don’t know what it might be.