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Obama: “Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me”

President Obama today doubled down on his statement last year that Trayvon Martin could have been his son, revising his remarks with the update, “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.

Obama spoke today about the Trayvon Martin case during an unscheduled appearance in the White House briefing room before the daily briefing by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Carney suggested afterward that Obama decided to take the stage after reporters from Latino TV stations earlier this week failed as expected to ask about Martin, saying Obama had prepared a similar statement for them.

Once again, as he did in a written statement issued Sunday, Obama injected race into a situation in which the sole surviving antagonist – George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Martin – says there was no element of race. Skating right by Zimmerman’s claims, Obama called for “soul searching:”

And then, finally, I think it’s going to be important for all of us to do some soul-searching . . . at least you ask yourself your own questions about, am I wringing as much bias out of myself as I can?  Am I judging people as much as I can, based on not the color of their skin, but the content of their character?  That would, I think, be an appropriate exercise in the wake of this tragedy.

Obama said he accepted the jury’s verdict but, through his clear sympathy for Martin, obviously completely rejects the principle underlying it – that Zimmerman acted in self defense. Zimmerman said he had stopped following Martin at the time he was attacked and claims it was Martin who then came and found him, and then attacked unprovoked.

First of all, I want to make sure that, once again, I send my thoughts and prayers, as well as Michelle’s, to the family of Trayvon Martin, and to remark on the incredible grace and dignity with which they’ve dealt with the entire situation . . . You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot I said that this could have been my son.  Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.

Incredible. The president is stepping into the case not only add racist motives that haven’t been proven but to throw doubt on a man who was declared innocent under the law Obama is tasked with upholding.

Obama offered only  a mild caution against violence, and that merely in passing:

If I see any violence, then I will remind folks that that dishonors what happened to Trayvon Martin and his family.  But beyond protests or vigils, the question is, are there some concrete things that we might be able to do.

Instead, he said it was understandable that African Americans – including himself – interpret the case along racial lines because of injustices and stereotyping past and present.

There are very few African American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store.  That includes me.  There are very few African American men who haven’t had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars.  That happens to me — at least before I was a senator . . . The African American community is also knowledgeable that there is a history of racial disparities in the application of our criminal laws — everything from the death penalty to enforcement of our drug laws.  And that ends up having an impact in terms of how people interpret the case.

Might not the first black president tell African Americans to try to look at the case dispassionately rather than suggest that whites should accept their reaction? Would that not do more, given the incredible progress the country has made with respect to race, to unite the country under his leadership?

Obama was obviously trying to make some kind of profound summing up of the Martin case. What he did instead was continue to polarize the issue and suggest that blacks have good reason to be angry.

Here’s the full video of Obama’s remarks:

171 thoughts on “Obama: “Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me””

  1. Let’s see…35 years ago obama was living in Hawaii, attending an exclusive private school, living with a grandma who was Vice President of a bank and grandfather who worked in a furnature store. His free time was spent smoking weed, hanging with friends, smoking more weed, smoking weed in cars, hanging out with potheads. Yeah I guess he’s right besides the private school thing, he was a lot like Trayvon.

    1. I’m sorry when is hanging out with friends and smoking weed a reason to get stalked and shot by a neighborhood watchman/police wanna be? Whatever anyone wants to say happened (and only two people know and 1 is dead). If Zimmerman had minded his own business there wouldn’t be a dead unarmed teenager.

      1. If Martin had decided to be conversational and not confrontational, this could have been avoided. If he had not been suspended from school and this not sent up to his father’s place, if his parents had raised him together in a stable home, if Martin had called the police himself to report he was being stalked, etc., etc.

        There are a lot of things Zimmerman could have done differently and I am sure he wishes he had, but that is a two-way street.

      2. Right, Adam, because that is what ALL Neighborhood Watches should do, mind their own business. The reason he got stalked was because he was behaving suspiciously. He wasn’t walking down the sidewalk, he was in yards, looking in windows, etc. But, never mind all that…

      3. “Whatever anyone wants to say happened (and only two people know and 1 is dead)….”

        ah, the low-information voter. Adam, do you know what “reasonable doubt” means?

        it means that if we are not sure what happened that night–and you’re right, we’re not–that means the jury HAS to find Zimmerman not guilty.

        that’s just a fundamental of the American justice system. we simply don’t put innocent people in jail to make up for vague racial wrongs in the past.

      4. Adam, I take it that you didn’t have time to actually follow the trial. If you had, you would know that Martin had four minutes to cover a distance of 100 yards back to the safety of his home. Yet four minutes later, the bigger Trayvon Martin was atop the smaller George Zimmerman wailing on him and slamming his head against the concrete. Martin was the predator here, not Zimmerman, which the evidence of the trial made crystal clear. Unfortunately, you didn’t pay attention, and out of ignorance ran your mouth about something you knew nothing about. Fortunately, the members of the jury paid attention.

      5. Two deadly mistakes:
        Zimmerman didn’t identify himself
        Trayvon didn’t keep his fists in his pocket

        It didn’t need to happen.

      6. If Obama had minded his own business and not injected himself into the Trayvon Martin story (and that of Skip Gates), there would be a lot less racial tension in this country, a lot less property damage, less assaulted people, and likely more citizens still alive.

      7. If Trayvon had called 911 (like Zimmerman did) he’d be alive today. since when is it ok to become physically violent with someone. Oh I guess that was Tryavon “standing his ground?” The fact is Trayvon’s big bad self and his self-destructive behavior is what is to blame for him being dead today.

    2. Weed twice a week — normal for Trayvon Martin, according to Rachel Jeantel.

      Can ANYBODY verify that Barack Obama was actually followed in a store, and that this isn’t just another fake “composite” created to bolster an image? Seems more likely he and several white rowdy friends caught the eye of store personnel, but the facts would be nice to know. (Unless those are also sealed. Come to think of it, Obama does have a thing for seals).

    3. Why isn’t this being discussed?

      Trayvon was found with 2 of 3 ingredients for the drug called Lean?
      Commonly called “purple drank” in black culture, the drug Lean is made by mixing usually soda, jolly ranchers and codeine syrup or robutussin. A particular mixture of the drug Lean requires two ingredients to be mixed with the cough syrup: skittles and Arizona Iced tea watermellon flavor.

      Aparently, trayvon has had a history talking about “purple drank”.

  2. First, ” if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin.
    Now it’s, Trayvon Martin could have been me “.
    What’s next, ” I am Trayvon Martin “. ?
    Making a hero out of a wannabe thug.

    1. So wait a minute: did all those LCD (lowest common denominator) voters vote for trayvon or barack?
      He just couldn’t leave it alone, could he? Never mind that the LCD don’t have jobs or income (except for the fed $$ aka taxes aka reparations we provide but then, we were stupid enough to work for a living) -he has a two-fer here: he goes for the Friday afternoon news dump, AND for the sound bite.
      This guy is as shabby as sharpton.
      Even sharpton doesn’t take the taxpayers for as much as often.
      We are living in a third-world banana republic.

  3. Too bad it wasn’t Obummer 35 years ago. Our country would be in a lot better shape if he had been eliminated when he was 15.

      1. Oh? So you think the shape that this “president” has put our country in is okay? If so, you need to remove yourself from this country as much as Obummer and his cow of a wife need to be gone.

        1. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

          How dare you call for the death of another poster.

          However, if you have some sort of prescience at your disposal, please feel free to tell us how we’re wrong.

          1. I didn’t call for the death of another poster. I questioned Star’s loyalty to the USA because she thinks my comment regarding Obama is “shameful” even though he claimed he could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago. If you read my comment further down, it clarifies my initial statement — or maybe some here are too dense to understand.

            It must be nice to be so righteous. This is directed to “shameful” and “ugly, ugly ugly”, Many of you have expressed similar thoughts, although maybe not in as clear words, but you’ve done the same. But because I have been very clear, I am criticized for the same thing. What a crock of hypocrites!

          2. You question someone’s “loyalty” to this country because she objected to your wish that FCMABBHO had been killed 35 years ago, and you state that she needs to “remove” herself from this nation because she doesn’t agree with you.

            But, let’s get one thing straight: I’m the one who said your post was “shameful” and I’m the one who said a subsequent post was “Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.”

            I dare you to find one post of mine that calls for FCMABBHO’s death.

          3. Kathy,
            What you have to understand is what you said was hateful to most of us here. Are these “evil” people? Are you evil? Heck I don’t know. But your intense emotion and name-calling is not what I’d call “Good”. Another thing you have to understand is you are not leaning against some pool table somewhere or sitting on a tailgate out in the middle of truck-stop lot in Pork Chop, Utah. All sorts of highly-trained people with astronomical security clearances are very keen as to what is said in America these days. I assure one or two of them have already read what you have been saying.
            Take some well-experienced, well-qualified advice:
            Wise Up.
            And be a helluva lot nicer.

    1. Your choice of words was unfortunate and ill-advised but I certainly understand the anger at what Obama’s doing to our country.

      1. To me, your comment accurately reflects what I chose to infer in light of kathyd’s earlier comments. I’ll give her a pass based on this situation and personal circumstances.

        1. None of you have to give me a pass for any reason. I do not like Mr. Obama, his wife, or his cohorts.

          Unlike some of you, I am not afraid to express exactly how I feel about all of them. This man compared himself to Trayvon Martin who was shot and killed. In effect, Obama said he was (or could have been) a punk and a thug, and we have pictures proving his drug usage. Therefore, I stated accurately that if Obama had been Trayvon Martin, he would have been shot and killed which would have eliminated his being elected to the office of president, and in turn, would have prevented him from destroying this great country.

          If none of you like my comments, tough. I have as much right as any of you to express my thoughts.

          1. Most of us here do not “like” mr. obama and his wife.
            But it does seem to me a “sin” to wish/hope for anyone’s
            “elimination” or death. We/you can wish/hope for a lot of things, but I think this goes too far.
            It seems to me it would be a lot more useful if we could just ignore him to death, not give him a pulpit, not give his dreadful wife any screen time – ignoring “kills” publicity hounds as surely as violent means. It’s just better torture.

          2. I thought it was a horrible comment–wishing someone had been killed at 15–but this does not mean I approve of what this admin is doing or has done. Yes, you can say whatever you want–but that was despicable in my opinion, which I stated–and I can say that. I feel the same about the POS nonsense–and the other mundane and crummy names.

  4. Most divisive, damaging President in US history

    Thanks alot, Obama voters, for foisting this POS on us for another four years

    1. don’t forget those 2 million or so McCain/Palin voters who stayed home in 2012 because Romney wasn’t “conservative” enough for them, or he was a scary MORMON or something.

      I blame them more. you’d expect the Koolaid drinkers to keep supporting their messiah, but I expect more from the others.

  5. Interesting… I think he had admitted that he was a thug.

    I thought this country was post-racial since his election and that he is a uniter? He really is the first African-American president because they and the illegals are the only groups for which he gives a damn.

  6. CBS seems to have deleted all video of Michelle saying on 60 Minutes that Barack could get shot “going to the gas station” just because he’s black.

    1. Most of her hate speeches during the ’08 campaign have also been scrubbed from the internet. The ‘I was you guys’ speech yesterday in Chicago has been removed from Politico. It must take a team of editors to clean up after her.

        1. Obama File is a great compilation of all things Obama with public resources to back it up. The Library of Congress has included it with their internet historical collection so it’s very available to the media for their vetting convenience …. heh.

        2. The Obama File is the bomb! Discovered it during the ’08 campaign – too bad the MSM kept it under wraps. The stories from some of the lawyers who worked with the Mooch are shocking, as is the account of one of the U of C law professors who knew Obama during the days of his stint as an adjunct lecturer. He never applied for tenure b/c he was told he would never qualify.

  7. Golly–I had NO idea that 35 years ago “the president” was suspended from school, had burglary tools and stolen goods in his backpack, punched out a school bus driver, had a gold rack in his mouth, etc….Who would have thought???

  8. I don’t believe for a moment that Obama gives two cents about Martin beyond how it serves the agenda and the agenda is and has been the 2014 election. How do I know..well just today in my inbox I found a “send us some money” email. No mention of gun control, no mention if “I had a son..” not a word about Detroit imploding, gas prices rising, continuing QE at $85 billion a month,

    “But I’ll tell you what: it would be a lot easier if I had a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate to do it.”
    “If you do, then we can take back the House and we can keep the Senate in Democratic hands. That will allow me to appoint outstanding judges to the federal bench. That will allow us to ensure that we are making progress on issues like creating jobs and climate change and education that are critically important for the next generation.”

    1. The public gets blown hither and dither so perhaps it’s not at its final resting point, but I am reading that only 25% of the public thinks Zimmerman is a racist or violated Martin’s rights. I don’t see how this is a winning issue for Obama and the Democrats. But as I said, that is of the moment.

  9. Once again I ask why do we have to HONOR trayvon?

    This is a very very dangerous man, he is fanning the flames and he knows it.

  10. Anyone wanting to know more about the content of Trayvon Martin’s character as well as Tracy Martin’s and Sabrina Fultons should go visit TheConservativeTreehouse whose research on the issue is worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. Trayvon Martin was a drug addicted, violent thug whose carefully concealed connections to burglaries near his High School make it very likely was “up to no good.”

  11. If it’s true that he issued this astounding statement today because the Hispanics who interviewed him didn’t ask about the Zimmerman trial, it speaks to his absolute cluelessness of who they are.
    Hispanics are White people who want to be real citizens, and live in America where opportunity abounds for those who work hard.
    They don’t have any shared history with the Black community. They understand why the authorities have pursued the illegal aliens, and it had nothing to do with the supposed tone of their skin, but the illegality of their entrance into the US.
    The Hispanic community supported MrO because he promised them a passageway to legal residence in the US, not because they were “down” with the racial struggle.

    Personally; if there was ever evidence that America made a mistake electing a member of a minority group who has secretly nurtured his victim status all through life, it was illustrated today with MrObama’s pathetic, factually wrong, and a self-pitying attempt to identify himself with a dead teenager.

    1. srdem65.. it just turned into a all about me me me.. how hard he has had to struggle through the years (not) becoming the community organizer the whole world loves.

      I am totally disgusted. But I knew, I think we all knew he could not leave this alone. Probably worked on it while MOTUS and kidlets were out visiting her BFF. On our dime.

      Btw.. is it a golfing weekend??? ;-) He’s had to work so hard this week.

    2. Absolutely correct. Plus a nice little distraction from Benghazi, IRS, NSA, etc. Yes, he has worked pretty darn hard this week and needs to go golfing with his underlings to look like the BIG MAN!

  12. I think the president needs to stay out of this, he is only fueling the fire that is out of control already. Remember Mr President you are half white or did u forget that part??? Next he’ll be wearing a hoodie….

    1. We’re approaching full-on dictator status now…how dare anyone “dishonor” Dear Leader. What kind of legal precedent is that??

      Nice to know she’s on top of things.

  13. *Don’t look, Star.*

    WHAT A FREAKIN’ NARCISSIST! Turning the death of a teen into something that’s all about himself!

  14. I wonder if Obama realizes he is bi-racial. As such, he couldn’t have asked for a more idyllic place to call home than Hawaii – a multi-cultural melting pot. The class photos from his days at Punahoa show a small, mixed-race group of happy little kids. Who wouldn’t be happy living in paradise? Life was carefree and the chooming was easy. Trayvon Martin would love to have been Obama but Obama will never be Trayvon Martin. Community agitators don’t use their fists – they rabble rouse and indoctrinate the unwashed masses to do their dirty work.

  15. It looks to me like this little speech was given to make sure “Rev.” Sharpton has a good turnout for his 100 rallies tomorrow. Just pour a little more gasoline on the flames, right–“mr. president?”

    1. I think the opposite. The One was choking on his words because he forced himself to say them only to stop any observations that his reckless remarks led to riots.

      He’s the Big Ole Peacemaker, the Second LIncoln, remember?

  16. If the excrement hits the rotating blades of the air circulation device tomorrow, he SERIOUSLY needs to get hit with a class-action lawsuit.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if President Unity was thinking something like this tonight…

    “I stood above them all and watched for days.
    I felt as though my own kind were all that mattered and kept me sane.
    I gathered them to me, watched their hunted pass away
    as if direction had finally come.
    A resurrection for all our selves.

    And we who were so scorned shall always wish to make their end.
    Our words to still their voice.
    Our hands to break their worthless necks.”

    That’s “Procession” by VNV Nation, if you’re curious.

    Mark my words, this wicked man WANTS riots tomorrow.

  17. 1) What was he on that gave him that slow, measured, solemn pace?

    2) Maybe his “new and improved” daughters can teach him how to keep his big nose out of others’ legal trials — and stop pandering to the lowest common denominator, in doing so enabling those who want to riot and worse.

    3) PLEASE. ANYBODY: Are there ANY facts to show that Obama was actually “profiled” in department stores when he was young? (My money is on him and a group of mostly white high school choom gangers being rowdy and catching the eye of store personnel. My money would also be on that not qualifying as racial profiling).

    Can anybody provide details? Or is this just another “composite” from a book somebody wrote?

  18. I’m so sick of this. It’s done, but our beloved prez was feeling his oats today (I didn’t see it, good). Hey, it’s the w/e and he’s looking forward to his fun and games;) He loves to stir the pot. How totally innapropriate. He doesn’t give a damn about TM. He cares about BHO.

    Mr. Half White president is a sad excuse as a leader. The damage he is doing to this country is horrible.

      1. Not Nabob the Knothead

        @Wal-Mart the paint mixer still comes up with gray when mixing black and white. I’ve refused to pay for paint they mix which does not come up Black when the two are mixed. Our President comes up Black when mixed, but Wal-Mart or the color spectrum can’t match. END.

  19. The ridiculousness continues, it appears there is a game called divide and conquer being played.

    “Borrowing a quote from Abraham Lincoln, Obama said people should appeal to “the better angels” of human natures, rather than using incidents like Travyvon’s death and Zimmerman’s acquittal to “heighten divisions.”

    Really? Seriously?

    I am so glad their are still people like those on this site that actually care about this country.

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  20. Cynical Theory: This issue has been a fundraising cash-cow and organizing tool for the National Action Network from the beginning. This could be simply an exercise to evaluate mass mob-action capability, streamline coordination between groups, test rapid deployment of street actors, reinforce intimidation of the public, determine public reaction and it’s impact on future events and the effects of the action on fund-raising. Most of NAN’s chapters are in the South and I think they want to see if they can shut it down and provoke a response from the Vast Redneck Conspiracy south of the Mason-Dixon.
    Org For America certainly has enough cross-pollinated professional activists to contribute people to the effort. The alphabet groups left over from ACORN will get texts as well.
    The Southern Poverty Law Center is supporting too.
    This could simply be an field exercise sweltering under a lot of useful emotion.
    Either way the President, with the prestige of his Office behind him, gave them the Green Light for the action itself as well as moderate levels of violence. There may be deniable Black Bloc actions of severe violence.
    There will be violence – Because that is part of the success criteria.
    Just a Cynical Theory.

      1. Well good then. I guess I’m not nuts.
        None of this is new; Brownshirts and Communists of various stripes have been doing this by the numbers since the 1920’s. I know front groups when I see them. These just aren’t necessarily subversive – they appear so but enjoy the passive support of the current regime.
        I stopped looking at this country like an American 2 years ago. As a war(s) veteran it was just too damned depressing. I now see this place like I would another country I got sent to with it’s groups and structures and religions and so forth.
        “…this side’s winning, that side holds the initiative, the money comes from these sources, blah, blah, blah…”

        1. Interesting. Most of my life for a variety of reasons spent overseas. Always proud to be American. Always viewed us as different from what I saw there. Now I don’t even recognize my country. I can see where it might go in light of my experiences abroad and history.

          Your comment about seeing this country as others I have seen is thought provoking for me.

  21. The Trayvon Martin 1st Annual Golf Tournament.

    9AM. Saturday 7/2013 Fort Belvoir Golf Course. Appropriate attire. Golf shoes only.

    His Arrogance will tee off first. Before noon. We hope.

    Refreshments of Iced Tea /Watermelon Juice and Skittles will be available at the Clubhouse. $5 dollar cash “memory” donation.

    Blacks and Democrats only. No Whites, Hispanics or Republicans.
    Riot in lieu of Reception. 4 pm. Gather at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, WDC. Attire Trayvon hoodies. Riot starts when His Arrogance is seated in the viewing stand. Riot to be led by the Reverend Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jackson.

    Blacks and Democrats only. No Whites, Hispanics or Republicans.

    The Reverend Al’s New Girlfriend not named Tawana. MSNBC

          1. “O, if only the Almighty hath not fixed His Canon against self-slaughter. That this too, too solid flesh would run and resolve itself into a dew!”

            Wrong genre but it’s all I had at the moment

  22. Someone told The One, “Your comment about Trayvon being your son has given the Inflamed Community more feelings of justification for anything they choose to do. You’d better go out there and try to do your Faux Lincoln so no riots can be blamed on your words.”

    That’s why he’s practically choking to get his words out.

    I wonder, too, why the harassment that women get all the time for simplyl being female is not so important — it’s the black men who are the ones suffing beyond description from an occasional experience of prejudice — women who get harassed verbally whenever some asshole wants to make a remark, well, that’s NORMAL, I guess.

    I’m tired of the Black Man as Biggest Sufferer –. Let’s remember that Trayvon’s father, who was supposed to be disciplining Trayvon and giving him some firm-hand parenting, went to bed while Sonny was still out on a Skittles and Tea run for his little bro — lack of parental concern or perhaps The Trayvon One had been doing pretty much as he pleased since arriving at Dad’s.

    I wish I could know what Rachelle what’s her name said to The Trayvon One during that conversation — spurred him on perhaps? that’s why she felt so “guilty” that she couldn’t attend his funeral?

    1. Didn’t she say in a post-trial interview that she told Trayvon that GZ was probably a gay pediophile stalker out to get him ? If that were the case why didn’t Trayvon call the police at that point if he were afraid? Or run to his home which was very close by? Most kids would have. Unless he was attempting to mug GZ since he ruined his “casing the neighborhood” for some drug money?

  23. Someone earlier described Trayvon Martin’s post-mortem as a “beautification”.
    I thought that was brilliant.

    Wave the bloody shirt of the martyr!

    “money, money, money…mon-neh”

  24. Oh, BS. I lock my car doors no matter WHO is in the parking lot and I’ve been followed around dept stores, despite being a while, blond, senior citizen of Norwegian descent. The clerks in many stores just do that.

    The Jug Eared Wonder Boy needs to get over himself.

    1. Another Nowegian. I have more Norwegians reading my sites than Americans–no idea why. My grandmother emigrated from there. I lived in DC for 35 yrs–and there was plenty of wariness and acting out on both sides of the black and white divide. Yes, if I was alone, I might cross the street. And black clerks would turn their backs and continue to talk to their coworkers instead of checking out your purchase. That sort of low-grade, pass-agg stuff. You learn to live with it. We also had black friends (cliche, I now), the bar I liked was half black–Marion Barry went there, Stokely, Carl Bernstein… This country is changing–it is not Jim Crow days anymore. But it is not perfect. I was glad to see the Chicago protestors focusing on their shooting problems during the Trayvon protests. Step by step…we cannot tolerate “a war” in Chicago–the govt was created to prevent wars within our borders. Get with it, Rahm.

  25. Obama continues to struggle with being president of all Americans, rather than president of minorities or of liberals.

    Although discrimination is a legitimate concern in the country today and should be debated in an appropriate setting, the Zimmerman trial was not about race according to almost everyone who was part of the trial.

    But Obama, with the support of the race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, has made the trial only about race. All are entitled to their individual opinion, but it is not appropriate for the president to take a pro-Trayvon stance, as he has since the beginning.

    That’s a role more appropriate of a community organizer, which Obama hasn’t been able to step away from.

    Another example (such as lecturing the African president on same sex rights) of conduct that’s unpresidential and an embarrassment to the US.

  26. “We can chew gum and walk at the same time. We can pivot and focus like a laser on The Hate and create jobs…and create, um, certain jobs.”

    (not a real quote)

      1. I don’t either.

        What I thought was interesting, however, was that it came from Salon — somewhat recognized — and just so out there. Left against left and the vitriol.

        Another odd thing I saw was at WAPO there is a pool on when Holder resigns.

        Weird doings. Full Moon.

        1. Oh, there are cracks in the plaster.
          Charles Barkley and Bill Cosby both came out with qualified support of the verdict and the jury. Alan West brought up the particularly poignant case of the Georgia mother who’s infant was shot dead in the face by two teenage Black “children” recently and how it was absolutely ignored by the Establishment Media..
          Reasonable people can see this.

        2. Since waay back when I was a Red Diaper Doper Baby and Teenage Radical until now all the people I knew on The Left have been – by a country mile – the most personally vicious in all their doings.

  27. Not Nabob the Knothead

    35 years ago? 1978? Was Barry on Spring Break in Florida? I don’t think so. But I wish I would have been.

    Incoherent post are allowed here correct. (wink, wink)

  28. I don’t know if anyone’s said this yet but…
    What we’re witnessing is the Federalization of law enforcement. Most municipal PDs are hopelessly addicted to Federal grant money and funding from a wide variety of Federal sources. DOJ is going to be
    “training” local LEOs and sitting in virtually every cop-shop in the country. Local LE will have to comply for various legal reasons but mostly due to local budgets. These local police – who are generally from the region they are policing will be swarmed by an alphabet soup of national agencies so they become, in function if not in name, an auxiliary arm of the type of Federal Police.
    It’s been happening for some time but it’s about to be turned up to Eleven..

    1. It’s all about the money for tech-age gadgets, heavy duty specialized vehicles, and computer techs that the cities can’t afford without some Federal help.
      Most of our younger police come straight from the military where money for gadgets and equipment isn’t a problem or a concern. They claim they need these things for modern crime-fighting, so the town fathers reach out to Uncle Sam for help.

      1. Right.
        Which brings up militarization of the law enforcement.
        But wow…that’s for a different day. I don’t the energy for that one.

        1. I don’t have the energy either. But it is an interesting point. The concern is heightened when you have the caliber of Holder at DOJ and more recently Big Sis at DHS. I am assuming Holder to leave as well. Both to be replaced by worse. And the closeness of DOJ and DHS is particularly disturbing. Consider immigration.

          Going to be tough seeing my country as I see others. If so, it looks dark and dangerous.

          I’m thinking ice cream. :)

          1. Janet is going for the money. She seems sort of unconcerned about it all. She always has.
            Eric Holder is the Commander of the Praetorian Guard.
            He’s not going anywhere.

          2. Pretend you’re in a movie.
            Except I’ve never ever seen an Intel Analyst run down a hallway. That’s Hollywood. They’re pretty detached and are generally clearing the building and hiking the parking lot by 1645.

            (and not “clearing the building” like must of us would think)

  29. I feel vindicated in saying that when compared side to side this Administration’s wide swath of serious scandals make Iran-Contra looking absolutely effin’ ridiculous.

  30. Pingback: Obama: “Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me” :

  31. Y’know, I couldn’t sleep the other night trying to remember how Posey died in “The Dirty Dozen” and I realized that I was a very obscure Historian and I should know the fact that until fairly recently in our nation’s history, most slave holders, Klansmen and segregationists have been Democrats and most Abolitionists, the man who actually ended slavery as well as the first Black Secretary of State and the first Black female Secretary of State were Republicans.
    Then I looked up Posey on Wiki and went to sleep.

  32. I think the Current White House Occupant (Sorry, I stopped calling him President a while ago) is way off base here. A properly instructed jury reached a verdict. End of discussion. By taking the approach he has, Mr. Obama is yet again trying to obfuscate his way through more issues. “He could have been me” is NOT an acceptable explanation for the increasingly obvious failings of the Affordable Care Act, Benghazi, the economy, the IRS linkage to the White House….the list is virtually endless. His conduct is best defined by one expression “rabble rouser”

  33. Trayvon, when you look at the suppressed evidence, was a typical juvenile delinquent with a future of petty crime. Fortunately, President Obama had the opportunity to go on to much greater things.

  34. After Obama initiallyl said that the jury had made its decision and you have to accept it, he changed his tune and threw the six women on the jury under the bus by saying now that if it had been a white teenager, you would have had a different outcome.

  35. .he is a sick twisted the worse pres the most un-American butthead and whomever gave this piece of crap the peace price is an ass. everyday I look at what this guy says..what this guy does and it makes me sick.

    if Hitler had a son…

    suck it OBAMA

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