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The Obama Morning News || July 19, 2013

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  1. Dems attack Treasury inspector general . . .

    But the second half featured George and his associates, and ended up becoming a forum for Democratic lawmakers to accuse him of effectively ignoring potential signs that liberal groups may have been targeted as well. They pointed in part to IRS documents that suggest “progressive” groups may have been singled out.

    George, though, said he didn’t see one of those packets until last week. He said he was “disturbed” it took so long for the IRS to produce the documents.

    But George has also said all along that the evidence mostly pointed to conservative groups receiving the most scrutiny. He bristled at the tough questioning from Democrats which repeatedly second-guessed his office’s audit of the IRS’ practices.

    “I have to admit, I am a little concerned that this type of forum could have a chilling effect on the operations of inspectors general,” George said, referring specifically to the second-guessing of how the audit was run.

    He added: “We’ve never treated an IG office like this.”


    I hope George has the spine of steel to resist this partisan aggression.

      1. He was appointed by George Bush. I wonder how long an IG’s term lasts, and if FCMABBHO would have the temerity to get rid of him if and when his term expires.

    1. 291 Conservative groups targeted and status not granted.

      7 liberal groups. Status granted.

      Pretty much the Democrats during the reign of Obama, on most issues, isolate and attack individuals like a pack of wolves.

  2. thank goodness Kerry is off to the West Bank.

    If he can somehow convince Israel to pack up and move somewhere else (maybe the Moon or Mars) then it will be the end of all wars everywhere (except on the Moon or Mars, of course)

    1. REALLY, the Middle Eat is in flames, Syria is burning, Egypt is rioting, and the Nobel-seeking Where’s Waldo is at the West Bank?
      Of course, like others in this administration, you gotta admit that (except for the brave ones at Benghazi), they don’t go to places that could be dangerous.

  3. Politico either unwittingly or with ‘malice aforethought’ has published a hit piece on MrsObama; the headline “I was you guys”.
    In a meeting sponsored by the Mayor and his wife for “underserved” highschoolers, MrsO compares her childhood and education to those who don’t have the “privilege and opportunity” that she discovered when she went to the “ivyiest of the ivys’ college.

    I was you guys. No wonder she gave up her license to practice law. Harvard must be so proud.

    1. If she was trying to capture the right tone for Chicago, it would have been, “I was yous guys.” But maybe “yous” is a white Chicago thing. Then at the end she say (sic), “Do not turn your back on what you GOT here.” BTW, I have a Pavlovian reaction every time she does her poor me schtick, and it’s not pretty.

  4. MrO may cancel his scheduled meeting with Russia’s Putin.
    Of course, he will.
    Putin gave Obama a swirly at the Russian airport, captured it on video and posted it for all the world to see.
    The next meeting between the two men would probably involve the Russian de-panting MrO on live TV.

    1. Not surprised the Snowden incident has become personal. Both of these men have massive egos. My guess is Preezy Revenge is safe from public humiliation as long as his pet chihuahua, Goober Grahamnesty, is out there making a fool of himself calling for boycotts of the Olympic games in Russia.

      1. It’s almost like the GOP is on a suicide mission. Like a jilted lover, if the RINOs can’t have control of the Republican party, then they’ll just destroy it so nobody can.

    1. The neocons are trashing Cruz and Paul too. Michael (?) Gerson in the WaPo in effect said that Rand Paul has spectacularly crashed because of his ‘isolationist’ positions. The Republican establishment is out to destroy the conservatives a year ahead of the primaries, and people like Rubio and Ryan want to get on board. Rove’s plan?

      1. Wouldn’t doubt if it is Rove’s plan, Julie. Saw a video of Peter King (neocon extraordinaire) talking about throwing his hat in the presidential ring and trashing Cruz and Paul, accusing them of being isolationists. Of course the accusation is false, but it does look like there was a cattle call for all RINOs to attack these two conservatives and destroy them by any means necessary. That’s how Rove works – enticing the establishment GOP to attack their fellow Republicans by feeding their egos and waving hefty campaign donations under their noses.

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