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Uh, Obama Wasn’t Referring to the City of Detroit

President Obama is getting zapped today for repeatedly saying during the 2012 campaign that he didn’t let Detroit go bankrupt, and for slamming Mitt Romney for saying he would.

And now – the hypocrisy! – he is standing still and doing nothing while Detroit, yes, goes bankrupt. But of course, neither Obama nor Romney were talking about the city of Detroit. They were talking about the auto industry, which is often referred to as “Detroit.”

How cynical for people to be attacking Obama now as if he had promised to rescue the Motor City itself. It’s as if he said he was “shopping for china” and people starting accusing him sending money to Beijing.

What Obama is doing now is actually a rare example of West Wing discipline and conservatism. The president is refusing to bail out a city that has been irresponsible and poorly run for decades and still doesn’t  have a plan to make things right.

In fact, Detroit apparently only declared bankruptcy after city officials begged the White House for help and were told by Valerie Jarrett to kindly take a hike.

Fiscal responsibility? The Obama White House? Are the Obama people beginning to realize we’re out of money and that bailouts only breed more irresponsibility?

I doubt it. But so far they’re taking the right approach toward Detroit and shouldn’t be held accountable for something they never said.

16 thoughts on “Uh, Obama Wasn’t Referring to the City of Detroit”

  1. “We refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt. We bet on American workers and American ingenuity, and three years later, that bet is paying off in a big way.”
    — President Obama in his weekly address, Oct. 13, 2012.

    Detroit maybe a synonym for Auto Industry (“Can’t forget the MotorCity”) but he did say Detroit, and not the Auto Industry in Michigan.

    Obama doesn’t care about Michigan elections:
    1- The governor is a republican, so let’s make him look bad
    2- Debbie Stabenow (D) was just reelected last year. No need to help her.
    3- Carl Levin (D) has no issues with reelection in 2014.
    4- There’s no way a republican would ever win any type of election in the Detroit area.

    1. Spot on, scottso. My guess is Preezy Revenge doesn’t want to share any of his stash with a state run by a Republican. It has absolutely nothing to do with conservatism or virtue, of which he is void.

    2. 3 – actually, Carl Levin “has no issues” because he’s announced he’s retiring and will not be running in 2014.

      other than that, this sounds about right.

  2. He bailed out the unions, not the auto industry. It goes without saying, had the auto industries been allowed to fail and re-organize, it would have done so with the unions giving major concessions to their greedy demands. Or end the unions entirely. Like Twinkies :D

    Watch Steven Crowder’s prophetic video from a few years ago…

  3. If Obama and President Jarrett did indeed refuse to bail out Detroit, the city, most likely it had little or nothing to do with fiscal responsibility about which this White House knows nothing and cares even less. The reason, as with all President Jarrett’s reasons, is political.

    Detroit is one big Democrat mess and this Administration already has a few messes to many.

    To put too fine a point on “Detroit” is to give His Arrogance and the President more slack or credit than they will ever deserve.

  4. Though I personally doubt that neither common sense nor fiscal conservatism was in play in this decision, I have to give you credit, Keith, for being fair to the President.

    1. Especially since this “president” has never been fair to anyone who may have opposed his bankrupt pathetic policies.

      Bailing out the auto unions contributed to the downfall of Detroit, and then to even hint that there might be some fiscal responsibility demonstrated by this “president” is beyond fairness moving into utter ridiculousness.

  5. Informed voters probably realize he was talking about the auto industry, but for the masses – it was Detroit. You are fair Keith, but he is pandering – that is all this man does. There does not possess one ounce of leadership qualities. He is nothing but an empty suit.

    1. Meant to say but not the masses and that he does not possess one ounce of leadership qualities. The man frustrates me so much. Don’t get me started on his comments on the Zimmermann matter.

      1. When it comes to those who might — even through the necessary introduction of evidence in an unwanted (and based on the outcome, unneeded) trial — somehow tarnish the image of “his people”, POTUS is just working to “punish our enemies”.

        Odd — as I recall it, the defendant in this murder case was an Obama supporter. Would he retract that vote? Probably not — another inconvenient truth for all the haters.

  6. As at least one blog has headlined, “Obama to Detroit: Drop Dead!”

    Given that Jimmy Carter said that the Travon Martin verdict was correct, and the White House declined to bail out Detroit the city, all in one week, I expect that the devil will be ordering coal to prevent hell from freezing over.

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