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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – July 19, 2013

The briefing has concluded. Obama opened it up with remarks on the Trayvon Martin case, which you can find here.

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  1. “Dishonors what happened to Ashtrayvon Martin”? What pray tell Dictator Obama mean by this statement? Name one, single action performed by Ashtrayvon Martin or his gangbanger Crip “Dad”, or his so called doting, grieving mother who essentially abandoned him at a very early age that could in any shape or form be even remotely labeled as honorable? Dictator Obama is steeped all the way through his being in dishonesty and hate, and is deliberately along with his attack dog Eric Holder, fomenting racial hatred and violence. Unlike Clinton who wagged the dog with a phony missile strike to divert attention away from his fat gal intern scandal, Dictator Obama is trying to divert attention away from his multitue of scandals by trying to gin up a race war. It’s as if the devil himself has taken up residence in the White House.

    How’s that Hopey Changey thang working outs for ya’ll?

      1. PS So much has been learned about the family, but I am still not stepping on the dead any more than I feel it necessary to honor this young man. Honor has to be earned.

  2. He just gave his personal OK for Sharpton’s shock troops to riot all across America tomorrow.

    Tell me he meant to do something else with those remarks. Go on.

    1. Or to unleash the DOJ to nab GZ for assassinating a potential President like Trayvon?

      I know Keith defended Obama’s Detroit downstairs, but why, pray tell, didn’t Obama address Detroit with such a rare appearance in the Press Room ?

      1. He did not address Detroit because it is a shining example of the failure of liberal democratic policies. Nor does he want to spotlight the cities corrupt leadership.

  3. For those who didn’t see or hear his comments, here’s AP’s summary:

    WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama says black Americans feel pain after the Trayvon Martin verdict because of a “history that doesn’t go away.”

    Obama spoke in a surprise appearance Friday at the White House, his first time appearing for a statement on the verdict since it was issued last Saturday.

    Obama says African Americans view the case through “a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away.” He says black men in particular are used to being feared and blacks see a disparity in the way they are treated under the law.

    He says he also has heard drivers lock their doors and has seen women clutch their purses tighter when he walked by, before he was elected to public office.

    What a bunch of garbage…especially that last paragraph.

    1. He just lit the match. Tomorrow his consigliere Rev. Al will throw gasoline on the fire with his 100-city protest calling for “Justice for Trayvon”. It’s all part of the grand plan – Helter Skelter. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if there are still enough civilized people left in this country to deny Preezy Revenge the civil unrest he’s itching for.

      1. I think it will backfire, but you both are correct that a nice race riot or two deflects from his more serious scandals. BTW,I used to be an Episcopalian, but that church is going to hell in a hand basket. I still read the diocesan newspaper, and they are taking part in the “Justice for Trayvon” protest in Portland, OR.

        1. What? I left the Methodist Church when they had a magazine with all the wonderful Communist schools in Russia, cute little kids in cute little uniforms.

    2. Even Juan Williams, a black man, says he is frightened when he is walking down the street in the dark and a black guy is approaching. The reality is more young black men are involved in crime. Stop all this nonsense protests and get in the community and change things!! Be mentors,set good examples!!

    3. Remember how Jesse Jackson was clutching his wallet tighter until he saw the person following was white… Even that was probably a wrong reassurance. If I see any young person, any color, and I am alone and esp at night, and I feel isolated, my reptile brain twitches…I am wary.

      1. That’s just commonsense to be aware of your surroundings and a good safe practice at that.

        I avoid walking anywhere “alone in the dark” , even in my own neighborhood !

  4. All those black CHILDREN killed in Chicago over the past weeks dont count because they were killed by other blacks.


  5. Our ambassadors killed in Benghazi dont count because they were white and they were killed by obama’s bretherin, the Muslims

    1. He said it’s time “for all of us to do some soul searching” – wonder if he’s ever done ANY soul searching about Benghazi.

      Can’t stand him.

  6. George Zimmerman’s brothe on FOX responded with grace and courtesy to His Black Arrogance’s remarks. For me, no innocent citizen should be targeted and harrassed by the full force of his government.

    His Black Arrogance had every opportunity to champion the rule of law and announce that race was not a factor. He had every opportunity to say Rise Above, Look at Me, Look at ME, I am the President of the United States. Every citizen has this opportunity.

    But he chose to be a community agitator because that is who he really is. A shit stirrer. And he is darned lucky that the Zimmerman family has risen above.

    1. I am so impressed with George Zimmerman’s ability to communicate his thoughts in such a clear and decent manner. Without ever trying to do so, with grace and humility, he totally upstaged prezzy.

  7. well, I was right. The other day on a post here I commented on how long would BO be able to sit on his hands and not openly comment about the verdict or the case in general. As usual, a good part of it was about him. My take away about his 3 broad suggestions – here is what he said:

    1. “Get the Justice Department involved with training local governments to reduce mistrust in the legal system. (It’s worth remembering that this episode started over an outcry that Zimmerman wasn’t arrested at all after the incident.)” – This looks like a job for the special response team that was sent down to FL to help boost and fund awareness about the injustice. They did such a great job. (yes I am being sarcastic) Keep DOJ out of it. Far away.

    2. “Examine local laws — such as “Stand Your Ground” — and see if they “may encourage the kinds of altercations and confrontations and tragedies that we saw in the Florida case rather than diffuse potential altercations.” – Why get involved with state laws. Let the states do their job, If more citizens understood the full intent of these laws, attackers might think twice in personal upfront confrontations where bodily harm is the intent. Stand Your Ground was not even a issue in the trial.

    3. “Think about ways to bolster and reinforce African American boys so they do not get caught up in the legal system (as the statistics indicate they are more likely to be).” – Why just African Americans?? Why not all youth? Be equal across the board in how you do this. It’s like we need to throw more money out the window to help just one area of the population.

    And last of all, we are AMERICANS. I read a comment from another writer, who is black and is very tired of being called A-A. He was not born or raised in Africa, but here in America. He was proud of being black. He despises being called A-A. We need to step away from the race name stigma, and back to being Americans. Yes, always remember your heritage, your roots. Enough of this PC crap.

    So now the boiling pot has been stirred and is about to bubble over. It’s going to be a long weekend.

    Ok.. off my soapbox.

  8. (snip)

    WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack grappled with the Trayvon Martin case in the most personal of terms on Friday, telling Americans that the slain youth “could have been me 35 years ago” and urging them to do some soul searching about their attitudes on race.


    So, he not only could have been his son…but now he could have been him 35 years ago?

  9. He’s doing a juggling act. He needed to placate the CBC which is meeting this afternoon. They’re miffed because he has been silent on the verdict. He did all the interviews with Spanish language TV and no one asked any questions about the racist White hispanic and the martyred Trayvon. They only have one thing on their mind – amnesty.
    Gotta keep those racial fires burning but it’s kinda hard to tell hispanics to ‘punish their enemies’ at the voting booth next year when American’s most hated man is a white hispanic.

    Today he spoke out of both sides of his mouth, as usual. On one hand he stated that the the jury spoke, the system was fair. On the other hand, he stated that the DOJ was ‘reviewing’ the case. ‘Reviewing’? Holder said he was doing a full-blown
    ‘investigation’ to see if Trayvon’s civil rights were violated! The FBI has already done that – no evidence of racial profiling. Tip lines have been initiated, FLA has been ordered not to return gun and other evidence. Does this sound like a ‘review’? It’s a persecution.
    Did Obama order Sharpton to call off the flash mobs?
    No, but he managed to say that violence would dishonor the memory of Trayvon. Go figure!

  10. He felt the sting of racial profiling, my foot. He has had the soft hand of affirmative action stroking him all of his life.

    1. Someone on Morning Joe said Mike Barnicle’s sons hit the trifecta of being rich, white and privileged…well, Obama hit his own trifecta, half-black at an opportune time, big speech in 2004, and a media wanting him for president and protecting him every inch of the way. He can try to be street, but he isn’t.

    2. So true!! He has never known poverty or racism! We all are prejudiced against at some time in our lives…get over it!!

  11. Does he speak to the tortured Zimmerman family also, or is he ONLY the president of black people??? Does he ever stand up for the rule of law??

  12. Not very presidential is he… Then again, when he focuses like a laser on jobs and the economy, it is to destroy. Looking forward to the day theses commies, socialists and other brainiacs are gone.

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