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Rep. Wolf: Benghazi Survivors Silenced

Veteran Republican Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia said on the floor of the House today that Benghazi survivors and others were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements about the attacks last Sept. 11.

He says he has “trusted sources” attesting to this. What’s more, it makes complete sense.

Benghazi is the scandal that unquestionably touches the White House. There is still much we don’t know, and this may give us some indication why we don’t know it.

51 Responses to Rep. Wolf: Benghazi Survivors Silenced

  1. Keith:

    I don’t know about this. After all it’s been nearly a year; aren’t you just being partisan by harping on such ancient news? As Hillary would say:
    “What difference at this point does it make?”

    As Barack would say, “Martha’s Vineyard, here I come.”

  2. “were forced” is strong language and indicates threats of some kind were exerted to get these people to sign something.
    If this report is true, then the Benghazi mess just got as ugly as the Watergate scandal and could bring down a whole lot of people.

    The Stasi, the KGB, and the Nazi SS troops come to mind. Our government is spying on all of us, searching our vehicles, tracking our movements, using government powers to attack us, and then have the nerve to ask us to report suspicious behaviour of our neighbors or co-workers.
    Scary times.

      • Obama and the people that support him are the most nefarious, corrupt, evil people our country has ever known. He is using the IRS, OSHA, FBI and other agencies to target his perceived political enemies. The man has no business being in power, he has corrupted the WH and the office of the presidency. Is there noone who will take this corrupt administration on.

  3. the non-disclosure agreements were probably signed, sealed and delivered before Obama boarded AF1 to campaign in Las Vegas the next morning. It reeks!

    • I have been wondering for some time what happened to the 20 – 30 people who were rescued and why they seem to have vanished from the face of the earth. My hunch is that they were mostly CIA who had to sign NDA’a in order to keep their jobs.

    • And the thing about NDAs relating to anything to do with National Security is that they are titanium-clad.
      Like, Go to Jail-do not pass Go-clad.
      Technically, the NDAs they signed when originally employed or contracted are totally enforceable would cover this incident.
      The fact they were forced to execute another one for this specific event tells you just how bad it is.

      • I wonder though: if they’re pulled by subpoena in front of a closed-door congressional security committee, would the NDA stand?

        • The Senate Select Sub-Committee on Intelligence would have the legal authority to compel each to testify – if they can be found and served that is.

          • 159 Congressmen, no doubt all Republicans, have signed a petition for Boehner to form a Special Select Committee. It would have subpoena power, but Boehner has dropped the ball. I e-mailed my Congressman that if the Republicans do not form a committee, I will consider them in collusion with the Democrats and not vote for them in 2014 or 2016.

            I know you don’t get everything you want from Congress, but this issue is a critical one for me: as srdem says above, this smacks of Watergate.

      • National security is one issue but there obviously was not security of any kind during this event. There are likely many questions that would be asked where national security is not the issue.

        • I agree but “National Security” has always been a baby-blanket to throw over failures like this one. It really does take action by Congress to find the truth.
          …and that’s saying a mouthful.

        • National security…….they throw that around to use for their benefit. In the case of Osama they can throw it out the window for their own purposes, likely causing the death of those marines. In this case, they use it to CTA.

  4. His opening statement that there are no public hearings scheduled before the one year anniversary of the Benghazi terrorist attack should embarrass and outrage the House of Representatives. It’s disgusting that their lousy excuse for a leader, John Boehner, would effectively kill the investigation by refusing to appoint a select committee.

    Thank you Rep Wolf for exposing this regime’s extortion of the Benghazi witnesses and lying about the retirement of military personnel. Shame on you John Boehner for sweeping Benghazi under the rug and denying justice to the four murdered men. You should be drummed out of leadership for cowardice and dereliction of duty.

  5. As the Obama administration continues the massive coverup of the Benghazi debacle, it becomes obvious that they are covering up even more than we suspect they are covering up. There’s some sort of massive, embarrssing secret underneath Benghazi, one the Obama people are terrified will be discovered by the American people. I think it’s something that would bring down the entire Obama edifice, and even the lab rats in the MSM would have to pursue the story.

    • Me thinks Snowden is tied into it somehow. He knows something very troubling to the congress and this president and that may be why they are frantic to get him and to stop whatever he knows from coming out. I hope all of the evil deeds get exposed. This is just the tip of the iceberg.If something is not done about this administration and some of the congress then everyone in this country is in trouble. Obama is going after everyone as if he grows more and more paronoid everyday. Something is going on deep.Lindsey Graham was on tv today saying we need to boycot the Russian olympics. They are getting real worried and it may be they are in cohoots with whatever it is. The next few months should get interesting.

  6. I hope however this is resolved or not resolved that it is brought up a million zillion times in the 2016 campaign regardless who is running…especially if it is Hillary! How can we go back in history and compare this to Watergate which was nothing compared to this. Difference???…the media has totally ignored the whole issue…hopefully Fox will continue coverage!

  7. Benghazi…
    When I think about those guys, all I can say is “My God”.
    Y’know, if memory serves, President Carter – a military man – took full responsibility for Operation Eagle Claw going completely sideways at Desert One in the middle of Iran.
    It was a globally-witnessed debacle that may well have cost him the election. But he did the right thing and he told the truth.
    I don’t recall any of this behavior by his Administration during the unbearable, humiliating aftermath. He also solicited opinions from DOD and the IC and initiated institutional measures and changes in Special Operations that were continued under President Reagan.
    Whatever I say about Carter (like, y’know…his being not a little nutty), I always have admired his humility.

  8. Thank you Lord for Brett Bair! I am just listening now. He has brought up the cover up with Benghazi and the coverup with the IRS! Hopefully he will continue!!

  9. How could a non-disclosure agreement override a subpoena to testify before Congress or a legal proceeding? I would expect any actions that would occur based on disclosure under these circumstances to be void. If a simple nondisclosure agreement could silence someone, they would be commonplace in situations that might result in legal actions.

    • Noone has brought up one of the most egregious things that happened and that was when seal team six was put on a low flying chinook and all of them went down that day. The families have demanded answers for over a year now and nothing has been given to them. All of these events do not pass the smell test.

  10. Additionally Rep. Wolf has uncovered some information regarding Col. Bristol Wolf continued: “It is worth nothing that the Marine Corps Times yesterday reported that the Marine colonel whose task force was responsible for special operations in northern and western Africa at the time of the attack is still on active duty despite claims that he retired. And therefore could not be forced to testify before Congress.

    “If these reports are accurate, this would be a stunning revelation to any member of Congress, any member of Congress that finds this out and also more importantly to the American people. It also raises serious concerns about the priority of the administration’s efforts to silence those with knowledge of the Benghazi attack in response.

    This is linked here Also included is a link to a Marine Corps Times article about Col. Bristol.

    I did not hear Wolf on the floor so I do not know if this was mentioned or not.

      • Yes, to the best of my knowledge that is makes this so controversial. If you follow some links around I suspect you will be able to see how they are trying to cover this up and move this guy around. If he is set to retire end of July that may make this all moot but I don’t know. You know the Obama Administration — all kinds of nooks and crannies and prevaricators etc.

        Nothing to see here. Move along.

    • My bad — lazy. I should have listened to the video first. Thanks Keith. Wolf does mention the Colonel. But the links should still provide some additional information for those so inclined.

  11. Does signing a NDA prevent witnesses from testifying in front of Congress? How does the Pentagon not respond accurately to whether a Colonel is retired or on active duty ? How does retiring from military duty prevent you from being compelled o testify?

    The US Government records every phone call. They are tracking every car movement in the US by tracking license plates. They write checks to each witness for payment of Salary or retirement benefits but no one knows their address? If Congress would de-fund some programs in both the State and Defense I bet they would get some attention.

    The death of an Ambassodor, a diplomat and two soldiers and nothing but political games by US Politicians and militay personel. i hope this Marine Colonel is not on Active Duty leading men and women. What message is he sending? You die and I go hide?

    If this happened to the British, Libya would part of The Commonwealth of Nations.and the town of Benghazi would not exist.

  12. This explains EVERYTHING. We need to impeach Obama. He is the worst president ever. He is worse than Nixon, Wilson, AND Carter COMBINED. Is anyone getting worried that he has no intention of leaving office in 2016? I am. I really am. Between the purchase of all the ammunition, the spying on every aspect of our lives, and all the corruption that we have found out about, I am worried about what else we DON’T know that he is doing. Since his re-election, he has stepped up his U.S. destruction agenda. If he takes back the house, who know what will happen. This is getting frightening.

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