As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, July 19, 2013

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:45 pm || Meets with senior advisors
5:00 pm || Hosts a reception for the diplomatic corps

Live Stream of Carney briefing at 1:30 pm

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    • You mean he lied to the masses just weeks before the November election, when he stated, “I refused to let Detroit go bankrupt.” sarc off/

  1. How about trying to be president for a few minutes! BHO regularly confirms the worst thoughts of his haters, fears of his doubters, concerns of casual observers, and hopes of his most ardent, blind adherents!

  2. – Leaked excerpts from Obama’s Friday Presidential Daily Briefing –

    Latest Intel On Hole #12:
    Plenty of room to open up with your driver. Second shot to the green needs to be straight as the two large greenside bunkers will catch any drifting off line. Flag position will determine whether you should go for the green or lay up. The green has many twists & turns before the ball drops into the cup.

    • 10:30 to 2:30: Series of comprehensive, common sense interviews with MSNBC, HLN, NPR, CNN and Eugene Robinson on the need for immediate gun control legislation in honor of those slain by vigilante neighborhood watch patrolmen.

      PS: Will this never-ending parade of shows using Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin as props to boost their ratings — and further inflame American racial tensions — ever come to an end?

      • True-that on the Agenda.
        But it’s not working anymore; only 34% of Americans disagree with the Zimmermann verdict and both MSNBC and CNN’s ratings have tanked while FoxNews made out like bandits.
        The New Media – like Koffler – have invented a new high-powered flashlight that continuously casts a beam on the Narrative.
        Now, how much longer this will last – who knows? There is a rise of totalitarianism across the planet and I just don’t see “them” allowing the status quo to continue.
        In the meantime,..
        Carry on, Koffler.
        (smartly rendering crisp hand salute)

      • I read that RevJackson has declared Florida as completely segregated and racist. Racist towards Blacks, that is, and not Hispanics who he must think are privileged Floridians. He’s calling for a boycott of the state. .

        While it’s a relief that Arizona isn’t included (yet) in this called boycott, it does seem a little drastic to ask fellow believers to scratch Florida off of their vacation plans. After all, Disney does have a great attraction for everyone, and the beaches are tempting to vacationers who are land-locked.

        The angry players in all this beatification of Travon Martin have lost the narrative and the action. They lie about the actual events that caused this tragedy, and have accused everyone involved with a callous disregard for the truth, justice, and the humanity of the victim.
        We all have sympathy for the grieving parents, and for the dim future of the Zimmerman family, but it’s over and done.

        • I wonder if Marco Rubio has second thoughts about supporting the Obama Brotherhood on Immigration (reform?). The Bros have indirectly thrown him under the bus, along with those racist White Hispanics.

        • Rev. Jesse upped the ante. Florida is just not racist – it’s an apartheid state according to the “mouth of the south”. So, if I got the message clear – South Beach is just like South Africa circa early 90’s.

        • I guess I am squarely in the box labeled “racist” since I cancelled my previous plans to visit Colorado (since their gun ban stupidity) and just returned from Ft. Myers Beach, FL. I had the time of my life and didn’t even realize how hateful and mean-spirited I really am (according to that 34%).Who knew?

        • Wouldn’t you love to purchase a ticket on a Way-Back Machine for the good Reverend to Johannesburg circa 1980?

          …won’t really seem like Florida, Mr. Jackson.

  3. Just curious; now that the WhiteHouse is ” Obama invitation only”, did the Curator put the antiques in storage and close up the rooms and hallways once visited by the citizens who paid for it all?

    Maybe if MrObama would check under the couch and chair cushions he might find enough money to fund opening the WhiteHouse to all the children and adults who would never forget a visit to the most famous building in America.

  4. 5:00 pm || Hosts a reception for the diplomatic corps.
    Hosts probably there or not.
    And I wonder if the Libyan diplomatic delegation will be present?

  5. And speaking of the Internet…
    Growing up in the Seventies, you had to listen to the radio (AM radio) all day for a song. Bummer.
    Tonight I had a hankerin’ for “Suffragette City” by David Bowie and through the magic of the Internet – wham bam thank you ma’am!
    Thanks Internet!

  6. And what’s all this about the IRA targeting Tea Party groups and private citizens? This is an outrage! The President should do all he can to prevent terrorists like the IRA from targeting Americans. How does the IRA even know all that financial information? That is an outrage too!

  7. Meanwhile, Moochelle went to Chicago on our dime to participate in some BS event with Rahm, which was just an excuse to be there. The real reason for the trip – Mooch and her daughters went to go see her idol, Beyonce in concert. First, they and at least 20 “friends” enjoyed a private dinner out, and then they sat in a box seat at the concert. Mooch sat next to Oprah’s BFF Gayle and they all danced the night away.

    • ‘I am thrilled to be here. I mean, in addition to giving me an excuse to come home and sleep in my own bed, it’s really a treat for me to spend time with you guys,’ she said in her opening remarks.


      What? She has her own bed in Chicago? Where is it?

    • I can’t get past the ghastly profile shot of MO in the eonline article. It was obviously taken in the darkened theater without proper lighting and shows every single defect of her chin implant and whatever oral surgery she has had. What a mess!
      The only problem with the Chicago trip is that it’s not permanent. I, for one. have had enough ‘hip-hop/rap culture to last a lifetime. She’s entitled to take her kids wherever she wants, but it sets a bad example for the rest of the country. And so does that other photo of her with her skirt pulled up to her thunder thighs. (end of rant)