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The Obama Morning News || July 18, 2013

10 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || July 18, 2013”

  1. The George Zimmerman verdict has been a godsend to Eric “the Meerkat” Holder. (Unfortunately, there’s no such word as devilsend.) Only a few weeks ago Holder’s seemed destined for a quick retirement or impeachment over the Rosen scandal and others. Now he gets to strut and prance on the national stage exploiting race and civil rights for his own benefit.

        1. Just an aside. I have a friend who used to be in the convent. When someone would hope or wish or pray for something that seemed like a long shot and they were at a loss — they would respond — I hope for your hope.

          But, onwards. Guess it beats — Abandon all hope , ye who enter here.

          Athough if we posted that at the border…:)

  2. Let’s consider for a moment our Republican Party. My Senator Rubio will personally be standing at the border welcoming illegal immigrants. On the House side former Vice Presidential candidate the compassionate Paul Ryan is doing his best to ensure that Mr. Rubio gets to fulfill his dream and Mr. Ryan maintain his standing as a good Catholic RINO.

    And finally lest we forget our big gun deal maker Mitch McConnell. Today, after accepting Cordray for two non appointments to the NLRB, one of those recessed appointments , a Mr. Griffin I believe, will now become Chief Counsel at the NLRB . See Red State for further info. God only knows where the other one will end up. Perhaps as chief counsel at Commerce.

    And since the Republicans are so obliging about appointments a President who “wins” an election “deserves” (does the name John Bolton mean anything ) shortly the anti American Samantha Power will sail through.

    Benghazi witnesses were pressured to sign non disclosure agreements, as if they were some high tech employees with proprietary information. Much Republican flapping will undoubtedly follow.

    But there is good news. To the best of my knowledge George Zimmerman still breathes and breathes with great fear in the “land of the free”. One suspects that Mr. Snowden is more secure than Mr. Zimmerman.

    And more good news – I continue to have an excellent conservative Representative in the House. Unfortunately he will have no effect in Mr. Boehner’s amnesty give away.

    And pretty much that’s the morning wrap up from my nest.

    1. Looks like you’re feeling a bit hopeless this morning. Where did the information on the Benghazi witnesses and non disclosures come from? I must have missed that.

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