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Man Arrested for Taking Biden’s Gun Advice

A man in Vancouver, Washington has been arrested for taking the advice of Vice President Joe Biden and blasting away with his gun at his home to scare off intruders.

“I did what Joe Biden told me to do,” Jeffrey Barton, 52, told a local TV station. “I went outside and fired my shotgun in the air.” Barton pleaded not guilty Wednesday to one count of of illegal aiming or discharging a firearm.

In February, Biden, who is leading White House efforts to curtail people’s access to multiple-round weapons, suggested all anyone needed to do to combat a home invasion was buy a double barrel shotgun and fire it off the balcony, something he said he had advised his wife Jill to do.

“I said, ‘Jill, if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house,’” Biden said during an appearance on Facebook. “You don’t need an AR-15 – it’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use, and in fact you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself,” Biden continued. “Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!”

Biden’s epiphany, however, is a felony in some states. It’s not clear that the vice president ever rescinded the advice, though.

Sheriff’s deputies told the TV station that guns could only be fired in self defense in a life-threatening situation. Barton said he was trying to chase away people he thought were breaking into his vehicles.

Here’s the advice he was taking:

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40 thoughts on “Man Arrested for Taking Biden’s Gun Advice”

  1. In Obama’s America, taking any proactive action against crime is racist. He should have called the police and watched the people steal his car.

    Hey – here’s a funny – my dad’s car was stolen from my Detroit home, while we sat (indoors) literally 10 feet away. We had to drive to the police station to make a report (I don’t what he would have done if he didn’t have a ride? ) A few weeks later he gets a BILL from the city for the towing of his “abandoned” car. And a ticket for abandoning his car.

  2. Barton said he was trying to chase away people he thought were breaking into his vehicles.


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  4. Anybody that follows biden’s advice should be arrested, stupidity is no defense. If biden told me this the year 2013 I would go check a calendar first.

    1. Excellent comment, Michael! I was thinking the same thing! This is a micro-view of where following the liberals will get you.

    2. Biden is in a unique position where he can fire off both barrels just by opening his mouth — and when he hits nothing, he gets applauded for “Being Joe”.

      Let’s hope he isn’t getting aiming advice from Barack, who points a skeet gun flat and a football pass up at the ceiling.

      1. Actually, I have a lizard outside living around my front door that is a very efficient insect hunter, eludes predators & knows how to get out of the rain without someone telling him to…not one wasted motion.
        poor joe.. must’ve been dropped on his head as a youngin’

  5. only in the new liberal Amerikkka can a clown like Big-mouth Biden be in the 2nd most powerful office in the land. yep, fake hair, fake smile, long history of being a big mouth lying punk thug….and yet there he is acting as if he is god and supposedly knows it all.

    pathetic. if this was during the era of the new republic, at the dawn of a young USA nation, Biden would have been tared and feathered. without question. They would have seen this snake oil salesman for what he is: a wolf in fake lamb’s wool clothing ie piece of trash.

  6. Seriously, if people in DC took Biden’s advice, given the crime there the place would be raining down with buckshot 24/7.

    Not that I have a problem with that … in DC, that, is.

  7. Supeona Biden’s dumb ass and have him appear as a defense witness.
    In my state the use of deadly force, that is firing a weapon at or in the direction of another is justified only when one reasonably believes he/she is ” in imminent danger of death or grievous bodily harm ”
    Firing a weapon in the air is ” reckless discharge of a firearm “.

  8. I think it should be pretty apparent by now that if Joe Biden advises us to do anything, don’t do it!
    His judgment and that of the Obama regime is beyond flawed.


    Obama spoke out to help two black men that I know of.

    Where is obumbles on this?

    Nothing but a trash fish is all obama is from any perspective I can see it from.

    1. When the “law” is SECRET, and the “court” is SECRET that does not apply. Furthermore, if it DID ….. courts should not be ALLOWED to have “law libraries” because the Judges and lawyers are supposed to NOT be ignorant of the law so therefore they have NO NEED of books ……… If THEY need to reference a LIBRARY, by what right do they make the false claim that I SHOULD KNOW EVERY LAW?!

  10. Everything is upside down nowadays. Feral humans are allowed to harass and steal from homeowners with no fear of the consequences. The guy fired a warning shot at drunken, marauding young people in what looks like a rural setting, and he’s the one facing the felony conviction? What a travesty.

  11. He should sue Biden for
    (1) Practicing Law without a license.
    (2) Impersonating an “Officer of the Court”.
    (3) legal MALPRCATICE

    1. Why fire? I remember one time in DC, my (now) ex was standing in the kitchen window, shirtless, formidable belly, and since this was after our home invasion, he had a gun. A guy was coming down the street surreptiously trying car door locks. My ex tapped on the window with the .45 and shook his head “no.” The man’s eyes opened wide and he took off running. I still laugh thinking of it, although the gun was not legal and I am sure we would have had 50 kind of trouble if it had gone further.

  12. I feel sorry for this man, but he was dumb to listen to what Biden says because Biden is a bigger idiot than Obummer and has a habit of saying and doing the wrong thing..

  13. I hope this goes to trial and forces Biden to be called as a material witness for the accussed. After all, he did exactly what the VP said to do. So if the government supports this action, is it a crime, when he made it public knowledge for all to do it? Reasonable doubt exists, as who was wrong. Was it Biden advocating and directing this? Or should the man had known that Biden is a fool and should not of had listened to second highest ranking man in US.

      1. Yes obey the local laws , exactly as Jorge Zimmerman did in Florida. ….. then expect the Federal government to come after you for obeying the state laws.

  14. Now if only every law ‘enforcer’ can be arrested and sent to prison for firing THEIR firearms. It would be VERY amusing to see how they get along in general population without ANY guards! Perhaps that can be a new reality show! Whether they be local, federal SS oops I mean secret service, make it a crime for them to fire their weapons period! Then brag about it like you did with nuclear disarrmament, (you know, that stuff they like to make children with cancer mainline for their own amusement) I’m sure once every law enforcement agency gets rid of their wepoans so will everyone else, giggle (couldn;t say that with a straight face, how did you democraps do it with nuclear disarmament?!)

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