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Live Stream || Obama Speaks About Obamacare

The event has concluded.

22 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Speaks About Obamacare”

    1. Well, i did notice one thing wrong in the presentation video.
      It says that people who don’t sign up for the individual mandate will have to pay a penalty.
      that’s wrong. The supreme court says that its a TAX. not a penalty.

      The woman introducing the president just stated she sold her soul for a $267 total rebate for her insurance. Wow. That little? She then said she put the money away for her retirement. $267?? Are you serious? That’s the best spokesperson they can get for Obamacare.
      How pathetic.

      1. by the way, Lady, it cost the US Taxpayers a lot more than $267 just to come to the White House. Thanks for wasting our money.

        Useful Ijit.

  1. He’s the worst insurance salesman I’ve ever had to listen to try to sell me on his company’s plan. From promises to never cut me off to giving me back some of my own money if other people don’t use it up in medical costs, it sounds a little like a scam.

    1. He probably never saw an EOB in his life–he has no clue. Remember the doctors who would yank tonsils just to make money?Well–you better be wrong or it will COST more money. That sort of thing. This makes me so tired…

      Bob Beckel, boy liberal, told O’Reilly that he could now get insurance even tho he had a heart bypass–well, adults are not yet accepted with pre-existings…and he gets insurance through his job at Fox, I bet–and with company plans, pre-existings are accepted.

      If they count on ignorance in Sanford FL, imagine this mess!

    1. There’s a cartoon on NRO which you would like especially, Susan. It’s called No Mas! Not about immigration but the Republican cave to Reid’s nuclear threat.

  2. Did he mention anything about ‘if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor’? We have a family member who had cancer surgery a few months ago and was not informed until AFTER the surgery that his oncologist was no longer part of the ‘network’. It only cost him $18,000 out of pocket. But he got to keep his doctor!

    1. A Medicare endocrinologist told my friend that he didn’t “do” plain old hypothyroid. So now we have to have INTERESTING diseases to get their attn.

      1. What the specialist didn’t tell your friend was he isn’t paid enough $$$ to treat ‘plain old hypothyroidism’. This kind of stuff will eventually end up in a chiropractor’s office…or worse yet, a veterinary office. Although I must say-our old girl, Daisy (springer spaniel) suffered from hypothyroidism and was treated with a thyroid supplement. Lived to the ripe old age of 16. Now that I think of it, I prefer my vet to a lot of the docs I’ve met over the years.

    1. If I recall correctly, a great majority of Democrats in Congress opposed the Civil Rights Act, but was passed because Repubs voted in favor of it’s passage almost unamimously

      Dems just love to rewrite history, don’t they.

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