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Obama To Seek Some Love for Obamacare

President Obama Thursday is going to do some public relations for the beleaguered Obamacare law, touting its wonders during a late morning speech at the White House.

He’ll discuss how Obamacare is “holding insurance companies accountable and putting money back into the pockets of over 8.5 million Americans.”

It’s part of what will be a growing White House campaign not only to popularize the unpopular law, but to get people to sign up for it.

Obama high fives kids
Yeah! You kids will have to sign up too soon so start saving up!

A biased yet informative article by Ezra Klein of the Washington Post – why is the Post letting a notorious liberal do a news piece? Oh, the accelerating decline of journalism continues – is nevertheless worth reading to find out why.

Klein makes the point – without putting it this way, of course – that the success of Obamacare is pinned to getting people who don’t need health insurance or don’t want it to sign up. That is, twenty somethings, because the system needs their money to pay for all the free stuff Obamacare doles out and the subsidies it provides to those who do need health insurance.

So the young and stupid – that would be the White House’s estimation of them, since they’re either too callow or too dumb to do what’s good for them and get health insurance – need to be informed about Obamacare and convinced, in the words of Frankenstein, that “Obamacare Good.”

And what do you know. The youthful are the very same group the Obama campaign was so successful getting to the polls on Election Day 2008 and 2012. The Obama people already have them completely profiled – they know where they are, what they do, what they watch on TV, the amount of time it takes them in the bathroom in the morning, the country of origin of the weed they smoke, and so forth.

Klein’s piece notes that none other than David Simas, who was the director of public-opinion research and polling for Obama’s reelection campaign, is “at the center of” the White House effort to get the kids all signed up for Obamacare.

Klein suggests that Simas faces – I told you the article was biased – headwinds in the form of evil Republican politicians who are trying to make people think: “Obamacare Bad.”

Imagine the nerve! I say they go first before the Death Panels.

The Obamaites are confident they can do it though. At least, that’s what they are telling Ezra Klein.

23 Responses to Obama To Seek Some Love for Obamacare

  1. Since I am on Medicare I guess I won’t be too inconvenienced. However, I feel really bad for my kids. They are in their late 50’s and early 60’s. One couple has their own business. I really worry
    about them. Obamacare is so silly, and no one had a clue what was
    in the bill. Yet Pelosi kept saying “we have to pass the bill to see what is in it”. How dumb can she be?????

    • The bill yanked half a trill out of Medicare–so I am thinking we will see some treatments deemed “less effective” by the Dea…I mean, Effectiveness Panel…or whatever excruciating name it has. I know my mother got hustled into hospice in about half an hour, food and water withdrawn and she laid there 8 days until the inevitable happened. They kept saying, “It’s free, it’s free.” She had a stroke-type event–it probably was the end–but this was all very creepy and very efficient.

  2. If adult children can stay on their parents policy until 26, where is the motivation to sign up and pay?

    A. THERE ISN’T ANY. Sorry, about yelling, but utter stupidity makes me want to scream.

  3. What’s the problem? Aren’t the ‘children’ covered by their parents’ insurance? Sorry, no one can force employers to cover the kids. So, for all the ‘kids’ who are not covered, why would they allow Obama to force-feed them an insurance policy they don’t need? If they get sick, they can sign up for a short term policy. Pre-existing conditions are covered – no problem.

    Obama may have the kids profiled, but unemployment for youths age 16-35 is nearly 25%. 50% in the Black communities. Obama is living in la-la land if he thinks these starving kids are going to cough up thousands of $$$ for something as useless as Obamacare.

    As far as fines are concerned, how is the IRS going to collect when someone is not working and therefore not paying taxes. As for those who are paying taxes, what’s to stop them from adjusting their incomes so that no refund will be forthcoming for the IRS to snatch.

    Obama is looking for love in all the wrong places.

  4. Any young person worth their salt should be asking His Arrogance about the effect of Obamacare on business and the new under 40 hour work week. And they might also be asking about jobs — real jobs, full time jobs, part time jobs, any jobs.

    But if he’s going for the young and ill informed suckers then he best be on his personal AF1 to Chicago and the like.

  5. Thanks, I don’t often get to laugh when reading about O-Care.

    First the Dems have to overcome the disappointment of the young when they finally realize that Obamacare isn’t “free” as they were led to believe. The young will be really shocked when they find out that the government “subsidies” that will help pay for their expensive insurance isn’t a monthly check, but a credit on the tax return (assuming they earn enough to actually pay taxes).

    If the young do accept that the insurance will have to come out of their own pockets, and do make enough money to pay taxes to earn that “subsidy”, they’ll drop Obamacare like a dirty diaper when they find out that they still have to pay out of pocket for the “deductibles”.

    The smart ones won’t even consider signing up when it’s explained by some other smart youth that their insurance money will go to pay for the medical expenses of a bunch of old people they don’t even know.

    This law/tax whatever is obviously flawed and unworkable in it’s present form. That the Dems insist on continuing the farce that it’s all good, and would be the most wonderful thing if only the Repubs weren’t such meanies is just insane.

  6. Good luck looking for the gullible, youths with good jobs who are dumb and willing to pay a premium for insurance to pay for the medical care of old people they don’t even know. .

  7. Sebellius to ask for NAACP “support”. That should seal the deal for young and uninformed. And oh yeah, black and white liberals with massive white guilt and dreams of unicorns.

  8. If Obama really wanted to push this….he would sign his family up for this.

    Until he does,no one is going to give much notice to this POS

  9. BHO is a shameless pimp for BHO’s aggrandizement. He will inflict any indignity on America he can that will etch his name in history. Dealing with this completely amoral person, for he is no man, leaves no traces. He continues to campaign as though he is against all of the issues he wants to set in socialistic cement. He has risen without a trace and with some good luck, he may descend back to the muck of inconsequential non sequitors. Otherwise, he is just a footnote on the growing obituary of a formerly great country.
    Someone please ask him the nation where the three races and their numerous ethnic sub-groups managed to flourish, despite many bad moments, so well as America. Why not try the hospitality of Africa! China! Asia! Europe! India! South America!

  10. The state propaganda machine funded by the taxpayer is in overdrive now.

    The young adults who overwhelmingly voted for Obama need to understand they are responsible for their savior’s success and better step up to the plate. They need to ask Mom and Dad for a little bit more money to help them survive in their land of utopia and irresponsibility.

  11. Starting in 2014 Obamacare takes 500 Billion dollars from Medicare over 10 years and gives that money to illegal aliens making it a death sentence for seniors. Obama says that money is being taken from providers, not Medicare patients directly. However, many doctors PRESENTLY do not take medicare patients because they say the payments they receive are too low. With payments to doctors and hospitals reduced by 500B over 10 years, seniors will have a very difficult time finding a doctor who will take them. If that is not a death sentence, what is?