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Hillary Immediately Begins Pandering to Black People

Oh boy. Hillary is back. Any questions she’s not running for president? Look at this.

She’s trimmed down – no more of the bloated, spent look she had when she departed as Secretary of State. And she sounds like she’s on the stump.

And of course, she’s doing what the Clintons do best, pandering, in this case during remarks to the African American sorority Delta Sigma Theta. The group is meeting in Washington and has already been coddled and comforted by Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama himself, who invited several members to the White House.

Listen to the pain in her voice. It’s almost like if she had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.

Bill Clinton was long rumored to have a son that looked liked Trayvon, but that’s another matter.

I digress.

She’s obviously deeply aggrieved, and she should be. I mean, she had the black vote swept out from under her feet in the 2008 primaries by Obama, and she’s probably still licking her wounds. She knows she has to nail down that critical bloc of Democratic voters as early as possible, lest, you know, Biden start pandering to them first.

I’m impressed at least that she sounds like Hillary. You may think she’s speaking slowly for effect – but I think it’s to avoid slipping into black dialect like she did during the primaries.

Still, she sounds today like Angry Grandma. Are people really going to want to listen to Angry Grandma for eight years?

I mean, after they rejected Happy Grandpa?

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.04.07 AM

Will there be any young Democrats running? We’ll certainly be getting some young Republicans. Same Old Thing might be a big problem for Democrats while the nation is in such sick shape under the current Democratic regime.

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  1. OMG ~ I don’t think I could deal with this! I have a friend who thinks she is the smartest woman EVER…I can no longer discuss politics with him. And the “bonus” is that we’d get Slick Willy back in the WH, although this time, he would not be allowed in the Oval Office without a chaperone.

      • Otis…I teach in a college, so I am surrounded by colleagues and students who are raging libs. It’s really difficult at times to be civil, but civil I must be since I don’t have tenure. Occasionally I find a student or two who is a conservative and it is pure delight to interact with them.

    • I stopped listening to her when she moved to New York and declared it to be her state and that a run for the NY Senate was her dream job. She lied then. She’s lying now. Zero credibility in my mind.

    • Unfortunately she is quite “alive and well” to all the “dead” brains out there who will vote for her w/o even a clue just to put a “woman” in the White House.
      God knows this country is LONG overdue for “Madame President” but putting Hillary in behind Obama would pretty much insure she would also be the last woman President as after she finished what Obama started there wouldn’t be an America left.

    • It’s just that the transition from dowdy SoS to glammed-up stump speechifying is so darn in your face glaring, I saw where Keith was going …. tho I’m wondering if she charged her standard 200k speaking fee for that appearance?

  2. but I think it’s to avoid slipping into black dialect like she did during the primaries.


    I’m sure someone told her that this likely be offensive to these women.

    • Denise, this was EXACTLY my first thought: Benghazi, never mind about someone she KNEW, but Trayvon heartache…please, talk about pandering. Don’t these people see all this for what it is?

      • Hillary to the audience, “With all due respect, the fact is we one dead American. Was it because of racism or was it because of a guy out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some American, or because of self-defense? What difference, at this point, does it make?”

      • Unfortunately for our Republic, no, they don’t. AND they still get to vote their ignorance.

        So enjoy what little is left of America, folks. She’ll be gone in less than a generation if this keeps up.

        Hate to sound like a sourpuss, but you know I’m right.

  3. While it is rumored that Bill Clinton has a bastard son who looks like Trayvon Martin, it is also rumored that the mother of Bill Clinton’s bastard son looks like Racael Janquell, the infamous, incoherent ear witness who was allegedly on the phone with Trayvon when he got himself justifiably shot.

  4. And the 2016 election is still 1210 days away. Is this what it’s come to now? The election process has degenerated into who is wearing the right color ribbon, who has the best PC response to the latest “controversy”? Who has the best quips on the late night shows? Might as well put up The Dating Game set and choose our next president that way.

  5. If Hillary gets the nomination in 2016, she’s going to be seen as a “yesterday” candidate. She already tried to run in 2008.

    AND she’s going to be a “yesterday” candidate with Obamacare in full-on train wreck mode.

    Frankly, I hope she gets nominated in ’16. If Obamacare really does fall apart as spectacularly as I think it will, whoever gets the Democratic nomination could have their career ended in a GOP rout.

    We also have not heard the last on Benghazi. Her “What difference does it make” outburst, repeated multiple times, and intercut with scenes of the devastation in Benghazi, is an attack ad that all but assembles itself.

    That she served in Obama’s cabinet may also work against her, if Obama fatigue gets as bad as it should.

  6. Hillary asked the most pertinent question during her last run for president and answered it as Secretary of State —–

    “Who do you want answering the phone at 3AM?” Those who died in Benghazi received her answer == not her !

    • In all seriousness, how DOES Hillary expect to gloss over the little thing called Benghazi? Does she plan to erase the death of four Americans from the history books, or blame the video again? Her new staff must all drink the same Kool-Aid to think Benghazi won’t be her candidacy ungluing. She has no right being President when she sat and lied, boldfaced, to the public about the video. Shameless.

  7. Hillary is a creepy-ass cracker. I think I can safely call her that because Rachel Jeantel said, “that’s what we call white people.” I don’t think Hillary will be getting the Jeantel vote demographics and she certainly won’t be getting the vote from anyone who has followed Benghazi murders. I am convinced that when Bubba said, “I never had sex with that woman” he meant Hillary.

  8. Putting aside that she’s an old lady with a pain in her chest, what exactly would her progressive program look like since MrO has used up all the good stuff the Dems like to push.
    She might be forced to take on some Repub ideas, such as a smaller more efficient government, or securing our national border after 50 million Mexicans move into the US and rename California and Texas as Mexico Norte.

    MrsClinton has a lot of political baggage and the porter carrying those bags is one of them.

  9. “Angry Grandma” – good one, Keith. My first thought was Grandma Moses. Her plastic surgeon must have been a Republican. She looks ‘rested’ but 20 years older than she did five years ago.

    Seriously, does anyone believe a 70 y.o. woman with no known accomplishments, other than a tortured marriage to a former President, be allowed to become the leader of the free world? We still have a score to settle with her over Benghazi. She gave America the bird…’what difference does it make’? She need to pay the price for the five Americans murdered under her watch. And so does her boss.

  10. I won’t vote for her, period! I don’t care how slim she gets, or how nicely her hair is fixed, she is a female OBUMMER and not worth the stuff I scrape off the bottom of my shoe.

  11. As Jeantel said about Zimmerman’s jury – they old school. Hillary needs to take a long look at the balkanized class she’s pandering to. She old school to them too. Sorry Hills, we only have one go round in this merry-go-round of life and you can’t go back and recapture past glories.

  12. There’s no doubt that Mrs. Clinton can win the hearts of the African American people, but she or any one else in office cannot solve the problems of this country alone. We need a “strong hand from some place.”

  13. Remember last month when BOTH Hillary and Bill “came out” in support of Gay marriage?
    Shit man, they crafted the DOMA as a compromise with Republicans.
    And then Bill signed it into law, with flourish, affecting millions of people over the course of ten years.
    They are so slick.
    But they – both – are People people; they can work a ropeline in the best way and pander strategically to grievance groups. They shake your hand and ask about your kid mimicking concern making you feel they care because they remember your name.
    Politicians train themselves on name recall.
    It works.
    They have been the best (meaning worst) politicians in the last 30 years.

  14. Off-topic, sort of.

    Black/Latino gang membership in U.S. up 40% since 2009. Could there be a direct correlation between gang escalation and Obama’s racist rhetoric beginning with the Skip Gates/Cambridge cop racial firestorm in 2009? Should be interesting to chart gang membership after the latest Zimmerman witch hunt! Obama needs to be held accountable!!!
    (Also correlates with the 47% increase in food stamps, disability payments and overall fraud in these departments.)

  15. There are so many smart people on this website….will someone please tell me how roughly 13% of the population runs the whole show?

    • ‘Majority Rule’ flew out the window. Obama conned the populace into thinking he would be the president for all ‘U.S. Persons’. He lied.

  16. “My prayers are with every family who has lost someone to violence” (loosely quoted). Hill’s remarks include Benghazi, right? I hope this person does not become our next dictator. She has no qualifications other than she’s occupied the WH. Being married to a president is not reason enough to hold the highest office in the land. (She has failed as Secretary of State so that shouldn’t be a part of her resume)

  17. I wish American Blacks would wake up and see what their government has done and is trying to do. They are using them. As for Hillary… well, when she left our soldiers to fight for their lives for 7 hours and die. she lost my vote. suck it.