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Carney Does Nuclear Victory Dance

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today celebrated the “deal” struck by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Republicans over use of the “nuclear option” with respect to President Obama’s nominees, saying Obama thinks Reid did an “excellent” job.

Harry, thanks for figuring out whose ass to kick.
Harry, thanks for figuring out whose ass to kick.

And right you are Jay!

As you may be aware, Reid threatened the nuclear option, which would have ended Republicans’ ability to filibusters Obama’s nominees and instead force a simple majority vote. Filibusters require 60 votes to break.

Republicans said, please, let’s talk it over. Don’t they know you’re not supposed to negotiate with terrorists? And yet they did, and they got steamrollered by the shark from Nevada.

Obama basically got to have all the nominees he wanted – including Richard Cordray, who was almost immediately sworn in today as the director of the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Reid threw Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a little face saver by making Obama withdraw two nominees to the National Labor Relations Board whom Republicans didn’t like, but he simply got to nominate two others who can’t be filibustered.

What’s more, nothing changes. The next time Harry gets mad, he can threaten the nuclear option again, and Republicans will walk right up to the table to negotiate again – if they don’t trip over the tails between their legs.

What, really, would have been the big deal if Reid nuked the Senate? Obama is mostly going to get the type of assistants he wants anyway. Republicans could have just bided their time until 2017, when we may have a Republican president and a GOP Senate. And then they could confirm every last member of the Tea Party to a position in the administration.

20 Responses to Carney Does Nuclear Victory Dance

  1. Nothing more than a kabuki theater performance by the ruling class. The party elites create a crisis out of whole cloth and then pretend they are adversaries in front of the TV cameras. When the cameras shut off and they’re kickin’ ’em back at one of their nightly cocktail soirees, they probably have a good laugh about the game they’re playing on us. After several highballs and a couple of shots of Grey Goose, they come to a grand compromise, slap each other on the back, and praise each other for another well-executed treasonous act against the American people. The only thing We The People get out of their grand compromises are less freedom, more regulations, and more government bureaucracies that will turn our lives upside down and shake what little money we have left from our pockets. Washington, D.C. is corrupted beyond repair.

  2. US House & US Senate = a cesspool of 535 self-centered idiots, morons, retards & criminals who can not find a real job.

  3. The Republican cave on Reid will go down as one of the most pathetic moments in Senate history.
    The Founders MEANT for the Senate to be the last line of defense against an out of control majority or an egomaniacal executive.
    What Obama and Reid are doing is virtually no different than what Morsi attempted in Egypt. Only difference being America now has so many idiots that don’t even know their own history let alone care about it that they just get away with it.

  4. McConnell and McCain – yellow-belled cowards! Turned on Mornng Joe for a second this morning and there was Chuck Schumer – smiling like the Cheshire cat. Pocahantas Warren was over the moon. Now we can look forward to easy confirmation of the worst pick ever – Thomas Perez, the Latino version of un-civil rights leader, Al Sharpton.
    The only thing left in the stealth take-over of America by the Obama Brotherhood is Immigration ‘reform’. No problemo!

  5. I am speechless, other than my vocabulary of every four-letter word that comes to mind. We’ve truly passed the Rubicon. We’re long overdue for a third party.

    “Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and All the King’s men …. ” can’t fix broke.

  6. Way way OT. On the Five. Brian K. in Bob Beckels’ face about RS terrorist glamour shot cover. This followed a Beckel rant on the poor angry black community and stand your ground laws and Beckel snark following Brain’s opposition to the cover. Go Brian.

    I am all for free speech — and I did send an email and opt out of viewing.

  7. OT

    Throwing up now. Samantha Power brings her 4 year old son to the Senate floor. Her approval is most likely part of the McConnell sellout .

    • McConnell did not get to where he is because he is a dim bulb or doesn’t know how to get in a cage with sharks. The man simply agreed to cave and refuses to stand up for conservatism or the country when the chips are down and it really counts. He and Grahmanesty excel in talking tough and caving at the end. It is standard RHINO BS.

  8. What exactly is the purpose of the republican party? Certainly not representing the interests of the voters who elected them to Congress. No more “lesser of two evils vote”, no more buying into the argument of “your just wasting your vote if you vote for a third party”, it just does not wash anymore. My vote is precious and from now on my vote will based on my beliefs and on persons who will represent me honestly in office. Voting republican in each election is like buying a lemon car from a used car salesman, who makes all kinds of claims and promises about the car which turns out to be patently false, and then after the clunker repeatedly breaks down and is junked, going back to the same salesman to buy your next car. Not one more dime and no more voting for this party of liars.