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Obama Meeting With Black Sorority Sisters

As the White House continues to try to placate allies in the black community outraged over the George Zimmerman verdict, President Barack Obama is meeting Tuesday with members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority at the White House, according to Politico.

That’s a good thing. The more he does stuff like this, the more it seems maybe he’s trying to show he’s doing as much as he can to lead a “national dialogue on race” – which apparently we’re supposed to have now – without having to file civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.

From the Politico article.

White House spokesman Kevin Lewis said the Oval Office meeting will mark the 100th anniversary of the African-Amercan sorority and the 51st anniversary of its convention. He will meet with members including the sorority’s president, Cynthia Butler-McIntyre.

Given the national dialogue on race since the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case — and Attorney General Eric Holder’s Monday comments to the group about the case — it wouldn’t be unexpected for the conversation to veer in that direction.

No, it wouldn’t really be unexpected, would it? In fact, that’s the point.

There was much talk at the White House briefing today about The Dialogue. It occurs to me, the White House already has a natural choice to lead this National Dialogue on Race, a scholar in the field and a supreme intellectual overall who last year weighed in with this distinguished analysis:

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  1. I don’t understand the frequent calls for “a national dialogue” or “a conversation” on subjects. How can I participate? Will Obama invite me to the White House? Or should I wait for Sharpton or Jesse to send me an invite for a BBQ?

    All I ever see is the usual yammerers telling me one side of the story by projecting their electronic image into my living room. I thought a dialogue meant people speaking TO each other, not one side talking AT everyone.

    How will we proceed if it is to be a “national dialogue?” Shall we all meet in Kansas and have a beer?

  2. You actually THINK OBOZO and his MINIONS want to have a 2 way NATIONAL DIALOGUE with the general PUBLIC LOL . Ain’t NEVER going to happen

  3. Gotta love the timing. It’s almost “transparent”

    1) Obama gets a Skip Gates question to end his talk entirely devoted to health care — and is spontaneously inspired to give a short lecture on race in America.

    2) Obama gets a Trayvon Martin question at an unscheduled intro for a World Bank official at which no questions were taken. Again, he is spontaneously inspired to give a short lecture on race in America, and on how his son would look like Trayvon. His comment is miraculously made the day after Al Sharpton made an almost identical remark at a Trayvon Martin rally — and just in time to help add another one million signatures to the (very profitable) petition demanding Justice for Trayvon.

    3) Immediately after the Zimmerman verdict, Obama just happens to be hosting a black sorority to the White House — and Eric Holder somehow ends up at the NAACP convention just miles away from what Skip Gates’ own “The Root” described as “The Trial of the Century”.

    Obama may not be able to stop the oceans, but he sure can work that calendar.

    • I just heard part of his speech about how he with deep regret had to have a conversation with his son about how cautious to be in America, or something to that effect. Whatever color, we all better be cautious. This isn’t Disneyland. Everywhere you go there are people with unknown motives–you cannot know what anyone is thinking. Not really.

      • Wrapping that victim cloak over their shoulders as if they alone have suffered from tyranny and slavery in their history, over and over until it seems that it all happened yesterday.

        I, too, had that “talk” with my sons, and even my grandsons. Teenagers are suspect in groups, no matter what the color of their skin. I advised them to be polite, to not resist, the parents no matter why they were being detained or arrested.

  4. Had to chuckle while listening to Holder blaming SYG (stand your ground) laws on violence and indirectly Trayvon’s death. Guess he didn’t know that SYG was not a factor in the trial. More importantly, he must be unaware of the fact that SYG laws were enacted a few years ago as a result of the rampant looting and vandalism following hurricanes. It’s not just hurricanes anymore The flash mobs were out in full force last night in L.A. and it had nothing to do with the verdict in the Zimmerman trial. Wait til Sharpton finishes his 100 city protest tour! It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

  5. What is the topic of the “Dialogue”?
    If it’s that Whites are racists who refuse to allow Blacks to attend school, or to look for a job, or to open their own business, or to attend the house of worship that they choose, or refuse to allow them to leave the “ghetto” of the big cities, or to prevent them from receiving healthcare, or to own a car, or to own a bike, or to go to the movies, or to eat at any restaurant that they choose, and just shoot them in the streets as they drive by in their luxury autos then we have nothing to talk about.
    None of that is happening to the Black community. What is happening to them is that they are their own worst enemy on every level; the fatherless children, the lack of seriousness towards education, the embracing of gang culture, and the eternal victim mentality that looks to Whites to make their lives better somehow.

    We (White America) have done everything possible to repair the wrongs done to Blacks 200 years ago, and 50 years ago. We have allowed them to stand in the front of the line, we provide housing and food for those too poor to afford it on their own, basic education is free to all, and government programs geared to needs of the Black community are too many too list.
    We can’t force Black men to marry the women they impregnate, or to look for a job, or to finish school, or to be a father to their children, or to not join a gang.
    We’ve have done everything we can for a relatively small group of Americans and we’re tired, worn out, and don’t want to do it anymore.

    • I love reading your “plain talk” common sense. When the violent demonstrations take place, they will destroy the very neighborhood infrastructure that is so important to their very well being. They so need the businesses and schools that the violence takes down.
      The President and Holder have done absolutely nothing to instill calm and to keep these incidents from taking place.

      • Obama valiantly called on the Muslim Brotherhood to renounce all calls for violence overseas.

        I missed where he called on the Brotherhood of Zimmerman Haters to do likewise in our own cities.

    • I think the dialouge we need to have is about the epidemic levels of violence among young African Americans toward whites, blacks and everyone inbetween. Lets have a discussion of the “Knockout Game” and the record level of violence in our inner cities starting with Chicago. Lets have a dialogue about the increase in black on white violence since Mr. postracial became president.

    • I heard a Black woman say quite awhile ago that she believes all the things our government has done to help Blacks has actually harmed and held Blacks back.

  6. Hillary was at the same sorority convention mouthing how she was heartbroken at the verdict and how she is praying for the Martin family, chiming in on the call for a ‘national dialogue’. Too bad she didn’t give the same speech for the Benghazi dead. Too bad she, and the rest of the crew, don’t react the same way to all the black on black killings in the Democratic stronghold of Chicago. Too bad she doesn’t pray for all the American youth who have died in these senseless wars.

    • Perhaps it’s time for Hillary and Barack to stage a “listening tour” to soak in viewpoints different than those they immerse themselves in.

    • if I had a sister who thought only of herself, who’s own ambition for power were the only driving force in her life, who would lie, cheat & steal as she slithered over the backs of everyone in order to get there, she’d look EXACTLY like hillary !

        • So ugly they’d have to put catnip in her diaper to get the cat to play with her… So ugly at birth the doctor called for a veterinarian. So ugly that folks would cross to the other side of the street at the site of her stroller coming down the sidewalk.So ugly that people avoided the house at halloween for fear of”alien child” giving out candy.
          Yep! just plain ol ugly…

      • I so agree with you about Hillary — she is horrible and what qualifies her to be President? She let those guys die in Benghazi — lying through her teeth about a video? Her husband was President so she should be President?

        But Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman profiled him and went after him because he was black and a lot of people call him a thug because he was black? Trayvon Martin was stalked, threatened and shot to death for no reason — I believe Zimmerman started the fight and was then beaten up by Trayvon and then Zimmerman shot him because he lost the fight.

        • You REALLY need to look at the evidence and not listen to the extreme hyperbole screamed by so many in the LSM.

          If you have checked out the evidence already and feel this way, there’s no hope for you.

          This is a self-defense case. Period.

        • First, your synopsis of the Trayvon Martin case is dead wrong.

          Secondly, if you are going to use the name of a famous actress as your moniker, at least have the courtesy to spell it correctly.

        • If you had spent a couple of weeks hearing testimonies & 16 hrs. sifting thru EVERY shred of evidence as the jury did, I’m sure your conclusion would be greatly changed. Until then,
          you are simply being “herded” as the rest of the masses by a corrupt Govt & State run media.

          • Most of us did not esp WANT to hear as much of the testimony as we did–but we did hear it. What you said is not supported by what happened and could be proved to have happened.

  7. With NAACP leader Ben Jealous (Ha! Love that name)
    calling the verdict – somehow – a “modern-day lynching” and scenes of Black Folks running down the street looking for people who are not black, just who is the lynch mob now?
    In the last 40 years the NAACP has been less and less about equality and more and more about ADVANCEMENT.
    As you know, Hillary just addressed 14,000 members of the all black Delta Sigma Theta sorority today which raises the question of just how exactly are we supposed to have this “national dialogue” when there’s still a fully-segregated, fully-supported organization like that?

    • In the last 40 years the NAACP has been less and less about equality and more and more about ADVANCEMENT.


      You do know that the name of the NAACP contains the word “advancement”, don’t you?

        • But the term “colored” is “historic” and thus allowed by this one particular group in this one particular case.
          Well, I guess the United Negro College Fund is another. Remember them? Donate money “because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.”
          Now, it’s like “Donate money or we’ll drag your *** down the m********f****** street!
          Yeah, and Jeantel said the jury “had they facts”.

  8. DOJ has set up an email address so that groups and citizens can send in “tips” about any possible derogatory useful information in its hunting down of George Zimmerman.

    This is Soviet. The ultimate irony is that Eric Holder is black and the Soviets were/are very racist. But not for that ….

    And all this national dialogue stuff is just crap — it will end in more anti gun rhetoric and wheelbarrows full of taxpayer funds to black communities and groups to help them solve the problems of their deteriorating families, neighbors and communities.

    And nothing says helping out the urban black community like Sorority. Just ask Jeantel.

    • Didn’t the FBI clear GZ for NOT BEING A RACIST ? Will Holder make them change their report too?

      I’m sad for our country right now. Electing Obama in 2008 was a horrible political experiment gone wrong :( Re-electing him in 2012 was a tragedy.

    • You’re absolutely right; this is Soviet-style-enemy-of-the-state treatment. Very unfair. But given everything we know about this gang leading the Executive Branch – the unfair treatment of the Patriot groups by the IRS leaps to mind – it’s hardly a shock.
      And ironically, this is the kind of thing blacks have suffered through for years…
      “Well Hell…we’ll git him on sumthin'”
      This has nothing to do with fairness or equality or truth.
      It’s a another Shakedown.
      And the saddest part: in two or three years, they’ll forget who Trayvon Martin was…
      “Who? Oh yeah, that kid in Florida…”

      • And it happens when a country’s citizens are too cowed or lazy to care about abuses of the IRS and the Executive and the Department of Justice etc. The door is wide open. This is just an isolated example of what the government is doing to us on a national and federal level.

        When the average citizen is not upset by illegal activity of the IRS, the George Zimmerman’s of the country — that would be any of us– get abused. You know the old saying, First they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew and said nothing ….

        Although there is a bit of irony since heading up this witch hunt is Tom Perez, Asst AG for the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ.
        I wonder if Mr. Perez thinks he is a “special Jew” since history is replete with people who did the dirty work, ending up in the dock later on.

      • All of this ‘I am Hadiya Pendleton”
        “I am Trayvon Martin”
        “I am Malcom X”
        is right out of the Alinsky commmunity organizing playbook. They learn how to ‘speak’ for the underclass in Marxist school in order to get them riled up. Pretty soon the poor and oppressed become the useful idiots they need implement their agenda.

        Great piece here.

    • This IS the national dialogue–we are having it. I never know what that means, actually. It’s more of a monologue–everyone trying to set the tone and rearrange the events to their liking. So what can happen? A race war jump off?

  9. What I am really sick of hearing is that this was the “Trayvon Martin” case. When OJ Simpson killed his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, it was not the Nicole Brown case, it was the OJ Simpson case.

    The defendant who was found not guilty in the recent case was George Zimmerman. It is the Zimmerman case. The only reason the media and the left keep calling it the Martin case is to keep race at the forefront.

    It is time to stop this crap! It was the Zimmerman case, not the Tryavon Martin case.