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What Obama Can Learn from a Legal Intern

Have a look in the video below at this poised and principled young woman, Channa Lloyd.

A law student working as an intern in the firm representing George Zimmerman, she had the challenge of being part of the Zimmerman defense team – and also being African American. It appears she had the option not to work the case, but she took it anyway.

Why? I assume because she is trying to learn her profession and is committed to the sacrosanct American principle that everyone accused of a crime deserves a defense.

Before joining the team, she wanted to know one thing: Was Zimmerman a racist? Not because she didn’t think he deserved a defense if he was – she’s met plenty of racists before, and knows they’re an unfortunate part of society too – but because she felt she could not adequately defend him if she knew he hated black people. Satisfied he was not a racist, she joined the defense, knowing full well the repercussions she could face.

From whom? Well, from people like President Obama, who don’t understand that their role in society – and its obligations to other people – is more important than their own self-indulgent thinking.

Obama is president of all of us, not just black people and liberals. What’s more, he runs the supposedly independent federal system of Justice.

But Obama has expressed his clear bias in this case, starting with imagining that Trayvon Martin is his son and continuing through Sunday’s statement in which he suggests Martin is a hero, while not even mentioning Zimmerman. Even though he has no idea what happened and a jury couldn’t rule out that Zimmerman was savagely attacked by Martin and killed him in self-defense.

And so Obama either indulged his own feelings, failed to resist the emotions of others demanding Zimmerman’s head – or both.

Obama could learn something by watching this Ms. Lloyd, who put duty to her profession and the principles that underly our system of justice first, instead of herself. She did the hard thing, not the easy thing, and will no doubt incur lots of nastiness.

Obama did the easy thing. Maybe he can give her words some thought Saturday on the golf course.

39 thoughts on “What Obama Can Learn from a Legal Intern”

    1. I will cut Obama a break and not accuse him of fanning the racial flames (even though that’s what he ended up doing).

      Accusing him of having a huge “me first” ego and a self-indulgent personna is nothing new. But he continues to struggle with the realization that he is president of all of the United States, not just the part that supports him or agrees with his philosophy.

      Almost everything that he does smacks of the “screw you…I’m right, and you’re not” attitude. In negotitions, his idea of compromise is coming over to his side. Not surprisingly, that’s why almost everything becomes a stalemate.

      Senators and Congressmen have large egos too, and they won’t tolerate being constantly shown up by someone who always has to have his way…even if he is the president.

      In 4 1/2 years, Obma hasn’t figured that out. He thinks that he can work without congress by going around them to the people. He got away with it for awhile, but Americans seem to have caught onto his game, and they don’t seem to like it.

      Obama looks like he’s not willing to change, so it will be a long 3 1/2 years.

  1. I’m still waiting to hear what the heroic acts were that Trayvon performed. I’m sorry a young man lost his life,but hero?!!! Really? Tell that to the parents of out men in Bengahzi.

  2. Sage analysis Keith. If Obama is a not stopped we are headed to a crisis of epic proportions and one wanted by Obama so he can mandate Marshall law,

  3. “Obama is president of all of us, not just black people and liberals.”

    This hasn’t been the case since he took office – his words and actions the past five years are proof. I don’t know why anyone expects otherwise at this point.

  4. Obama didn’t even listen to his own FBI people who investigated the racism charges against GZ and determined that he was not a racist. So why would he pay attention to this intelligent, soft-spoken Af/Am woman who dares to contradict the lynch mob from the racist Obama administration?

    If GZ is a racist, I am an Eskimo. GZ took an AF/Am girl to his prom; he started a business with an AF/Am friend; he scuffled with the police when they were beating up a homeless AF/Am girl in a bar; he mentored two young AF/Am girls who were under his grandmother’s care for 6 years – sitting at their dinner table every night. The list goes on and on.

    If George’s last name had been Gonzalez or Perez, this case never would have seen the light of day. Obama needed a white guy with a gun…and a white Jewish guy with a gun was too good to be true. It just so happens that GZ is listed as ‘Hispanic’ on his drivers’ license and voter registration. His father is not Jewish.

    I don’t know how Obama and the rest of the racists around him can sleep at night!

    1. These radicals and their rent-a-mobs have no conscience, Girly1. They sleep just as good as Obama did on the night of 9/11/12.

      George’s brother said he was also an Obama supporter and campaigned among the family to vote for him. Betcha George had a rude awakening when he heard his hero compare Martin to his imaginary son. Keep trying to tell the true believers…these grifters are using you like a dishrag. They’ll chew you up and spit you out if it serves their agenda of destroying America.

    2. And I hope all these people he has helped, shared meals with, started businesses with don’t abandon him now. I hope George Zimmerman has a full circle of support from and friends.

      Barack Obama is disgusting in this pursuit,

  5. In a sane world, Channa Lloyd would be the ultimate answer to all those who — against overwhelming evidence — still claim that George Zimmerman is a racist.

    In this world, however, Channa Lloyd is seen as a sell-out, an Aunt Tomasina, someone who turned on her race to make a buck (and no — buck is not a racist term). (Although Rachel Jeantel was sneering when she said that Don West (not Weston) did it all to make a buck)

    Is there ANYTHING that could convince the race baiters and riot inciters that Zimmerman is not guilty of the false sins assigned to him by those with a vested stake in victimhood? Would it matter if Obama made a public statement that Zimmerman is the opposite of a racist (which the evidence, by the way, indicates) and that good old George has an invitation to the White House for beer?

    Some people will not listen to rational argument, even when it’s from someone with a close personal knowledge of the facts. Sadly, this is the America that Obama is enabling.

    O/T Did you know that the signs (and organizing) for the “civil” disturbances are being handled by the Party for Socialism and Liberation?

    1. O/T Did you know that the signs (and organizing) for the “civil” disturbances are being handled by the Party for Socialism and Liberation?

      Got a link?

  6. There was a comment by one of the black commentators on Hannity (Fox News) last night. He mentioned that the prosecution referred to Mr. Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic” because he has a Hispanic mother and a white father. The commentator then said, “I guess this means Obama is a “White Black” because he has a white mother and a black father.

    Fits Obummer quite well, I thought.

    Obummer is not a president for the people — he hates whites, but claims to be pro-Negro and pro-Hispanic. I think he hates everyone, but himself, of course. Holder is just a suck up who does what Obummer tells him to do.

    1. And Eric Holder is Attorney General of ALL the people, not just the AfAms.
      Do you remember once, when he was testifying in front of Congress, someone asked him about a pending bill, and he said, “That would not go down well with my people.”
      Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians, the not-born-here-black-Americans: can we get our money back? Why can’t he just be paid by the people he works for?

  7. Really Mr. Koffler? You’ve been watching and reporting on this man for some time now. Do you really expect him, even once, to admit another is right or has a better than position than he does. Just is not going to happen.

  8. You did a service by showing her. There are very few blacks with open minds being shown in the media. That does not mean that there are very few with open minds–I don’t know–but the channels, cables and mainstream press are only giving a one-sided view.

    BTW, someone described Mark O’Mara as a real life Atticus Finch which I think is true.

  9. Channa Lloyd was a breathe of fresh air with all the hate going around.
    Congratulations to her and may she have all the success in life and career that she deserves.

      1. Mr. Wonder should instead promote a boycott of Illinois, which until last week prevented citizens of all races from legally carrying concealed weapons to protect themselves from the carnage that continues unabated in the land of Obama/Emanuel/Jackson/Jarrett.

        That law may have taken more lives than “Stand Your Ground”.

  10. “Obama is president of all of us, not just black people and liberals.”

    I don’t think he believes or understands this. Or perhaps he just doesn’t care about the rest.

    The great divider.

  11. IMO.
    MsLloyd is a smug, condescending racist herself who admits she wouldn’t do her best for a White client if he thought that White people were superior to any other race.
    By revealing that she questioned the motive of MrZimmerman before she would agree to help defend him from a charge of murder because the victim was Black like her, then that is racism in reverse.

    Only in these White vs Black incidents are charges of racism and hate crimes applied to whatever happened, no matter what the circumstance. Heaping praise on a young woman who doesn’t remember that Lady Justice wears a blindfold is just wrong.

  12. In a survey requesting feedback about President Obama’s campaign, the administration appears to be taking the attitude that the opinions and concerns of white men are not wanted.

    In an email sent out by Obama for America, Jim Messina, the President’s campaign director, praised supporters saying it was their hard work that made the campaign a success. He then directed people to take a short survey saying, “Your feedback is crucial in determining how we continue to work together.”


    Those taking the survey are asked to identify which constituency group they belonged to. Among the choices were African Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Jewish Americans, Native Americans and LGBT members.

    However, there is not similar box for “white” despite other ethnicities being mentioned. While there is a box for “women” males are not listed as a constituency for the campaign. This would seem to suggest that the President does not consider white males part of his constituencies.


  13. Where did Obama call Martin a ‘hero’? Or what did he say that insinuates Martin is a ‘hero’. I only see calls for introspection and thought, nothing to promote Martin to the status of ‘hero.’

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