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Obama Nabbed Grabbing East Room Nicorette Fix

President Obama was busted by Fox News cameras Monday as he made a stealthy little move to get an urgently needed fix of his favorite chewing gum during East Room ceremonies honoring George H.W. Bush and the Points of Light program.

The White House has touted Obama’s success at quitting cigarettes, but the dirty little secret Obama aides don’t talk about is that the president apparently remains fully addicted to nicotine and can sometimes be seen chomping Nicorette at formal occasions where gum chewing by the Leader of the Free World would seem inappropriate.

It’s unlikely the gum is anything but Nicorette, since the sight of presidents or prime ministers chewing gum in public is otherwise pretty much unheard of.

In the video below, Obama gets started on a stick of gum while Bush’s son Neil is speaking.

29 Responses to Obama Nabbed Grabbing East Room Nicorette Fix

  1. As an ex smoker myself (25 years), trying to quit cigarettes by taking nicotine into your body never made much sense to me. I wonder why Barry doesn’t use one of the other drugs which are highly successful, like Zyban, which worked well for me – no side effects, no nasty withdrawal.

    Perhaps certain smoking cessation drugs would interact badly with whatever other drugs Barry’s using.

  2. Sitting in the Oval Office with all the issues and pressure to act laid on his desk (assuming he cares) is not the time to try to kick a lifetime habit.
    I say, if you got ’em, smoke ’em, MrPresident.

    • Maybe he’s just holding off on starting back up until he’s out of office? Doesn’t want to die of lung cancer while he’s IN office, with all the golf he gets to play, but once he’s out, he doesn’t care?

      Sound like a theory?

  3. This makes no sense. Just how long does it take to quit anyway? I smoked 15 years and went cold turkey, smoke free for 12 years now. I know not everyone can do that and empathize but for crying out loud FIVE YEARS?
    Or perhaps the real reason he needs the gum is like everything else in his life his “I quite smoking” is a lie and he needs the gum to get him through until his next secret rendezvous with his favorite smoke. (THC included no charge)

  4. I’m a smoker, have been for 30+ years (cough, cough, cough, choke, hack, spit) and it never had any ill effects on me. If he really is still smoking, let him be honest about it, (I know, I know, that is something this administration has a hard time with). He would get more respect from people as a human if he admitted that he still smoked instead of this hide the piece on the side game he plays.

    He could go on with Barbara Walters and tell the American people, “Yes, I still smoke Barbara. It’s a nasty, smelly habit that costs a lot of money. But, it helps me to be calm while I make decisions that effect the American people. It allows me to stay focused like a laser on the economy and jobs. Reminds me of how we need to pass a farm bill to help the American farmer. And it really pisses off Michelle.”

    He might gain some traction in the polls if he just fessed up to the truth. Not just in his pack or two a day habit, but in all the other scandals that his administration has going.

  5. They have this thing called “the patch”. Maybe he should try it.

    Can’t really hold it against him, though. He must have been stressed out while at a formal function and trying to figure out how to race-bait without fully race-baiting.

  6. I’ll bet the oval office and Obummer’s bedroom smell like an ashtray because I’ll also bet he still smokes just like he always has. The nicorette gum is just to get him through public meetings so he can lie to the public about his inability to stop smoking.

    I smoked a pack and a half for 42 years. At the time I quit, I was buying the cheapest cigarettes I could afford, and really couldn’t even afford those. I quit cold turkey on July 6, 2008 at 2pm, and haven’t looked back. Now I can’t stand the smell and am amazed that I had the nasty habit for so long.

    • I’m with you, kathyd. The smell of stale smoke sickens me now and I imagine my house, my car and my clothes used to stink of it. Smoking is a totally disgusting and unnecessary habit. But then, we ex-smokers are the always the most critical! ;-)

      • I have never smoked, but I do have certain food addictions so I’m sympathetic to people who get hooked on something. Just as long as they do it far away from me.

        Everyone has some kind of addiction–even things like bitching or having to be flattered. We’re all flawed creatures in some way. Even those who think puritanically they are pure–that’s it!–that’s their addiction.

    • Yup, been there, done that. At the height of my habit I was doing 2 packs of Kools a day….Went cold turkey….back in ’92.
      One day I got to the point where I felt like God was saying to me “..if I don’t smoke this one & quit, I would be done with them forever, but if I smoked it, I would NEVER, EVER be done.” I made a wise choice, Grasshopper.

  7. 1) Obama likely needs some sort of medication when he has to sit down in the White House and see a Bush honored.

    2) Just as CNN got nailed for showing Zimmerman’s SSN while the Fox feed also ran it, credit here needs to be shared. I saw the same clip on CNN.

  8. No doubt that Dictator Obama has a carton of Kool Menthols stocked in the right hand desk drawer of the Oval Office desk. The left hand drawer is stocked with his bong and blunts.

  9. He doesn’t look like the Marlboro man; but I bet he would walk a mile for a Camel. I’m not a smoker, but the way the Mooch described his stinkiness, it sounds like he was a heavy smoker before the election. Wouldn’t his addiction increase after taking on a job that he knows nothing about? Smoking is probaby the only thing that calms him down….that and chooming.

  10. 1. I think he thinks that he’s quit. You know how much people can be in denial, “I just need a little nicorette and a cig now and then,” means he smokes all day long and just thinks to himself that some of the cigs don’t count.
    2. If he can’t get through a long meeting or public even without putting nicotine into his body, he must be very BADLY addicted.
    3. This is just like Meesh-Antoinette losing weight — not really happening but in her case photoshop makes a great appearance.

  11. A leader in office has a responsibility to the people he is leading. He is held accountable for his actions, and as he is thrust into center stage, he should be a living example of a model citizen. Leadership requires dedication and sacrifice. If a leader is not willing to part with physical addictions some may deem minor, what else is he not willing to do for the country? Leadership requires sacrifice.

    • If a leader is not willing to part with physical addictions some may deem minor


      And, some do not deem addiction to nicotine minor.

  12. 30+ years smoking. Last one was on 1/4/13 I smoked rolled ones for about the last 6 months, since the price/taxes were so high and maybe that helped (fewer chemicals?), Most of my friends are smokers and I have no problem with that, but I have to admit, when it comes off the person up close, it can reek and be almost sickening in a way. I enjoyed smoking for sure, but it was a monkey on my back and I hated the hacking. In just a few days, it went away. Smokers – highly recommend if you can. Just my $.02, regardless of BHO.