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Stage Set for Second Zimmerman Prosecution

The White House and Attorney General Eric Holder are pretending that the judgment on whether to file federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman will be left to the honest, non-political career men and women at the Department of Justice. But both President Obama and Holder have already signaled very clearly to the professionals what they want.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.47.15 PMObama “has no position to express,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney insisted today. Yet Obama has already expressed a position, issuing a statement Sunday that unambiguously demonstrated he thinks the crime was racially motivated.

“The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy . . .  for America,” Obama said, adding, “We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities.”

A tragedy for America? How is it a tragedy for America if there isn’t some larger issue involved? And what’s the larger issue? Irresponsible community policing? No, it’s clearly race.

Widen the circle of compassion? Compassion for whom – purchasers of Skittles? No, Obama is talking about what he sees as white intolerance for African Americans.

Message to Eric: This was a race crime. Are you listening?

Yes, Eric was listening, though I’m sure he hardly had to be prompted.

“We are determined to meet division and confusion with understanding and compassion – and also with truth,” Holder said during remarks Monday on the case. “We are resolved, as you are, to combat violence involving or directed at young people, to prevent future tragedies and to deal with the underlying attitudes, mistaken beliefs and stereotypes that serve as the basis for these too common incidents.”

Uhh, not hard to discern that Holder thinks Mr. Zimmerman harbored “underlying attitudes” and mistakenly believed in “stereotypes.”

Holder termed Martin’s death “tragic” and “unnecessary.” Well, it’s certainly tragic. But it’s only unnecessary if you believe either Martin shouldn’t have attacked Zimmerman or Zimmerman should have ignored racist instincts and left Martin alone.

Guess which one, professional, career prosecutors at the Justice Department, your boss Holder believes?

“And we will never stop working to ensure that – in every case, in every circumstance, and in every community – justice must be done,” Holder pronounced.

That is, in this case.

Let’s face it, the nation’s first black president and its first black attorney general are under immense pressure from the African American community and its leaders – as well as many, many others – to launch a civil rights case.

It would take enormous courage and dedication to principle for Obama and Holder to resist such pressure. Which is bad news for Zimmerman. Not that they even seem to want to resist.

Sorry Zimmerman. You’re left with Racial Politics for $800, and the answer is . . . Double Jeopardy!

That’s the direction in which this game appears headed.

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  1. In the 514 days between Trayvon dying, and the verdict, 11,106 African Americans have been murdered by other African-Americans. Would it be too much to ask Obama/Holder et al to look into self-indictment first.

    • Sadie,
      Can you please consider my request in the proper context and cite the source. That just seems incredible. I know the number is very high, but I had to no idea it is that astronomical.
      There have been two cases in Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently in which a black man murdered four white women and the other in which a black man beat and elderly white woman to death and her husband died of his injuries in hospital. There has been no national news about these crimes.

        • Many thanks, Sadie. It is so difficult to comprehend that many black on black homicides occur and a hispanic on black case in which race was no motivating factor gets world headlines.

          • Glad to provide link/s raw. No problem.

            Actually, there is a problem … we have the old race baiters, Revs. Al & Jesse, but who would have guessed that the new race baiter in town is also a part-time POTUS. Rev. Barack sure as hell signaled the press with, “If I had a son…” speech and the ‘parish press’ complied.

      • You mention black on white violence going unreported. Flash mobs attack white people in the larger cities and no mention ever gets into the major papers, or, if it does, there is a blackout (pardon the pun) on the race of the perps. This happens quite often on “The Magnificent Mile”, the premier shopping area in Chicago.

    • Has Obama ever said anything about the African American MURDER rate in his “hometown” of Chicago…? (what is the murder count in Chicago?)

      Being a “community organizer” “Barack Hussein Obama” must be very worried about those “communites”…

    • Whoa. You asserted that more than 11,000 African-Americans hve been killed by other African Americans since the death of Martin.

      The title of the link you provided stated that 1,018
      I don’t take a mixture of various sources as proof.

  2. I thought political correctness and the fact that we have a black president was supposed to quell racism

    These people won’t be happy until america is in flames-literally

    I know this is a naive question but WHY?

    • His intention was to transfer the sins of the father onto the children. Call it reparations, transfer of guilt, transfer of wealth -pick one, all, or add your own. Doesn’t matter to him if we go up in flames – the taxpayer will have to fund, rebuild and redistribute. It all comes down to the same meme, ‘social justice’ – the new improved form of Socialism.

      • Amen. “Social justice” is what, either the father or the child or “social engineering”. Both, alas, are rampant in our beloved country.

  3. “…a tragedy for America…”
    Meanwhile in Chicago (“Barack Hussein Obama” home town), and Philadelphia, NYC, LA, etc.
    Dozens are black youths are attacked & assulted & KILLED every day.
    SO WHERE IS OBAMA TALKING ABOUT ‘Black on Black, or Black on Hispanic, or Hispanic on Black, etc. ‘ VIOLENCE???

  4. We now are a nation of laws but only those of Obama and Holder. In other words its worse than his laws by fiat in the dark of night or Holder
    breaking and making laws of his own on a whim with no repercussions.
    Holder rules are for vengeance not justice. Obama thinks this is his
    country and does as he pleases never any serious objections. Did they
    put something in the water that made us so complacent and inactive
    when America is being taken away right under our noses?

  5. Well at least the trial and its verdict, stopped the fighting in Egypt and Syria because we have not heard a peep about them from the MSM. We should submit a Nobel Peace prize nomination for Zimmerman.
    Oh look, squirrel

    • All we’ve seen/heard from the MSM is poor little Trayvon, 24/7. It’s sickening. CNN’s coverage is terrible – I couldn’t watch.

      Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers. The system worked the way it is supposed to work. Further charges are redundant, unnecessary and if laid, will benefit no one.

      • Well…ALMOST no one.

        By the time he’s done cleaning out the media, Al Sharpton, and the rest of that foul bunch for railroading him, Zimmerman might end up being worth more than some small countries.

        And then it’s just a matter of biding his time until Obama and Holder are civilians again. My goodness, I can’t wait to see THAT.

  6. The tragedy that MrO and MrHolder are talking about isn’t the death of a wanna-be thug by a wanna-be cop, the tragedy is that Travon didn’t realize that George was armed and had a legal conceal-carry permit.
    Had he known that the guy following him was armed, Travon would have scooted back to this father’s girlfriend’s house, and not tried to pummel George into the sidewalk.

    If MrObama and MrHolder think that a few thousand people marching in various big cities means that America wants to continue to persecute poor ol’ George, they’re wrong. They should listen closely to the murmur of White America that any further action against the “White-Hispanic” isn’t going to sit well with them.

    • Agreed but the tragedy just takes on more lives. Now St. Skittles is being portrayed as a voice-cracking pubescent horseback riding enthusiast who one night happened upon a WHITE SUPREMACIST who was beating his own head against a sidewalk, pulled a gun and shot the Bible verse tweeting lad dead.

  7. notice everything now that has rocked the WH Admin has taken a back seat or largely forgotten in the media. IRS, Benghazi, F&F, AFA, Immigration, etc. BO & Company got what they wanted, a HUGE distraction. Maybe Snowden needs to drop a NSA doc or two .

    God I hope all the other stuff will not get lost in the shuffle.

    DOJ is playing with fire on this. Oh no, BO is not getting involved in the DOJ investigation. HAHAHAHA, BTW I have a nice bridge to sell ya. Next to some prime real estate in FL.

  8. “It would take enormous courage and dedication to principle for Obama and Holder to resist such pressure,” Best joke I heard all day. Zimmerman had a fair trial and if St Skittles had survived he should have been charged with assault and battery with intent to inflict great physical harm.

    The racist Obama, Holder, and the rest of the professional race baiters on the left had better be very careful how far they push this B.S. because right now they are running around a gunpowder storage room with a blow torch.

  9. I’d advise Mr. Zimmerman to grab his passport and head as quickly as he can out of this country before he’s railroaded by the likes of Holder and Obama.

  10. To be fair…
    This was a tragedy since it obviously didn’t have to happen. Zimmerman should have waited.
    This was a tragedy because the media fed the racial aspects.
    This was a tragedy because politics got involved in local crime and pushed for Zimmerman to be guilty.
    This was a tragedy for all the money spent by the taxpayers.
    This was a tragedy since a young man died.
    This was a tragedy since another man’s life is ruined.

    • Gov of FL Rick Scott was on Fox and went on and on about the Martin family (tragedy, so young) and never mentioned Zimmerman, who I beleve also lived in FL.

    • Still, it would be easier to sign on to your theory if the DOJ had not used taxpayer money to fan the flames.
      AND again, the hypocrisy of the black community is breathtaking.
      Seems a shame law-abiding folks don’t go TO THE BARRICADES, a la the French, speaking of Bastille Day – oh wait, Kerry got that wrong too.

  11. “And we will never stop working to ensure that — in every case, in every circumstance, and in every community — justice must be undone,” Holder pronounced.

    (A note to anyone who was wondering; this is not a real quote.)

    • I wish the administration and justice department were as quick to bring to justice the people who assassinated our ambassador and 3 other brave Americans that died in Benghazi. It seems that administration has forgotten that incident

        • Or the dead white baby shot by a black thug in Georgia, while sleeping in his carriage while his honky white cracka’ mother begged for his life.

          • grace: I posted the tragic story on my FB page – the liberals. unsurprisingly. had nothing to say. I think each time I hear the name Martin, I’ll just repost it in the comment section over and over and over again.

          • Good idea. It is indefensible. What bothers me the most is that this racial division is stoked by this WH and its supporters to serve a political agenda. Just recently I heard/read/saw that two young black men came to the defense of a white girl — but that is not even being covered. God forbid we should act like the people we were before Mr. Arrogance ruled the land.

  12. Excellent write-up, Keith.

    The only ‘tragedy for America’ is our (half) Black president and his Black cohorts. Is is possible for Caucasians and White Hispanics to file a civil suit against Obama, Holder and their un-civil rights sycophants for harrassment and failure to represent the country as a whole? The Civil War has been over for 150 years but you would never know it to listen to these racists. We don’t have a problem with race – they do. What do they want from us? Haven’t the Obamas collected enough in personal reparations over the past 5 years? Haven’t they re-distributed enough of our taxpayer $$$ yet?

    The Zimmerman verdict didn’t go as planned. The country did not go into riot mode. There were no lootings, murders…only peaceful demonstrations for the most part. Get over it! It doesn’t even rise to the level of a beer summit. The jury spoke — justice was served. There is not enough momentum to carry this through the mid-terms! It was not a tragedy for America, it was a personal tragedy for the Martin and Zimmerman families. Do something constructive and fix your own communities – beginning with Chicago.

  13. Pardon my cynicism, but Zimmerman and his lawyers have also said that they are going to go ahead and sue NBC. NBC has indicated that it doesn’t want to get involved in a lengthy and expensive lawsuit. So, I am suggesting that maybe there will be a wash: NBC will make an out-of-court settlement to Zimmerman in exchange for his dropping the civil suit against them, and on the other hand, NBC may prevail upon its incestuous cronies in the WH for the DoJ to decide not to press any further charges against Zimmerman.

    If they do, however, they will have an even weaker case than they did in the state criminal trial. And all they would do is cause the anger on each side to flare up even more.

    • Julie, nothing cynical to note. Clinical observation of facts. O’Mara is no fool and he’s holding the litigation card in front of Holder along with O’s comments following the death of Martin.

    • It is also expected that the Martin family will file a civil suit against GZ, ala O. J. Simpson. There may not be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but it will force GZ to take the stand and testify for the first time. This is gong to go on forever.

      • Cindy Lu put up a link above that says the Trayvon Martin parents have settled for $1 million from the homeowners’ association of the gated community in which their son was killed. Wrongful death! How is the homeowners’ association responsible for is death? Too dark in there? I imagine that is grounds on which they will sue GZ. Then, they will sell their story, tv appearances, maybe a movie. These people were rotten parents and they are going to make millions off of their son.

        • I read somewhere that since GZ was performing his ‘duties’ as a neighborhood watchman, the HOA was liable for his actions. It seems to me that someone working in an ‘official’ capacity should have some form of ID..i.e. an official jacket, a sign on his vehicle, a badge or whatever. If the residents were concered about the burglaries the HOA should have hired a full-time guard. Wasn’t GZ working and going to school? Did he have regular hours or was it just hit and miss. We know he was on his way to Target when he spotted TM. Everything seems to be loosey-goosey at the Twin Lakes.

          The worst part is the HOA settlement doesn’t preclude the Martins from filing their civil suit against GZ! They already have their million bucks…now they want to get GZ on on the witness stand. Sheesh!

      • Is time on our side, i.e. will delaying legal action buy time for those (poor fools) who think that the jury made its decision and we should live with it?

  14. Alan Dershowitz made a good case for why this could not be a case. I don’t recall the details but I hope he speaks up, as well as every other lawyer in America worth their salt.

    Although this is unlikely as the ACLU has already come out against Zimmerman.

    That said, I am disgusted that this racist Administration would pervert and use the full force of the American government against an American citizen who has been found not guilty in a court of law. Someone capable and brave needs to come to the defense not only of George Zimmerman but of the American people and the rule of law.

    As for the media and the race baiters, common camp follower whores.

    • I believe Mark O’Mara made reference to the fact that he would take on the govt. should they decide to go after George. IMO, this man is a courtroom star – capable and brave. I love his style.

      • Yes. O’Mara is a godsend for Zimmerman. And he is going to need it. I also hope he goes after the prosecutors who are mouthing off about Zimmerman’s right not to take the stand.

        I’m no lawyer, but save for the jury and the defense team, this was a legal mess — top to bottom. For me, Holder’s intent to investigate stands in the same swamp as Angela Corey’s decision to prosecute.

  15. The first time I’ve seen the term “double jeopardy” used in this case, but I think that it’s appropriate.

    The state court couldn’t get it right, so, as usual, the Feds will step in and make sure that justice is done.

    The problem is that George Zimmerman is no racist. Even the open Justice Department investigation (paused for the state trial) found nothing to indicate otherwise. Of course, it shouldn’t be hard for Holder and his crew to go back and revisit their conclusions.

    Legally though, not a chance.

    God save this country.

  16. Racial tension is dividing the nation. This is the time when the nation needs to be unified and focused on external threats abroad. Sadly, it looks like the large threat that’s about to explode is the issue of race.

    • It seems clear to me that the Sharptons, Jacksons that orchestrate the rent-a-mobs couldn’t care less about “the Black community”. What they are interested in is “Get Whitey”.

  17. Great article, Keith. Just ask J. Christian Adams how professional the Civil Criminal Rights Division of the Department of Injustice is. It is filled with radical kooks who are no doubt eager and willing to crucify George Zimmerman – by any means necessary – in order to satiate the rabid race hustlers and their rent-a-mobs.

  18. What about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom?

    There was a federal prosecution.

    But, really,

    Read what those people suffered before they were kiled.

    • According to the testimony of the medical examiner, Channon’s death came after hours of torture, having suffered injuries to her vagina, anus and mouth. She was raped with an unidentified object and beaten in the head. It was also reported that her body was scrubbed with bleach which was also poured down her throat, in an attempt by her attackers to remove DNA evidence, while Channon was still alive. She was then bound with curtains and strips of bedding, her face covered with a bin liner and her body stashed within five large bin bags, before being placed inside a residential waste disposal unit and covered with sheets. The medical examiner said there was evidence that Channon slowly suffocated to death.[5]

  19. […] Stage Set for Second Zimmerman Prosecution – White House Dossier  …   “While it’s not yet completely clear that the president will pull the trigger, the Obama administration is locked, loaded, and ready to fire away with federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin. The White House and Attorney General Eric Holder are pretending that the judgement on whether to file federal civil rights charges will be left to the honest, non-political career men and women at the Department of Justice. But both President Obama and Holder have already signaled very clearly to the professionals what they want.” […]

  20. he acts like a kid… if I don’t get what I want… how about respecting the office your in for once. I know it’s not Christmas.

  21. Wow.
    I was going to offer a grand opinion as to this particular case as well as the growing trends…
    But it certainly seems everyone here already knows The Deal.
    Most of us don’t awaken and spend our entire day with one singular thought – our race – on our minds. Unfortunately, some people seem to. This obsessive thinking is it’s own form of slavery: shackles for the mind
    We all know is about money.
    We know this is another shakedown – in a long series of crass extortions for things that have long passed out of living memory.
    This is payback for legends and myths.
    This is Bottom Rail On Top.
    And Open Season on Whitey.
    Plain and simple.