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Quote of the Day || July 16, 2013

“It really wouldn’t be proper for me to indicate whether I think there should be a civil rights case against the racist psychopath George Zimmerman.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

19 Responses to Quote of the Day || July 16, 2013

  1. Tell Rahm I’ll get back to him. He wants National Guard troops to enforce the city gun laws because the corpses of young black males are overflowing the ME’s office and they are storing them in packing houses? Well, that’s Chicago! Sandburg described it!

  2. It wouldn’t be proper for me to note it, has been said …. it takes one to know one.

    A note from my attorneys to minder Shirley at NSA et al. This is not a real quote.

  3. Dumb and dumber: Al Sharpton plans protests against white Hispanic racist, George Zimmerman, in 100 cities across America while, at the same time, our first post-racial Preezy plans cross-country bus tour to peddle his Immigration bill. Got popcorn?

    • Why can´t white people organize protests across the US saying that we have had enough of this race baiting, this hurtful dividing of the country ? Surely it would get a lot of media attention ?

      • swedishlady, that’s a great idea, but I doubt the MSM would even bother to cover protests by white people. We no longer count, it seems.

      • Agree, swedishlady. We need our version of Al Sharpton et al to counter-protest the (un)civil rights movement.

        I noticed something last night, however, that the MSM didn’t pick up in their coverage. There was a large turnout of Blacks in an upscale, all-Black neighborhood who peacefully protested. Out of that crowd approximately 150 went postal – vandalizing a Wal-Mart store, looting and beating up fellow citizens. The new mayor arrived along with the police chief and 350 officers and tried to quell the rioting – issuing a warning that starting today there would be a crack-down on the young savages who were causing the trouble. What the media didn’t report was that this was black-on-black rioting. Flash mobs – the latest pasttime for wayward blacks.

        It’s going to be a long, hot summer if Obama, Holder and Sharpton continue their political persecution of George Zimmerman – tjhe White Hispanic.

      • Doubt citizen protests would get much media attention, swedishlady. It doesn’t fit their messiah’s agenda. When the Tea Party marched on Washington, D.C. it was barely mentioned in the press.

  4. “Racist Psychopath” is actually special secret code for “White person”.

    The funniest I’ve personally been called was “White Devil”
    I laughed, “A what??”
    “You heard me, White Devil”
    I couldn’t stop laughing.

    • Then there’s the ubiquitous “White Boy”
      …and “Redneck”
      …and “Shitkicker”
      “Honky” never really stung me at all – it always reminded me of “The Jeffersons”
      I’ve been called a lot of things by Black Folks

      (this is 13 years of the Army talking)

  5. I suppose it would be too much for Holder and Obama to act like
    grown ups. I get so tired of these childish two divas. Although
    maybe it is better than when they actually run the country.