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Gallup: Obama Job Approval Slowly Sinking

President Obama’s job approval rating is inexorably grinding its way downward, resting today at 45 percent – tied for the lowest level of the his second term, according to Gallup.

The president’s approval during the first half of the year had generally been at about 50 percent. But since the end of June, Obama’s numbers have been hovering in the range of 45-47 percent.

Obama’s rating is declining even as the economy is slowly starting to improve and employment is picking up.

On the other hand, his faltering popularity is occurring as Obamacare unravels and its effects become more clear, including the postponement of mandates and the moves by business to hire part timers to escape requirements of the law.

It’s hard to understand the buyers’ remorse. The election really was a contest to see if this massive new government program would remain on the books. And Obama in 2012 – in contrast to 2008 – hardly hid his liberalism or his penchant for acting imperially with respect to Congress and the law.

People seem to be unhappy with the president for doing exactly what he said he’d do during the campaign, and for continuing to behave as he always has.

Sorry, November has come and gone. No do-overs.

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  1. He’ll get his ego boost when he vacations on the Vineyard. The local rag there, The Gazette, is owned by retired private equity guru Jerome Kohlberg (of KKR), also a big time Dem donor. His editor ran a little blurb online that the Island was welcoming back Mr. and Mrs. O and the gushing comments from residents was powerful. Two commenters dissented and got eaten alive. Obama goes where he can be adored, where he can be put on a pedestal, where his fans can smile and pant and hoot and holler. The photo ops will be of residents welcoming him with open arms, to give the impression that the world loves him. Heck with sinking polls!

  2. Polls always flummox me. RealClearPolitics gives 5 DISAPPROVAL ratings as 47, 48 (2), 49, and 53. The latter comes from The Economist/You Gov. I just saw a story yesterday on employment which stated that part-time employment is replacing full-time. That must be due to Obamacare, but to me it certainly doesn’t add up to “employment picking up”. Monkey business.

    1. Publishing the faux names for the Korean pilots of the plane that crashed was so wrong on so many levels, but I confess…I laughed when I read them.

      Being raised in a blue-collar community of every ethnic and racial group imaginable, the ethnic jokes were part of our society. The Irish had jokes about the English, the Serbs about the Russians, the classics of “a Priest, a Minister, and a Rabbi” had a hundred variations.
      It didn’t mean we hated each other, or shunned each other, after all we lived side by side and our parents worked together.

      Now we’re all PC and nobody has a sense of humor about anything anymore.

  3. “Obama‚Äôs rating is declining even as the economy is slowly starting to improve and employment is picking up.”

    really? I dont see that at all

    1. Grocery prices are skyrocketing, gas prices are going up, electricity bills are twice as high, our savings account pays less than one percent interest, and we live on a fixed income.

      We are in a better situation than a lot of our fellow Americans, but I don’t see it either, cindy lu. Uncle Ben is pumping $85 billion a month in an effort to mask the country’s decline and make the economy look like it’s not on life support, but the printing presses can’t go on forever.

  4. This piece of dog doo-doo has been at the bottom of my approval list from the first day he began polluting the white house.

    1. I own a T-shirt which reads, “I was Anti-Obama before it was cool!”

      I suspect I’ll be able to wear it soon enough…even in DC.

  5. Keith,
    With the deliberate blocking by the IRS applications for non-profits and 501 (3c) status, in some cases, since 2010, millions of Americans remained not ‘fully informed’ about the consequences of re-electing bho and candidates for local, state, and fed offices. How?

    The inability of the citizens’ organizations (mine, included), to collect donations (ours’ were not deductible) ‘to fund’ the acquiring of mailing lists, the printing of flyers for townhall meetings and candidate info, plus acquiring spaces for part-time volunteers, office supplies, setting up phone banks, etc., etc., DENIED thousands of Americans their First Amendment Constitutionally guaranteed right to participate ‘freely’ in all elections and ‘Get the Vote Out’ on critical issues that affect citizens at every level of governance!

    When America’s AG is corrupt and their POTUS’ agenda and behavior are ‘insulated from scrutiny’ and ‘nobody is in charge or OTL – out to lunch’, and citizens (Congress, too) are stymied from stopping or holding accountable bho, the wh’s dep’t chairs, advisers, czars accountable, FRUSTRATION does NOT adequately describe the mood of the vast majority of Americans.

    For all of the ‘scandals’ and unconstitutional dictates of bho, to ignore Fed Laws for his entire term, to mis-lead us, to obviously turn his back on our Judeo-Christian foundational values and principles, weakening our National Security, our need for energy independence, reluctance to denounce mid-east leaders who HATE America (send weapons to kill us and non-muslims, our POTUS is endangering the lives of all Americans citizens, Christians around the World, Israel, and our few allies left in the World! I must stop, now, and take a long breath! jb

  6. “The election really was a contest to see if this massive new government program would remain on the books.”

    No, it wasn’t. Obamacare was barely even mentioned during the election. Remember we had the father of Romneycare as the GOP candidate so that was a sore subject for them. In reality, the 2012 election was more about the mode of transportation for the Romney’s dog; how this rich, greedy capitalist caused the death of some guy’s wife; a high school antic of cutting a reportedly gay guy’s hair (which Romney apologized for even though he didn’t remember the incident); the war against binders full of women; etc., etc., etc. This election was never about any of the real issues facing America…

    1. Well, no…but he HAS picked up the pace of unsustainable spending, and ripped off future generations in the process.

      Not much better, I submit.

  7. It’s amazing to me how majority of the people missed the ramifications of the policies Mr. Obama was promoting while still running for his second term in office. Perhaps, due to the string of scandals, reality is sinking in.

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