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Obama Silent So Far on Zimmerman Verdict

UPDATE: Obama issued a statement Sunday afternoon.


The White House has so far refrained from commenting on the not-guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin, despite scattered protests around the country and calls for the administration to pursue federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

The last statement President Obama made about the case was a Rose Garden appearance in which he said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Critics say Obama’s remarks helped fan anger and set in motion charges against Zimmerman – charges that were dismissed with relative speed by the jury in Zimmerman’s trial Saturday night.

Having added to the emotion surrounding the case, Obama so far is doing nothing to defuse it and prevent potential racial violence of the kind that accompanied the initial verdict in the 1992 Rodney King case, in which white Los Angeles police officers were pronounced innocent in the beating of King, who was black.

After riots broke out, the Justice Department of then-President George H.W. Bush started a new investigation and lodged a civil rights case against the officers. They were eventually convicted.

In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, the NAACP is urging the Obama Justice Department to also pursue federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

Coincidentally, Bush will visit Obama at the White House Monday to stage an unrelated event.

Meanwhile, protests against the Zimmerman verdict broke out in several cities Saturday night, including Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and a handful of cities in Florida. Protestors in Oakland smashed some windows and lit fires.

Obama may be calculating that any further involvement by him in the case at this point could backfire and stir emotions further. But the White House will ultimately have to address the matter, even if it is in answer to reporters’ questions about the verdict and the potential for federal charges.

175 thoughts on “Obama Silent So Far on Zimmerman Verdict”

  1. OBUMMER doesn’t mind involving himself in public altercations which are none of his business, even though he may not have all the facts about the particular incident, i.e., “The cop acted stupidly” involving a negro professor and a caucasian police officer; then “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.”

    But when it comes to admitting he should have minded his own business, i.e., the Muslim scum sack of crap. MADE A MISTAKE, he is loathe to correct himself.

    If he was an honorable man (and we all know he is NOT), this idiot P.O.S. would encourage all of Trayvon ‘s supporters to stand down and to accept the verdict. He would also make sure that there would be no civil suits initiated against George Zimmerman because he, the so-called president, chose to fan the flames of racial divide seventeen months ago.

    1. Wish I was following your kid on a dark rainy night and shot him dead for nothing, how would you feel then?? what if this had happened to you?? what, kids shouldn’t be allowed to go home after the store, they shouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves against strangers with guns? No, i guess you think that all kids should just be targets for sicko’s.. yeah, that’s a great nation to be proud of. Come walk down my street. I would LOVE the opportunity to try and change your mind, with the same gun and bullet that Zimmerman used. I’m so glad there is a God and that U will have to meet Him one day and justify your stupidity. U are offensive and and idiot. and i don’t care about your rights to free speech or anything else, an eye for an eye. that is why i am writing to you now. I hope and pray that one day you have to face the grief and sorrow Trayvon’s family has to face. and no, christianity does NOT mean that i have to be ok with your offensive and racist existence. u asshole!

        1. Now YOU would shoot the commenter, Riki? I am sure going to take your word for anything. Also–the crude language above–is that really helping the point, if you have one?

          1. This hypocrisy has got to stop. If Trayvon Martin had been white Zimmerman, regardless of race, would have been convicted. He stalked a teenage boy after having been instructed by 911 Operaters not to. The death of Trayvon Martin is on his hands regardless of Martin’s prior offenses. Zimmerman’s actions were wrong and you lower yourselves by supporting his actions on the standard of not giving in to White Guilt.

            The DOW and the NASDAQ are a reflection of President Obama’s successful management of a crisis situation. This guy knows the Constitution as well as or better than any of us ever will. He is also the first President since Nixon I believe to address the leading reason for bankruptcy in America – Healthcare Costs. My sister who was born with asthma can now get health insurance. I don’t agree with all of President Obama’s actions but I do see positive intent.

            These are the facts. Sickness in the body will eventually spread. Inequity in American or any other society will eventually lead to instability. Time for American to grow up.

          2. Time for somebody to grow up that’s for sure. Rush had you guys figured out. He said if Zimmerman was acquitted you’d blame it on America. Sure enough, here you are blaming America.

          3. The DOW is being held up by Bernanke’s actions devaluating the dollar, CC. Obummer gets no credit, only blame. Get off the Kool Aid.

      1. Ever been on the receiving end of a ground and pound? I didn’t think so.

        Fists can kill as surely as a gun, if you know where to hit someone.

        And if you’re scared for your life, with nowhere to go, and you have the means to defend yourself, you will.

        Don’t tell me that, in a fight you believe is life and death, you wouldn’t have done the exact same thing.

      2. To Riki: Contrary to your accusation, I am not an asshole. Also, just so you’ll know, my “kid”, who happened to be my only child, WAS shot and killed on a suburban street as he was walking home at 8:00pm. He was doing nothing more than walking his dog when he was attacked by another person who wanted to rob my son. Even after handing over his money, his watch, and his cell phone, the robber wasn’t satisfied. That robber then shot my son in the back of his head after he made my son kneel on the ground.

        So, Riki, I hope you are happy and satisfied now. I HAVE BEEN in Mrs. Martin’s shoes. But I didn’t hear anything from that Muslim piece of crap about a BLACK man attacking and killing my Caucasian son.

        Now, it’s your turn, Riki. As far as I am concerned, you can go to hell and rot. Your mind has already rotted.

        1. What happened to your son is completely different. Regardless of race. We are all human.

          Zimmerman, the self appointed neighborhood watchdog stalked a teenager on his way home.

          What’s self defense or are you and your cronies too stupid?

          If I’m being FOLLOWED by a STRANGER in a car, who happens to jump out and come TOWARDS me at NIGHT for NO REASON other than SPECULATION, then who’s the aggressor? The teenager walking or the man in pursuit.

          Zimmerman got beat up. Which should’ve happened but since he couldn’t take the ass whooping he desperately pulled the trigger and ended the DEFENDANT’S life.

          I don’t see how clear as day that can be? Doesn’t matter if he was shot in the chest or the back. He was on the DEFENSE.

          The ignorance of America scares me. Really does and I’m *cough* White

          1. In Florida, it is not against the law to follow someone with a gun that you are legally authorized to carry.

            And if that had been YOUR neighborhood that had been dealing with a rash of crimes by black thugs, you’d be suspicious of a black adolescent that you didn’t recognize, who was out in the rain after dark and looking around as if he was casing out the place. You’d have to be either willfully blind, or totally coked up on political correctness, if not both, NOT to be suspicious in that scenario.

            Martin started the fight, Zimmerman did what he had to do to save his own life. The jury acquitted him, because they evidently were convinced it really was genuine self-defense.

            That should be the end of the matter, but some people are never satisfied, I guess.

        1. Could we please try, at least, to refrain from the gross, common language in this discussion? I realize feelings are running high–but the evidence was not there that Zimmerman set out to murder someone. And there were two sets of actions. I thought it was the right verdict, but I am surprised they came to it–with all the sort of sloppy thinking I heard in past weeks–Skittles can’t kill, a gun can, and that sort of thing.

          1. Thing is, if you mix Skittles and Arizona Watermelon–which is what Trayvon bought–with Robitussin, you end up getting a street drug called Lean, which has been described as a poor man’s PCP. Take enough of it, and it’s almost like taking Ketamine. Look it up.

            So that may not even have BEEN an innocent midnight snack to begin with. It might have been a drug run.

      3. Wow Riki, how one sided. Only Trayvon gets to defend himself? Why didn’t Trayvon call 911 instead of yakkin’ on the phone with his g.f? Why did he have to confront someone he was supposedly afraid of? Why did he have to prove what a man he was by beating the heck out of someone else? Let’s face it. This was a tragic event that could have been avoided. However, it was NOT about race, it was about self defense. I can assure you that I and about a million other people would do the same thing George Zimmerman did if we were being attacked like that.

        1. If I follow and stalk you because you look like you don’t belong.. I would except you to question why I was following you. All of this wouldn’t be if that piece of shit stayed in his car and took the police dispatcher order. I dont care what the race was for either party. JUSTICE was not served. He, ZIMMERMAN is guilty of MURDER and like O.J. SIMPSON his time will come!

          1. Zimmerman’s self-defense defense is as strong as any other stalker saying I shot her because she maced me while I was following her.

          2. Martin may have been within his rights to wonder why Zimmerman was following him. He was NOT within his rights to ground and pound Zimmerman MMA style.

      4. He was not shot dead for nothing, he was shot after he initiated a fight and was beating the crap out of a man who was in a helpless position pinned down on his back. Zimmerman had legitimate concern to fear for his life and acted in self defense.

        1. If Zimmerman feared for his life it’s because he picked a fight with someone that he didn’t know. There’s no moral highground for him.

          1. What evidence do you have that Zimmerman picked a fight?

            BTW: The MMA championships were held a week ago. The “best fighter on the planet”, Curtis Silva, was put to the mat in a ground and pound position by his challenger. It took the referee about TWO SECONDS to stop the fight to PROTECT the “best fighter on the planet”.

            How do you think Zimmerman would feel after being in this bottom position for half a minute or so?

  2. It is amazing to me how all the liberal forces tried to make this a racial thing. The 911 doctored/edited call (ABC). The video showing no damage to Zimmerman’s head (NBC). The CNN commentary stating an interpretation of Zimmerman’s statement “freakin coon” then admitting he actually said it was “freakin cold”. Al Sharpton calls Zimmerman white and the next day Obama makes his stupid taking sides racial comment about Martin looking like him. Did he actually mean that Martin looked African/Asian/ European/American. Zimmerman was described by the liberal media (NYT) and MSNBC as being a white Hispanic. All these racist should personally apologize to George Zimmerman. And the producers at CNN and ABC should be fired for their part. Some producers at NBC were fired already.

    1. Did you ever consider that Trayvon had a RIGHT to stand HIS ground?? Zimmerman is LUCKY that I didn’t get to him first. I’m tired of black innocent people being MURDERED and people walking away free and clear. what about that?? Let’s be honest, if Trayvon were WHITE with a hoodie, this never would have happened and more over, the black guy that shot him would be in jail now, he would have been arrested to begin with. period. that is the truth and you know it.

      1. White, black, Hispanic, hoodies simply present a bad image. If it is raining, which it was misting a little (usual in Florida) carry an umbrella, which could also be used in self defense. A hoodie cannot be used for protection other than keeping off the rain. None of us sat on that jury, none of us heard all of the evidence. That jury did and they have found Zimmerman innocent. We need to get past this. My guess, with inflamed people like yourself, Riki, this man will never truly be free. Riki, why don’t you go to Chicago and put your energies there trying to prevent the many senseless deaths that occur there daily, mostly black on black.

          1. 188 murders and 849 shootings citywide, through the end of June. How that breaks down, I don’t know.

            Essentially, Chicago is averaging a murder a day and 4.7 shootings a day, through June.

        1. There were two more shootings in DC in the WashPost–all parties black…Will millions be expended seeing who stood where and did what–no, because it won’t inflame people.

          1. Depends on the school. If it’s an Ivy League school, we could be preventing the next MBA or Lawyer so I think that should be considered a plus.

      2. Did you ever consider that Trayvon had a RIGHT to stand HIS ground??


        Zimmerman was living in a gated community. Martin was an invited guest at one house in that community.

          1. He should not have responded the way he did. He should have told Zimmerman that he was a guest of his father’s girlfriend, and given him her name and address. The kid brought it upon himself.

      3. I’m tired of black innocent people being MURDERED and people walking away free and clear


        Ever heard of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman?

      4. It’s not about ‘hoodies’. George Zimmerman was anything but a racist. In fact he mentored fatherless black children – they sat at his dinner table. He was involved in a scuffle in a bar with a police officer who was mis-treating his friend who was BLACK. GZ doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.

        This was a case of ‘criminal profiling’ – not ‘racial profiling’. By now the world has heard about the rash of burglaries committed by black youths in the condo complex. Trayvon fit the profile to a tee. Mistakes were made, no doubt about it. The biggest mistake, however, was made by an ignorant POTUS who injected race into the equation and put a scarlet letter on GZ’s forehead. What sort of life is GZ going to have from here on out? There are no winners here.

        1. Zimmerman should have gone home, Martin should have gone inside his dad’s house. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. You can as easily wonder why the police did not come sooner–they just didn’t happen to.

          1. My point is that, contrary to many, Martin was not just some kid walking around his own neighborhood. He was a guest in a gated community.

          2. Your point is that he Martin didn’t have a right to walk to the store because he was a guest in a gated community and should have known his place??

          3. I don’t get the significance, Mandy. You mean Zimmerman had a right to be angier bec he livd there..don’t get it. I do think Z had not seen M before–he was a stranger. I think in so many developments where there are renters as well as owners, people can be there short-term and American communities are not as cozy as they used to be. I only know two people on my block–in 18 yrs. A few more by sight.

          4. If the cops were “late”, it certainly wasn’t due to Zimmerman’s acts. He called the police — as instructed by the Neighborhood Watch sign — long before there was any confrontation, or reason for one. He gave them his name, address, phone number, location, and reason for calling.

            Does that sound like the hateful, depraved mind of a killer?

          5. No but his comments to the 911 operated remind me of someone with obsessive compulsive disorder. If he had not followed Trayvon Martin “as instructed” by the 911 operator none of this would have happened. This incident was and is Zimmerman’s fault.

          6. And if Martin had gone inside the house, whoever owned it or rented it, it wouldn’t have happened. If neither had been born, it wouldn’t have happened…

          1. Hmmm. It was not widely reported but there was a slim jim and other burglary tools found in the bushes near the crime scene the day after the shooting.

      5. Travon did not stand his ground…he assaulted Zimmerman who then acted in self defense. Why is that so flipping hard to understand.

        Stop making this a race thing. The fact that a hispanic man shot a black man has nothing to do with the white man.

  3. Preezy is probably still asleep, Keith. His lackeys in the state run media and the race pimps have been busy beating the drums of racial divide though. Found it interesting that many of these so-called protests were organized by – aka Revolutionary Communist Party. Tells me something about the motivations of the cabal of radical leftists occupying our government – they were fanning the flames for a race war…

  4. Another possibility is that his staff read the New York Times article today about the Commander-In-Chief’s comments regarding sexual assault in the military. According to the Times, when Obama called fur a dishonorable discharge for all accused of sexual assault, he went too far. The Military Code of Justice recognizes that undue commander influence (in which a commander argues for an outcome or imposition of a particular penalty) is improper. Some cases have been dismissed because of Obama’s thoughtless statements. One would think a lawyer would have asked if he should restrict his comment. For example, he could have said we cannot tolerate this kind of conduct, cases must be tried. But no, Obama wanted to look good for his base and vent any anger he felt without thinking of the consequences.

    So maybe he is rethinking his public comments on legal matters.

    I would link the New York Times story but lack the technical skills. Maybe it will show up in Keith’s Obama Morning News.

    1. I read that story this morning, and thanks for bringing it up. I was going to include it in my comment but felt I would be trying to include too much. There is definitely a connection between the two stories in that Obama thinks he can, or maybe even has the right to, influence the outcomes of trials. Very disturbing to anyone who treasures the Constitution.

      This story won’t be in tomorrow’s headlines, but if anyone (Denise?) can link it today, it’s really worth reading in the context of the Zimmerman trial.

    1. Keep posting this over and over and you will convince another one or two people you are right. I think OJ’s acquital will forever rank #1 on the list of travesties of justice.

      1. I think OJ’s acquital will forever rank #1 on the list of travesties of justice.

        Oh, I don’t know. I think the eluding of arrest of those who helped carry out Hitler’s “final solution” is far more of a travesty of justice than O.J.’s acquital. Same with Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia.

  5. I’ve been watching MSNBC re-trying the Zimmerman case this morning and I am very disgusted by the way MSNBC is doing this.

    Melissa Harris-Perry said there was no violence last night over the verdict. Guess she needs to read the New York papers this morning.

    Obama better just sit this out……

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      1. I LOVE your comment to Riki. It made me laugh out loud.

        She (he?) will probably be offended, but I’ll bet she (he?) is one of those poor, mistreated black people who has never done anything wrong in her (his?) life and blames whitey for all her (his?) problems.

        1. Pretty sure Federal civil rights charges wouldn’t be applicable in this instance…in the Rodney King case (with Bush), it involved officers of the law, whereas Zimmerman had no official capacity.

          1. Oh, knowing this bunch, they’ll try to find something, ANYTHING, that they can send him up the river on. The mob must have its scalp, and truth and justice be damned.

            If I were George Zimmerman, I’d learn German. Then I’d take the millions he’s no doubt going to win from NBC alone, get on the first plane to Switzerland, and never look back.

    1. Count on it. I am sure the justice department will file civil rights charges against Zimmerman or hate crime charges against Zimmerman. They will keep charging Zimmerman until they win a case and can put him away as a lesson to everyone else that if you are getting your butt whipped, just take the beating and be grateful if you live, if you are being sexually assaulted, take it and be grateful you live, just don’t shoot the attacker with a legally registered handgun or the full faith and credit of the federal government will make sure it hounds you until you are broken and sent to prison.

  7. I doubt Oboutme will do or say anything soon. He already has what he wanted. Which is another festering wound he can pick at whenever he needs to rally troups or distract serious conversation on a future topic. If any federal charges are to be brought, the charges will be timed to align with 2014 voting. Such is the manipulation strategy of this administration.
    In contrast there were 5 more murders in Chicago last night. Until recently the liberal doctrine has been to keep law abiding citizens from arming and protecting themselves. Not that the doctrine has changed, rather the ideology was defeated in court. The radical left won’t let this stand. Travon’s death will be forever linked to the battle for Second Ammendment rights. Meanwhile the violence and decline in majority blue cities and enclaves continues.

    1. Mmmm. Did you hear or read Harry Reid’s comments too? The Democrats must want to create a racial divide in the 2014 elections which would overshadow Obamacare, the IRS scandal, Benghazi and NSA spying on citizens. It’s quiet now but I wonder how this is playing out in the “white Hispanic” community.

          1. Just saw him on MTDepressed…you are so right–he was purring on and on about how Obama should have the nominees he wanted and the Constitution would hardly notice the little cuts.

    1. Excellent summary…thank you for posting the link. I got lazy and decided not to search through the overnight stats. Not that it is hard, it just depressing with hypocrisy exhibited by the left.

  8. Zimmerman, rightly so, is going to sue several media outlets for prejudicial and inaccurate information they put out about him, stories which continued, btw, up to the last day of the trial. It would be good if President Obama could be included in the list of those sued because of his now infamous, race-baiting comment. I’m willing to bet that Obama’s prejudicial comment reached a wider audience than any of the media’s lies and it has given encouragement to those who would have made this trial about race.

    This is from a man who not only is a self-styled Constitutional law scholar but, in the case of Zimmerman, from a man who gave one of his major “speeches” on race relations in 2008 and who is credited with having created a post racial America.

      1. Simple. Because he wasn’t George W. Bush.

        Jimmy Carter won it in 2002, and Al Gore in 2007. They were just poking Bush in they eye as much as they could. And giving the Nobel Peace Prize to a guy who, at that point, hadn’t run anything bigger than his mouth, but smooth-talked his way into running the country, was just one final insult.

    1. Julie: Zimmerman has an active lawsuit against NBC for their doctoring the 911 call and editing out the operators question: Is he Black or Hispanic? NBC admitted their guilt and did fire some producers over this. I hope we continue to be updated on the status of this lawsuit, I would be interested in helping to fund it.

  9. Our big-mouthed President jumped on the incident before they all realized that the shooter wasn’t a White Jew, but a Hispanic. MrO loves Hispanics and wants all of them to become American citizens so badly that he’s going out on the campaign stump soon to express those sentiments. He’s not going to risk offending his favorite “la raza” backers or add fire to the Black community by saying anything of note.

    If he makes any statement about this incident and it’s outcome, it will be filled with so much double-speak and DC gobbledee-gook that no one will be able to determine if he is for it or against it. He most likely will pass the hot potato over to the DOJ where it will be “studied” and hopefully forgotten.

  10. I am so happy for Zimmerman ! It was plain to see that this trial was a disgusting witch hunt from the start. I hope his and his familys sufferings are over. Yes, Barry, who started the turmoil, could easily defuse the emotions but he doesn´t. Does it still serve his agenda ? Does he enjoy it ? Was there ever a president who abused the systems like this one ?

    1. I doubt Zimmerman’s and his family’s sufferings will ever be over. As one of his attorneys said, he will be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life. As for your other questions, swedishlady, the one I’ll go out on a limb and answer, is, yes, it still serves his agenda. Purported racism in the US will overtake Obama’s scandals as the focus of the 2014 elections here. At least, the Democrats and their lapdog media will try to make it so. It’s up to the rest of us not to let them get away with it.

      1. Julie, I believe you and this White House modus operandi is certainly chilling. Americans must start feeling sick and ill when groups are pitted against each other like this. United we stand but divided we fall.
        Also, I hope there will be no consequences for these brave ladies in the jury but I do hope there will be consequences for that judge. Surely, the way she conducted the trial simply can not be legal !!?

        1. They were brave, and I hope their names will remain private if that is their wish. Yes, that judge! (eyes rolling) and the Florida State Attorney who allowed it to go to trial in the first place.

  11. I never really got that whole “if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon” remark. How did the shooting of Trayvon Martin become all about Barack Obama? I mean really, who gives a sh!t about what a son of Barry’s would look like? Why couldn’t he just come out and say something like my heart goes out to the family? Or families, if he wanted to be totally fair. Ha ha.
    If Barry has to something, it had better be to nix the idea of a civil rights case by the DOJ and let the state’s verdict stand as the only verdict. If that criminal Holder gets going on this, you can bet that every time a black person is killed, there is going to be a racial disturbance.

  12. The encounter between Martin and Zimmerman was an huge tragedy. A 17 year old is dead and a 29 year old is in danger of being killed by someone who disagreed with the verdict. We all know that this encounter was a tragedy but let’s look how it was made worse. The MSM twisted the facts to make it look like a racist gunned down a young child in cold blood. This lit a fire about how a “white hispanic”, a term never heard of until this incident, racially profiled an innocent child walking home from the store. Obama weighed in which added fuel to the fire. The MSM continued to twist and hide facts in this case to stoke the fire and fan the flames until it completely burned what little was left of any race relations we had in this country.

    Now we have to ask what further harm has been done and to whom? Well, let’s see. The Martin family is devastated because their hope in what they were told was certain “justice” was destroyed last night and their child is gone forever. The entire Zimmerman family will probably have to live in hiding for the rest of their lives. The black community, who were lied to from the start, feel that they are marginalized and their lives are worth nothing. The white community cannot figure out what motive anyone would have to take a horrible tradegy and turn into a national travesty.

    Now we have to ask who’s lives remain unchanged? The MSM baiters will continue to collect their huge paychecks, return to their fancy guarded homes, and schmooze with the “important” people as they look down on the minions fighting to clean up the charred remains of race relations THEY burned. How about our president? Obama stoked that fire by adding his usual divisive comments. He further divided this country which I thought was impossible to achieve. Well, he is flying off to Martha’s Vineyard with our money and his secret service to guard him. After all, dividing the country by race, religion, political party, education, financial worth, etc. is hard work and he could also use a vacation after the 100 million dollar vacation he just returned from in Africa don’t you know.

    When will ALL Americans realize the “elite” play us all like fools and then sit back and watch us from their ivory perches as we hurt each other. One thing I realized when I was in the military, it was “us against them.” Who was “us?” It was the service members; all races, all religions, all political parties (we never even talked about this), and all backgrounds. The service members who came from poor families or rich and everything in between. The service members that came from cities, suburbs, and rural settings. The “us” were in this together; sleeping, eating, showering, laughing, crying and praying. Who was the “them?” The people trying to kill us for defending a freedom that is quickly slipping away, that’s who.

    Thanks CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, WAPO, LAT, Obama and the rest of the MSM. Mission accomplished, country divided.

    1. Well said Willdit, united we stand but divided we fall. Now, I am not sure that you as a military agree with me here but I see the Snowden revelations as another case of “the elite play us all like fools.” We are told that the massive spying is for our own good but it surely isn´t. Just imagine, this spying network in the hands of Barry and his thugs, for them to abuse. Because they will. They already abused the IRS and they abused the Zimmerman case. We can not, should not trust them.

      1. Good points, Wildlit. A lot of what I see still is the “Skittles don’t kill, guns do” and “can’t an innocent man walk home?” This was an explosive mess–in the dark and rain, and two families–and to some extent–a nation was changed–and all based on slogans and “versions.” Seems like the jury looked at the facts, though–and made a tough call instead of a pandering or emotional one. Are we nation enough to believe in our own rule of law?

      1. I had to look up TLDR–Too Long Didn’t Read. New one on me. I want to invent one now… TPUI–Too Profane Undermines Itself. This is not meant for you, WillDit–but I may try it in coming days.

    1. Little known facts: GZ started a (now defunct) business with an Af/Am partner! GZ’s grandmother cared for two young Af/Am girls until they were grown. They were treated as family members.

    1. More proof the man’s a menace to society when he’s doing anything more involved than reading words in public.

      And even THAT has its own dangers.

        1. what is going to be more fun to watch is tomorrow’s press briefing by Blarney:

          Comments about Big Sis departing (doubtful)
          Comments on who will replace Bis Sis (doubtful)
          Comments about short trip to MV by family (doubtful)
          Comments about comments? (agonizing)

          Now if the media would please.. PLEASE quit using the 13-15 yr old pics of TM. Show the real person please.

          Hopefully someone will watch and comment. Not me, I have better things to do than throw things at the screen

  13. Justice. Is it justice to empanel a grand jury, then have a trial, then get a verdict of peers–or is it only justice if that verdict is what you think or want to hear?

    1. To me, no one was going to be happy no matter what the verdict was.

      To peacefully protest is one thing, to cause willful damage is another.

      I do not understand why it’s a huge thing for celebrities to weigh in on commenting. Some of the crap posted is beyond .. well it’s just way out there. And then some of our “prominent members of Congress and society and their soap box grandstanding. BO has already made us a laughing stock to the rest of the world with his comments and actions, now the rest of the left chimes in. Also spinning up more crap is the media. But that was to be expected.

      I hope DOJ allows this to cool off a bit before jumping feet first into the fire. I believe it’s going to happen and it’s not going to be pretty.

    2. They skipped the grand jury. Luckily he was allowed to have a trial of his peers. It seems we’re getting further and further away from the innocent until proven guilty.

        1. the jury was picked and approved by both sides. Was he hoping for a all minority jury? A very stupid statement Mr Jackson.

          1. Yup. Last I knew dead people aren’t tried by juries. It was George Zimmerman’s jury. Don’t be too hard on ol’ Jesse through, he had probably been snortin’ coke with Marion Barry.

  14. BREAKING: the President makes his statement on the trial:

    “The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. Not just for his family, or for any one community, but for America. I know this case has elicited strong passions. And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher. But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken. I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son. And as we do, we should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities. We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.”

      1. well…it isn’t a horrible statement on a par with “if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon” or “we all agree that the police acted stupidly” or anything…

        but come on! a bunch of cliches about respecting the law? he really phoned it in. he’s also being just a bit hypocritical since we all know that his pet AG Holder is just salivating to try George Zimmerman on SOMETHING…

    1. More like ValJar released a statement. Preezy Revenge is probably playing a little pickup BB with Reggie. This arrogant jackass started this whole fiasco when one of his state run media plants asked him a question about a case he shouldn’t even know a thing about. So rather than ignore the question like he does all the others, he has to light a spark of racial tension by comparing the deceased to his son. Then he turns around and blames US for what he started? Not gonna happen…

    2. Looks like I only got it half right this morning. Obama did say something and they are still going to use this to come after the Second Ammendment.

  15. It was a tragedy. And the media, the President and the race baiters turned it into a political tool about race. It demeaned the lives of Martin and Zimmerman. Justice — trial, evidence, jury verdict — triumphed. By a thin hair. Thank God.

    That said, over at Instapundit, citing a comment by Roger Simon ….
    And: “Congratulations to the jury for not acceding to this tremendous pressure.” Yes, they stood up to the organized pressure better than Chief Justice Roberts.

    1. I give the Jury two thumbs up for doing their job respectfully and in a timely fashion. The fallout pressure is going to hit them soon enough, I so hope they do not cave in and make off the wall statements as well as $$$$ to speak. I hope they can find peace.

  16. If Obama had a son, he would be a loser thug like Trayvon.

    Trayvon caused his own death by being violent and attacking Zimmerman.

  17. Not so silent now. It seems he is going to use Trayvon to bring his gun grabbing measures back before the public. Not enough meat on the Sandy Hook children anymore.
    All of you posters who are defending Obama and vilifying George Zimmerman, while giving Trayvon Martin a pass, are clearly not thinking with the brains the Lord gave you. It seems you have been brainwashed by the left and the MSM.

  18. Knuckledraggingwino

    If President Obamahad a bastard son, he would not only look like Trayvon Martin, he would look like a composite of the demographic most likely commit violent assaults, robberies and rapesasevidenced by the FBI’s crime statistics. The FBI’s Supllimentary Homicide Reports reveal that young, African American males commit a grossly disproportionate share of homicides. While Blacks comprise only one-eighth of the American population, they commit over half of all homicides and Black males who look like Obama’s hypothetical, bastard son commit almost half of all homicides. While the NAACP and other members of the Black Greivance Industry complain about the toll that guns take on African-American males, African-American males are the perpetrators of almost two-thirds of all gun homicides.

    Rather than demonize George Zimmerman for becoming suspicious when he noticed a stranger in his neighborhood tresspassing on private property near a home that had been repeatedly burglarized, then calling the police and attempting to honor their request to keep an eye on him, perhaps President Obama should chastise Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton for the parental neglect that resulted in their son growing up to become a violent, drug addicted, gun running criminal whose text messages reveal that he had ridden a bus to Sanford with baggy of marijuana inserted in his anus rather than being driven by Tracy and his mistress Brandy Green. President Obama should take notice of the burglary tool that was discovered in the bushes where Trayvon was hiding and acknowledge that George Zimmerman’s suspicion that he was “up to no good” was perfectly justified. President Obama should also acknowledge that George Zimmerman was perfectly justifiedinusing deadly for eto protect himself from a violent, unrelenting, potentially lethal assault.

  19. I think justice was served with the Zimmerman verdict but Angela Corey should be disbarred at the very least. She was indicted by a citizen’s grand jury for allegedly falsifying the arrest warrant and complaint.

    She fired an IT Director after he testified prosecutors withheld evidence. He was given a merit raise in May and praised for his work but after he testified was suddenly unfit to be employed.

    And Angela Corey upgraded her pension and that of the lead prosecutor using taxpayer money. Yes, it was legal but was it ethical.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the prosecutors are more corrupt than the criminals they’re tying to prosecute.

    1. I read that too AZ. Can we also throw in the Judge. I have never seen anything like what she did to the defense. Her conduct was awful.

  20. A responsible citizen should never fan the flames of racial hatred. It’s the basic premise of peaceful human relations—loving one another as we love ourselves.

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