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Obama Issues Pro-Trayvon Martin Statement

After waiting some 17 hours since the jury issued its verdict, President Obama issued a written statement Sunday afternoon saying “a jury has spoken” but suggesting justice has not been done.

As anger seethes among those who reject the jury’s unanimous verdict that George Zimmerman did not murder Trayvon Martin or commit manslaughter, the president only indirectly called for protestors to refrain from violence.

And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher.  But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken.  I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son.

Note that instead of calling for calm himself, Obama decided to paraphrase Martin’s parents. And instead of pointedly insisting on nonviolence, Obama mentions the need for “calm reflection.”

Meanwhile, the statement unambiguously favors Martin – starting with the allusion to “two parents who lost their young son” – even though the jurors’ verdict means they could not rule out that Zimmerman was acting in self defense from a vicious attack in which he might have been beaten to death.

The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy.  Not just for his family, or for any one community, but for America . . . We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities.  We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis.  We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this.  As citizens, that’s a job for all of us.  That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.

That’s the extent of the statement. Obama did not make any reference to Zimmerman, whom many believe also deserves sympathy, since his life may well have been ruined by the shooting and his safety is clearly in jeopardy in the face of numerous death threats.

By expressing sympathy only for Martin, Obama is again taking sides in the case, as he did in March 2012 when he proclaimed that, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Obama’s statement, with it’s insistence that Americans “ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities,” may send a message to the Justice Department that he would support federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

Appearing Sunday on “Meet the Press,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today hinted he would support such a move:

I think the Justice Department is going to take a look at this. You know, this isn’t over with, and I think that’s good.

And with Obama’s clear support for Martin over Zimmerman, the president may have undermined what would seem to be, in the context of the rest of his statement, an almost perfunctory appeal for calm.

103 thoughts on “Obama Issues Pro-Trayvon Martin Statement”

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    1. Denise, did you see that Beyonce took a moment of silence during her concert and then dedicated a song to Trayvon Martin? She and the Mooch can get together in Chicago and plan some inflammatory display.

      1. Someone tweeted that and added “if she took a moment of silence for all the Chicago victims her concerts would become soundless”.

        Oh I’m sure the Martin family will be their new best buds too, at least through the 2014 elections. Trayvon’s death is red meat for their supporters now.

  2. Lord, he is scum, I swear. He is so self-righteous and smug and unable to see anything from another viewpoint. What about all the other African American teens who die from gun violence, usually at the hands of OTHER African Americans? It is so obvious that the Just Us department is going to bring federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman. I wonder what Obama will say if someone harms Zimmerman or his family?

    1. Plus it’s a welcomed distraction from his laundry list of failures and scandals. Maybe by osmosis Obama can manufacture some undeserved sympathy for himself in concert with the undeserved sympathy for the boy thug Trayvon Martin.

  3. What I find despicable is not once did Obama utter the word Zimmerman. As if to say Zimmerman does not count in this world, that his feelings, his family, his pain, his fears, his worries from here forward being marked, don’t count. How on earth could Obama not see that?

    I am sick to my stomach with Obama.

    1. and one of the talking heads on television (either CNN or MSNBC) was complaining how callous Don West was in not mentioning the family of Trayvon Martin in his brief presser. (He did go out of his way to state that this was a tragedy).

  4. From another website:

    American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Anthony D. Romero today released the following statement on the not guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman:

    Today, our thoughts are with Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, whose young son was taken from them far too soon.

    Last night’s verdict casts serious doubt on whether the legal system truly provides equal protection of the laws to everyone regardless of race or ethnicity.

    This case reminds us that it is imperative that the Department of Justice thoroughly examine whether the Martin shooting was a federal civil rights violation or hate crime. We call on Attorney General Eric Holder to release strengthened guidance on the use of race in federal law enforcement. We also urge Congress to pass the End Racial Profiling Act. These specific actions would go a long way to ameliorate the widespread problem of racial profiling. We need solutions not only in Trayvon Martin’s case, but also systemic reform.

    1. Look for Harry Reid to introduce an “End Self Defense If a Black Attacks a White (or White Hispanic) Act”.

      With presidential support.

    2. Not Nabob the Knothead

      This case is right up Eric “the Pit Viper” Holder’s rock pile. Let it be known he is now slithering up to the White House to coil with his serpentine brethren.

    3. I also want to see the “Ignore the Fact that all the Burglars and Home Invasion Criminals Arrested in George Zimmerman’s Neighborhood Were African-American Act”. How about the “Law Enforcement May No Longer Ask Witnesses the Race of Persons Seen Committing Criminal Acts Act”?

  5. America should embrace this message. I recommend a bigger than life sized bronze, no, gold, statue of Trayvon Martin. It should be erected in Chicago. It should be close to the mean streets of Chicago where dozens of people, mostly young, black males, wound and murder each other on a regular basis. It should be in Chicago, a city which boasts some of America’s toughest gun control.
    Guns don’t kill people; people who have been denied the benefit of a family because of “Great Society” programs which eliminated the need for fathers and who find “family” in gangs, kill people.
    Rev. Al Sharpton, whose theological and/or divinity school training deserve extreme examination, wants another Freddie’s Fashion Mart. He cannot turn Trayvon Martin into Tawana Brawley, but he still wants his pound of white flesh. He is a scab ripper; let no wound heal!

      1. He doesn’t owe them an apology. Had the rich white Duke lacrosse players just given Crystal magnum some of their wealth, she wouldn’t have had to strip for them all drunkenly in the first place. She could have used the money to buy an iPhone and sext’ed them!

    1. Slightly on topic: Illinois this week joined the rest of the country in legalizing concealed carry.

      Let’s see if that slows the slaughter in Chi-town.

  6. Silly me, supposing that MrO learned from his previous statement about this incident so that he would go all “DC” to issue some pap about accepting the verdict in a fair trial. But, nooooo, he has to double-down on his tunnel vision of racial justice or injustice as he hints this might be.

    What a sorry excuse for a POTUS.

    1. Someone on another site suggested Obama could have the Secret Service charge Zimmerman with the murder of Obama’s son.

  7. Not Nabob the Knothead

    Divide and conquer!
    That’s Obama’s message.
    And I’d say that is one thing he is good at. The dividing part that is. If he wants to conquer me he had better bring more than his personality.

  8. Give the POS some credit. At least he didn’t make the statement in public with the entire Martin family on the dais with him. Yet.

  9. Just what I expected from him. Yes, it’s a tragedy. A collision of two petulant, overly-agressive men, neither of whom wisely backed off. Martin lost his life that night. Zimmerman will lose his in slow motion. The DOJ lawsuit is on its way. It’ll take another couple of years to play it out, and given the differing burden of proof (is there a preponderance of evidence that Zimmerman shot Martin? Yup) I think you can count on Zimmerman drawing a substantial prison sentence. Is that double jeopardy? It would seem so to me, but not to those who have set out to achieve an end from the time the news first broke.

    1. Actually it’s not Double Jeopardy, because it’s state law vs federal law. Here is the section that covers it –

      “The “dual sovereignty” doctrine allows a federal prosecution of an offense to proceed regardless of a previous state prosecution for that same offense and vice versa because “an act denounced as a crime by both national and state sovereignties is an offense against the peace and dignity of both and may be punished by each.” The doctrine is solidly entrenched in the law, but there has been a traditional reluctance in the federal executive branch to gratuitously wield the power it grants.”

      So there you have it. Now the fun part will be to see if BO, Holder and Company will decided to take the federal route. Uncharted territory but I would not put anything past them.

  10. Keith, you spound genuinely surprised, but I don’t think that any one should be.

    This is only the latest of many unpresidential statements and comments by our president. He still is struggling to understand that he is the leader of every American, not just those who share his views.

    Someone should compile a list of them…it would be a very long one.

    1. From what i have heard, obama has said nothing that any other leader would say. The fact that he is a minority and leader of the free world makeshim a target for.pundits and extremests alike. He has bigger fish to.fry.
      Why should Obama worry about this one case. There are kids being killed every day. There were no eyewitnesses in and the prosecution could not prove that zimmerman opportunists rally around stuff like.this and accomplish nothing.

      1. Not Nabob the Knothead

        He should not have opened his pie hole with his initial remark : ” If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” When he sputtered that gem he injected himself into the mix. He should have just shut the H E double hockey sticks up.

  11. I just read about Darryl Green, a truly YOUNG black boy who was killed (by other blacks) because he refused to join a gang.

    Why isn’t OBUMMER condemning the black gang members for killing a boy who wanted better for his life?

    Why isn’t the Muslim P.O.S. singing the praises of this TRULY INNCOCENT black child?

    Why isn’t this idiot who loves to intervene where he doesn’t belong HONOR Darryl Green and express his condolences to the black parents of Darryl Green?

    Why isn’t OBUMMER inciting and encouraging the New Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and “angry” Trayvon supporters to rise up against the black gang members who killed Darryl Green for refusing to join their ranks?

  12. Why should Obama worry about this one case. There are kids being killed every day. There were no eyewitnesses in and the prosecution could not prove that zimmerman opportunists rally around stuff like.this and accomplish nothing.

  13. Has anyone considered if Zimmerman was unarmed and TM caused him brain damage? He would be sent away for 20- life for attempted murder. The injuries to GZ alone were worthy of Assault.

    Can one collect civilly if they were engaged in a criminal action?

  14. Knuckledraggingwino

    If the Trayvon Martin shooting is about race, what do the FBIs Supplementary Homicide Reports tell us about interracial killings?

    During the last three decades, approximately 15,000 Blacks have been killed by Whites in the United States.

    During this same time, 41,000 Whites have been murdered by Blacks.

    Since President Obama in inflamed the animosity of the African-American community with his “If I had a ( bastard) son, he would look like Trayvon Martin,” there have been numerous, brutal assaults and murders perpetrated by Blacks agains Whites by assailants who were motivated by anger over this case.

    We do have an ongoing, low intensity race war in this country. However; it isn’t George Zimmermann and the KKK who are waging the race war. It is African-Americans incited by President Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump, Daryl Parks, Nasty Natalie Jackson, and the other poverty pimps in the Black Grievance Industry who are waging a race war.

    1. Interesting, Knuckledragging. I have read those statistics too. The politically correct debate in the US on these matters goes along with the saying ” don´t confuse me with the facts”.

      1. If Obama wants to reduce gun violence, then he should get a vasectomy to ensure that he doesn’t ever sire any bastard sons who would grow up to be drug dealing, gun running, burglarizing thugs like Trayvon Martin. (this characterization of Trayvon is supported by evidence excluded from the trial. George Zimmerman can and will be suing Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton for allowing their son to roam the community without supervision just as the owners of a rabid dog would be sued for not keeping it confined)

  15. Has anyone considered if Zimmerman was unarmed and TM caused him brain damage? He would be sent away for 20- life for attempted murder. The injuries to GZ alone were worthy of Assault.

    Can one collect civilly if they were engaged in a criminal action?

  16. Obama will never admit that part of the reason for all the heat on this issue is HIS interference in the process. I’m guessing that his little “personal statement” about Trayvon helped spike the “Justice for Trayvon” petition from 10,000 signatures to over two million.

    Politico assumed the ignorance of their readership when they stated that Obama speaking about Trayvon had been a “rare instance” of his getting involved. Really?

    Mark you calendars for Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton getting flown to the White House and around the country (they’ve already been around the world) to promote Obama’s “common sense campaign” to reduce gun violence and “save the life of just one innocent child”.

    While Trayvon Martin is tragically no longer with us, I doubt that this fact will prevent Obama from using even his corpse as a human prop.

  17. A leader might have said, “The jury has made a verdict. Whether or not you agree with it is immaterial. The law has been served. Let us move forward peacefully. Our regrets to the Martin and Zimmerman families.”

    1. Not Nabob the Knothead

      A leader might have said..
      Replace “might” with “would” and you are correct.
      Obama is no leader, he’s a divider.

  18. Dear Leader should use this as one of his teachable moments.

    ‘Don’t attack people, White-Hispanic or otherwise, as could get you shot dead.’

  19. “The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy.”

    The real tragedy is that Trayvon did not have parents that cared enough to teach him right from wrong. That were involved in his life and knew the types of trouble he was getting into. His criminal involvement, his fighting, his attitude towards authority, his school problems. The list with this young man seems to be endless.

    While George Zimmerman may have pulled the trigger that ended Martin’s life, the real murders of this 17 year old were his parents, family, friends, and the entire black community for failing to teach its youth that violence, drugs, gangs, disrespect for self, others, and authority are all sure fire ways to the grave.

    This administration will continue to use Martin’s death to push their agenda of disarming and dividing American society. They will continue to ignore the underlying problems that plague the black community, problems that have been nurtured by the government can solve all our problems mind set. God help the Republic if this attitude is not stopped.

    1. Ding ding ding ding!!! We have a winner!

      Prez Obummer says we should honor this kid? He was a thug. And, if he had been white I’d still say he was a thug. The mom couldn’t have cared less about her little baby…until he was killed and she saw $ signs. Reports say she already received 100k in donations plus 8 months worth of vacation time donated to her by fellow employees. Didn’t she trademark his name and is selling t-shirts? For what? She didn’t have to pay for any lawyers. Wrongful death suit and movie rights are coming up next for this “mom”.

  20. What? No appearance in the East Room? Two things: First. he must be terribly disappointed that all of his efforts to start a race riot didn’t pan out; and secondly, he finally realized that “White Hispanic’ is not going to play well in the next election. He has to tread carefully. Looking back, would things be different if GZ’s last name was Gonzalez or Perez? Would Obama have opened his trap about Trayvon looking like his non-existent son? Zimmerman….it sounds so…uh…’white’.

    The deplorable actions of everyone from Obama on down to Angela Corey and the prosecutors to suppress evidence and portray Trayvon Martin as an innocent ‘child’ who was murdered in cold blood by a gun-toting racist vigilante is going to backfire. The jury never got to hear about the ‘child’ who was suspended from school multiple times for ‘fighting’, graffiti, burglaries and drugs. Or the ‘child who was sent by his mother to live with relatives because she couldn’t tolerate his ‘fighting’ anymore. Or the text messages about purchasing a gun and the brother who wanted to be taught how to fight. The jury never heard about the slim jim and burglary tools that were found in the bushes near the crime scene the following morning. Yet the jury had the courage and wisdom to return a verdict that was based on the facts in evidence – self defense.

    Mistakes were made on both sides. GZ should have identified himself and TM should have kept his fists in his pocket. Let the matter rest! The Martins suffered a great loss and GZ and his family will never be safe. This is not a ‘tragedy for America’ as Obama stated – it is a personal tragedy for the families.

    1. This could get interesting as if federal charges are brought forward, what federal court is willing to take on the case? Also, information that was not brought forward could in this round become admissible. The feds will have to step very carefully as they go about their review. Could be a bigger can of worms then they want to tackle.

  21. He waited 17 hours to serve up a nothingburger that was piled high with cant, pecksniffery, humbug, and sanctimony, and which was served with a side order of discrimination for good measure.

    And by the time he even got around to THAT, Oakland had already had to put down a small riot.

    Apparently, they’re going to be marching on DC tomorrow. I’m sure THAT ends well.

    1. That exact elucidation has been posted many times in response to various comments by different individuals on a variety of topics – within this site and others. You, sir, are a shallow thinker in a more-than-shallow gene pool. You and those of your ilk need to develop some new material for cutting and pasting purposes. In the meantime, please try to stay on topic.

      1. Funny…I just googled “nothingburger that was piled high”, and the only result I got, was my last post.

        So I copied and pasted that from where, exactly?

        Have a nice day.

        1. Sorry – not intended for you, Darkangel…intended as a reply to Mark…I am residing in another country and “hinky” things happen occasionally with my comments. Again, I apologize … And now, I intend to “copy and paste” my comment to another comment made by Mark! :-)

  22. I wonder if Trayvon was an Arab, would Shaptons and Jacksons been that vocal in denouncing verdict on the Zimmerman trial.

    1. It’s possible that all the hype started in the first place because it was assumed that someone named Zimmerman must be Jewish. Maybe it WAS all about racism :/

  23. Protesters marching on one of our busier freeways here in L.A. – shutting it down and causing a confrontation with the police.

    Beyond his official statement, I’m guessing Barry put the word out to his troops.

  24. As a person who was pulled out of his car and beaten up on the street and escaped with his life only due to the adrenelin you get when you hear the words “you tore my shirt now your going to die” I know in my heart the truth in the Zimmerman case. The guy who attacked me murdered a street cleaner less than two weeks later. I was lucky. I got away. The fear I had would have definately led me to pull the trigger if I had been carrying a gun..George took three seperate lie detector tests and did not lawyer up prior to his testimony. Obama talks of honering Treyvon but I see no honer in what he did. I’m sad for the family of Treyvon and George. My guess is that Treyvons dad knows in his heart what happened that night. The discussions about how young black men are profiled should also include talking about the thug mentality that surrounds these young black youths. We need to learn and grow and help these kids be good people and it starts and ends at home. Pray for peace..

  25. Obama has no business sticking his nose into this. It’s over, like it or not. Every time he does this, he just embarrasses himself. As he so likes to remind us, “it’s time to move on”. Or does that only happen if it’s his @$$ on the line.

    1. I feel the same way you do. To paraphrase Carney the Con Man…”The incident with Trayvon happened a long time ago”…or better yet, Queen Hillary…”What difference does it make?”

      1. Difference? Long time ago? The idiots are marching in the streets, burning, and plundering…beating on innocents. That was today! If average Americans dont take back the debate soon Al Sharpton’s lies become the truth. Martin vs Zimmerman will not go away; it is about entitled minorities expecting special treatment in every aspect of American life….from affirmative action through the Voting Rights Act to the judicial system. If we dont speak out against their angry rhetoric, we acquiesce and we smell weak.

    1. It’s hard on the body as well as the mind, isn’t it? The constant sense of frustration is bad for one’s blood pressure.

  26. Empress Mouche and the Perfumed Princesses will be jetting of for some kind of vacation.

    Oh, it will be in solidarity with Trayvon. That should make it otay!

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  28. Simple fact: the FBI already thoroughly investigated the potential for racial profiling and bias and concluded Zimmerman was not prejudiced or biased in any way when he noticed Martin. It is hard to see how DOJ files a charge when the only evidence shows a complete lack of bias/prejudice. Zimmerman’s family is mixed race. He tutored black children. The FBI concluded there is nothing to base such a federal charge upon.

  29. “We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities.”

    What does this mean? That we should be nicer to people who pin us to the ground and punch us and bang our head into concrete? What is he saying Zimmerman should have done — looked at Martin with love and compassion in his eyes? And what community does he mean? The AfAm community, which seems to be the one who needs some attitude adjustments about rioting when unhappy. Or does he mean our neighborhoods — like forming a Neighborhood Watch so people can look out for each other — or a Neighborhood Look Away so people who fit the description of multiple local crimes can move in and strike again with emotional comfort?

    I frequently don’t understand what this New Nice Speak is actually trying to say. It sounds very academic — lots of words that have no specific meaning.

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  31. What the nation needs is a leader that respects the fundamental functions of the three branches of government. They have to independently run for the success and the welfare of the people. That is how they were designed in the first place.

  32. Clearly, you are an Obama hater. I ABSOLUTELY did not vote for Obama. You choose to see things in a negative light, because you obviously do not like him, so you pick apart his statements in an attempt to turn people against him with your opinions. I on the other hand, choose to try to see things in a positive light and his statement seemed to me like he was asking us to move on by asking for peace. Seems to me like you are trying to stir up hate and discontent. Shame on you.

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  34. Obama is “dancin’ with the ones who ‘brung’ him.” With over 90% of the black electorate voting for him…can we really expect his comments to be objective?

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